Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction | 2020/11/04 | C1 Cup

Rennes entered the third round with great determination to win points. Let’s refer to our Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday 4th November 2020.

Having to stand at the bottom of the table after 2 rounds is something Rennes did not want. However, their opponent here is the top Chelsea team. Having to play at the opposing field was a challenge for Rennes.

Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction


  • Match date: 8:00 pm on Wednesday 4th November 2020
  • Event: Champions League
  • Course: Day 3rd
  • Location: Stamford Bridge


Match Facts:  Chelsea vs Rennes  

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Through 7 rounds in the Premier League, Chelsea earned 12 points and temporarily ranked 5th place. “The Blues” owns 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, the winning rate of coach Frank’s students. Lampard is only 42.8%

The number of times Chelsea’s winning in the last 5 matches is 2. The most recent match was the match that took place with Krasnodar FK. Thanks to a 4-0 win, they won the match despite 1.5 goals.

Unable to surpass the team with the most number of C2 championships is Sevilla, Rennes only 1 point after 2 rounds. In Ligue 1 this season, Rennes played 9 matches, got 4 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses, the win rate was 44.4%. In the last 5 matches, Rennes did not have a single win.

Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction

Last Matches

Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction recommendation:

Asian Handicap Prediction | Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction:

Asian Handicap Odds: 1/1.5

Considering the last 5 home matches attended, Chelsea are showing stability. Specifically, the Blues have for themselves 2 wins and 2 draws. So this team has only 1 defeat, accounting for 20%.

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In the opposite direction, Rennes is not showing efficiency in the last 5 away games. Like his opponents, Rennes also had 2 victories. Not only that, this team also drew 2 and lost 1 match.

With its latest home game, Chelsea just got a draw. They drew the away team Sevilla 0-0 in the end. For Rennes, they lost in the last away match. Against Sevilla, Rennes lost 0-1.

The CMD368 bookmaker sets the Asian handicap for this confrontation at 0: 1 1/4. The team at the top of the match is Chelsea and accepts 1.25 goals. Investors poured money for Chelsea to win money when this team got a 2-goal difference.  

The best Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction: Pick Lazio –

Over/ Under Prediction

Odds of O/U: 2.75

With the last 5 home games of Chelsea: Public goods always have a boom. 13 is the total number of goals that Chelsea players have earned, corresponding to a 2.6 goals / game scoring performance. However, the defense had to receive 5 goals, averaging 1 goal per game.

With the last 5 away games of Rennes: The defense does not have the necessary certainty. Specifically, 6 is the number of goals that this team has to receive. This result shows the average number of goals lost per game by Rennes is 1.2. As for the attackers, Rennes is effectively playing at 1.8 goals per game.

Considering the 2.75, the matches played at Chelsea’s home field were often Over. The number of games with money accounts for 60%. In contrast, Over won 20% when Rennes was a guest.

The dealer gives the odds for this confrontation is 2.75. Investors bet to win money if two teams score 3 or more goals.

Therefore, the TOP10BETTINGLIST expert believes that UNDER will be the optimal choice for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Wise choice Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction: UNDER  

Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction

TOP10BETTINGLIST Predicts the match score for Chelsea vs Rennes

  • Chelsea vs Rennes 1 – 0 (H1)
  • Chelsea vs Rennes 2- 0 (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting: 

  • Odds: 1.34*8.2*4.95
  • Ideal Choice: Chelsea vs Rennes Prediction: Pick Chelsea to win (Full Time)

In their history, these two teams have never once competed against each other. As of the upcoming match, Chelsea has home advantage. Because Chelsea can afford to win.

TOP10BETTINGLIST Experts say that the first half of Chelsea will lead 1-0. As for the whole match result, Chelsea will win 1-0.

CMD368 gives the European odds for the next match is 1.34*8.2*4.95. These three odds will correspond to the result that Chelsea won and lost. The odds of winning the two teams are 48% – 23% respectively.

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