Chapecoense-SC vs Ceara Prediction – Série A – 06/14

Chapecoense-SC vs Ceara prediction on June 14, 2021. With both teams present in today’s match being in very low form, experts believe that today’s matchday will be a day of scarce goals. Currently, Chapecoense is at the bottom of the rankings after losing the first 2 rounds, only giving themselves 1 goal and the remaining 6 losses.

Chapecoense-SC Overview

Chapecoense after a season of relegation also tried to be promoted successfully. But they did not have a good preparation for the season g and also had a bad start. Specifically, in the first match, coach Felipe Paiva Endres’ men received a 3-0 defeat against Bragantino. 

In the 2nd match, they also had to receive 1 defeat, not having any points in hand, making the host stand in the last position on the rankings at this time. The next match here, despite having the home-field advantage, it is difficult for them to find a score for themselves in the next match.

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Ceara Overview

Ceara is ranked 11th on Série A standings, after 2 matches they got 1 win and 1 lose. However, what is surprising is that this achievement of them comes from impressive away matches. At home, Ceara is not playing as well. In the upcoming match away from home, the opponent is just a weak team like Chapecoense-SC. This is an opportunity for the away team to aim for victory.


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Asian Bet – Chapecoense-SC vs Ceara prediction

Experts are predicting that today, Chapecoense has a very high chance of losing the match. Because remember, this season is just the season that Chapecoense has just promoted back to Série A after 1 season playing in Serie B. Plus losing the first 2 matches, Chapecoense is considered to be the only one. Can hold Ceara in the first half and after 90 minutes, the home team will have to accept 1 defeat. 

Thus, in the first half of Asian bet, choosing to invest in Chapecoense will be a very safe choice when they enjoy a relatively favorable handicap. But in the whole match handicap, the away team Ceara is of course the optimal investment point.

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Chapecoense-SC vs Ceara Prediction

  • Choose Chapecoense +1/4 (HT)
  • Choose Ceara -1/4 (FT)

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house are *3.00-2.37-3.10* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. Despite having the home-field advantage, with the rate being listed by the bookie, fans can easily realize that Chapecoense is a too dangerous investment point in 1×2 rafters when their performance is too poor.

Choose Ceara (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Chapecoense-SC vs Ceara prediction

Fans also need to note that in the last 5 confrontations of the two teams. There were only 2 matches for Over and the remaining 3 matches for Under. More importantly, the 2 matches for Over are when Ceara is played at home and all 3 matches for Under are Chapecoense’s home matches. 

And it should be remembered that in the last 4 Chapecoense matches against Ceara. There were 3 matches where the first half ended without any goals being scored. Thus, in the first half of the match and the whole match today, choosing to invest in Under will be a safe choice for fans.

Chapecoense-SC vs Ceara Prediction:

  • Choose Under 0.5-1 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2-2.5 (FT)


Chapecoense: Moises Ribeiro, Gebing, Tiepo, Ribeirio, Solda, Dertan, Busanello, Leite, Ramon, Mike, Perotti.

Ceara: Klaus, Pedro Naressi, Charles, Rick, Richard, Gabriel Dias, Jordan, Bruno Pacheco, Vina, Fernando Sobral, Cléber.