Chemnitzer Vs Ingolstadt 04 Prediction On June 11th, 2020

The football match Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction on June 11th, 2020. The game does not really leave much impression in recent times is signing a marked decline in the style of Ingolstadt 04 at this time. And in the next round, just marching to the yard of a not so stable Chemnitzer will be an opportunity for the guests to find themselves.

Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction

O/U: FT 2.5 (odd 0.86 with Over and 0.96 with Under) HT 1 (odd 0.78 with Over and 0.97 with Under)

Only a mere victory in the last 5 rounds is setting Ingolstadt 04 in a hard position with only 46 points after 30 rounds, they quickly dropped to 7th place in the rankings this time. Due to Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction, this can be considered as a disadvantage and certainly, Ingolstadt 04 will have to put a lot of effort in the future if you want to return to the top.

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Meanwhile, with Chemnitzer, the home team is also not really impressed in recent times when 3 defeats in 5 matches have made this team appear quite cheating in a position in the lower half. The current chart with 37 points is owned, they are only 3 points better than the red light group and Chemnitzer will still need to try hard if it is to have a good result before the upcoming Ingolstadt 04. Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction will be a competition with the relatively struggling game, but it is likely that there will not be too many goals scored.

Choose Over 1 HT

Choose Under 2.5 FT

Asian bet

Asian Handicap: FT 0.0 (Odd 1.07 with Chemnitzer and 0.80 with FC Ingolstadt 04) HT 0.0 (Odd 1.00 with Chemnitzer and 0.78 with FC Ingolstadt 04)

Home advantage will help Chemnitzer not have to suffer too many losses before Ingolstadt 04 in this match through the handicap of just a ball. In fact, this will be an unpredictable match when both teams are facing certain problems.

Chemnitzer will need to improve their game especially in defense if they do not want to fall into a fierce relegation battle, even though the attack is still good, but the defense is constantly making mistakes. too many disadvantages for them. Meanwhile, the problem of Ingolstadt 04 probably lies in the concentration of the away team in the past, leading to a quite disastrous decline.

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In addition, it can be seen that Chemnitzer’s ability to take advantage of the home field is not bad with only 2 defeats in 12 matches played here. The number is enough to make Ingolstadt 04 to be nervous even when the away team lost only 3 out of 12 trips away from home in the past.

This is the time when Ingolstadt 04 must show their courage in their desire to return, they will still have advantages in personnel and a relatively relaxed mental and many people still believe in the Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction victory for Ingolstadt 04 before Chemnitzer though will be relatively difficult.

Choose Ingolstadt 04 -0 HT

Choose Ingolstadt 04 -0 FT

European bet

Chemnitzer Vs Ingolstadt 04 Prediction

European bets are also a certain balance when the winning levels are quite similar to 2.60 and 2.25 respectively. It will be a match with a comparatively tense position when both teams will be willing to play truthful with each other in search of results that are beneficial to them. And with certain advantages, Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction is likely that Ingolstadt 04 will have the ultimate fun.

Select Ingolstadt 04 HT

Select Ingolstadt 04 FT

Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction, score bet

Chemnitzer Vs Ingolstadt 04 Prediction

Chemnitzer struggled to get a point off Ingolstadt 04 in the first leg between the two teams. However, in this rematch, as our Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction, they will have an advantage at home and certainly will not let the away team easily overwhelm themselves. However, with the ability to make good use of the opportunities, Ingolstadt 04 will likely have a good score for them.

Chemnitzer vs Ingolstadt 04 prediction about the match score

HT Chemnitzer 0-1 FC Ingolstadt 04

FT Chemnitzer 0-1 FC Ingolstadt 04

Expected lineup

Chemnitzer: Jakubov, Itter, Hoheneder, Langer, Milde, Garcia, de Freitas Costa, Sarmov, Muller, Bozic, Frahn.

Ingolstadt 04: Buntic, Ananou, Schrock, Paulsen, Kurzweg, Kraube, Thalhammer, Bibija, Wolfram, Kutschke, Eckert Ayensa.