Chemnitzer vs SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach | German 3rd Place-June 3

Chemnitzer vs SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach prediction round 29 German 3rd division, taking place at 6:30 PM on 06/03/2020

Predict football scores Chemnitzer vs Sonnenhof Grossaspach

Despite being newly promoted, Chemnitzer did not play so badly when he earned 37 points after 28 rounds and was temporarily ranked 12th in the rankings. According to Chemnitzer vs SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach prediction, if they maintain the stability like this, they absolutely can think of a relegation ticket at the end of the season.

Chemnitzer vs SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach

Chemnitzer easily defeated Carl Zeiss Jena with the minimum score in the last round, this was their 5th victory in their last 7 matches, of which only lost 1 match. If at home, the Chemnitzer players own a series of 3 consecutive victories, they are not aware of the taste of defeat in the last 10 matches. This partly shows the discomfort and sublimation when playing at the home of Chemnitzer.

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On the Sonnenhof Grossaspach side, the visitors were struggling in the relegation battle when they only earned 21 points after 28 rounds and placed the penultimate on the standings. In the last 7 rounds, they had to receive 6 losses and only won 1 victory. The attack is extremely deadlocked, as evidenced by the Sonnenhof Grossaspach players only scored 2 goals in the above series. With this inadequacy, the soccer prediction experts think that their ability to do something in the competition away from home is very low.

According to Chemnitzer vs SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach prediction, the possibility of victory that is completely in Chemnitzer’s favor. Experts predicting the football ratio of found this perfectly reasonable when Sonnenhof Grossaspach was performing a face that must be said to be extremely poor, attacking the bed as harmless in front of the goal. Meanwhile, Chemnitzer is in high form at the moment, especially the impressive ability to play every time playing at home.

Expected squad Chemnitzer vs Sonnenhof Grossaspach

Chemnitzer vs SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach prediction:

Chemnitzer: Jakubov, Itter, Hoheneder, Reddemann, Langer, Sirigu, Bohl, Tallig, Bozic, Bonga, Garcia.

Sonnenhof Grossaspach: Reule, Gehring, Burger, Gipson, Bösel, Poggenberg, Krasniqi, Ünlücifci, Vlachodimos, Martinovic, Meiser.

Chemnitzer vs SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach

Confrontation results between Chemnitzer vs Sonnenhof Grossaspach

09/28/2019 – Sonnenhof Grossaspach 2-0 Chemnitzer (Half 1: 1-0)

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03/31/2018 – Chemnitzer 2-3 Sonnenhof Grossaspach (Half 1: 1-1)

10/21/2017 – Sonnenhof Grossaspach 3-1 Chemnitzer (Half 1: 0-0)

Recent Chemnitzer performance (both home and away) 

05/31/2020 – Carl Zeiss Jena 0-1 Chemnitzer (Half 1: 0-0)

03/07/2020 – Chemnitzer 1-0 SpVgg Unterhaching (Half 1: 1-0)

02/29/2020 – Munchen 1860 4-3 Chemnitzer (Half 1: 1-2)

Recent Sonnenhof Grossaspach performance (both at home and away)

03/30/2020 – Sonnenhof Grossaspach 0-2 MSV Duisburg (Half 1: 0-1)

03/07/2020 – Bayern Munich (Am) 2-0 SpVgg Unterhaching First Half: 0-0)

02/29/2020 – Sonnenhof Grossaspach 1-0 Hellescher (Half 1: 0-0)

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