China vs Vietnam Prediction – World Cup 2022 – 10/07

China vs Vietnam prediction on October 07, 2021. In recent years, the Chinese team has not been able to win tickets to the World Cup. However, with a lot of money pouring into football, the country of billions of people is also one of the strong teams of regional football. In China’s squad, they have star striker Wu Lei playing at European level in LA Liga.

China Overview

China vs Vietnam Prediction

Although China has invested a lot along with naturalizing many players to be able to win tickets to the World Cup finals 2022. They did not get positive results in the first 2 matches. The host lost both in the first matches, the poor performance made them last in Group B at this time. 

China is in desperate need of a win to be able to hope to win one of the two positions in this group. But through the not-so-good performances, while the opponent Vietnam has made a lot of progress. It is difficult for the host to achieve the 3-point goal in the next match.

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Vietnam Overview

Vietnam is an underrated team in Group B of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia. Because this is the first time it has entered the third qualifying round of this tournament. But in recent years, Vietnamese football has made a lot of progress, so it cannot be underestimated. In the first 2 matches, although Vietnam had to admit defeat, they still showed an unpleasant play against stronger opponents. In the upcoming 3rd round, Vietnam will try their best to beat the Chinese team to get the first 3 points in this group.


Past Encounters

China vs Vietnam Prediction

Latest Matches

China vs Vietnam Prediction

Asian Bet – China vs Vietnam Prediction

The Vietnamese team also lost in a row in 2 matches in Group B, WC 2022 qualifiers against Saudi Arabia and Australia. They also have not received any points and are right above China at the penultimate position of the rankings. 

Coach Park Hang Seo was in trouble again when the most important pillars such as Dang Van Lam, Doan Van Hau, and even Minh Vuong were injured and could not play. 

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The power of the “golden star warriors” has decreased significantly. They also lost in a row in the last 3 matches, all within the framework of the WC 2022 qualifiers. With their declining performance and the disadvantage of being a guest, Vietnam is expected to lose the match in China.

China vs Vietnam prediction: 

  • Choose China – 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose China – 0.5 (FT)

European Bet

3 times in the history of confrontation between China and Vietnam, the Chinese team completely overwhelmed Vietnam with all 3 victories. To be fair, the Vietnamese team has made some progress recently. However, China is still a better team in terms of level, they have the home-field advantage.

Choose China (FT)

Over/Under Bet – China vs Vietnam Prediction

In the last 3 matches when China clashed with Vietnam, all 3 net matches shook at least 3 goals or more. In the last 4 matches the Chinese team played, 3 matches in which the net vibrated at least 3 goals. Meanwhile, the 5 matches the Vietnam team participated in also had 4 matches with at least 3 goals or more. The two teams have quite open attacking play and good scoring performance.

China vs Vietnam prediction: 

  • Choose Over 0.75  (HT)
  • Choose Over 2.25 (FT)

Line up

China: Yan Junling, Xinghan Wu, Wu Xi, Jingdao Jin, Tang Miao, Jiang Guangtai, Linpeng Zhang, Wang Shenchao, Zhang Xizhe, Ai Kesen, Wu Lei.

Vietnam: Tan Truong, Xuan Truong, Hoang Duc, Tien Dung, Ngoc Hai, Duy Manh, Hong Duy, Van Thanh, Van Duc, Tien Linh, Van Toan.