College Football Betting Tips for a Profitable 2020 Season

We offer a bunch of college football betting tips and techniques that can assist bettors with winning more in 2019. 

Focusing on the under in blustery games and home top choices after a bye has demonstrated to be productive techniques over the long haul. 

Home-field advantage is a significant factor to gauge, yet it’s regularly exaggerated by bettors.

College Football Betting Tips

1. Home Team Advantage Is Overvalued 

Playing at home gives clear focal points. Host groups don’t need to stress over voyaging and playing in antagonistic conditions. They appreciate the solaces of a comfortable arena with the group supporting them. 

Home-field advantage is genuine, and oddsmakers ordinarily grant three focuses on normal to host groups. In any case, this doesn’t change the way that the home-field advantage is exaggerated. 

Since recreational bettors love wagering host groups, oddsmakers will conceal lines toward them, making open home bettors take overrated, terrible numbers. 

Since 2005, host groups have won 58.9% of their games. Be that as it may, covering the spread is an alternate story. 

Utilizing our Bet Labs programming, we found that host groups have gone 4630-4865 (48.8%) against the spread (ATS) since 2005, losing – 482.26 units with a – 5% rate of return (ROI). 

The mix of a losing record and paying the juice implies a $100 bettor taking each host group would be down $48,226. 

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2. Underdogs with Low Totals 

Notwithstanding host groups, open bettors likewise love top picks. All things considered, if an Average Joe is going to wager on a game, he needs to wager on the better group. 

This makes expanded an incentive on dark horses, explicitly street hounds with low sums. Low aggregates advantage hounds for one basic explanation: less focuses make it harder for the most loved to cover the spread. 

Since 2005, street hounds with an aggregate of 50 or less have gone 1062-933 ATS (53.2%), winning +73.72 units and a 3.6% ROI. On the off chance that the absolute is 45 or less, they’ve gone 424-353 ATS (54.6%), winning +49.73 units and a 6.2% ROI. 

On the off chance that street hounds with an aggregate of 45 or less are playing a meeting adversary, they improve to 284-224 ATS (55.9%), winning +45.70 units with an 8.8% ROI. 

Meeting hounds perform better than non-gathering hounds on account of recognition. They play different gatherings crews once every year so they know each other’s inclinations, which makes everything fair and advantages the pooch. 

3. Short Road Underdogs 

The most effective college football betting tips and a productive spot for street hounds is the point at which they have a short spread. This implies the canine is getting four or less focuses. 

Open bettors love home top picks, yet they love them much more when they need to win by just a touchdown (or less). This is another approach to exploit open predisposition. 

Since 2005, street hounds getting four or less focuses have gone 600-508 ATS (54.2%), winning +64.57 units with a 5.7% ROI. 

Taking short street canines to win straight up has been a beneficial wagering technique, also. 

Mutts getting less than four focuses have gone 532-598 (47.1%) on the Moneyline, which on a superficial level seems as though a losing record. But since of the in addition to cash payouts, they’ve come about in +84.64 units won with a 7.5% ROI. 

4. Home Teams in Heavily Bet Games 

Wagering against the general population is a sound procedure since as a general rule, the general population loses. 

Be that as it may, you can’t simply take each group getting less than half of the wagers. You have to concentrate on the most unbalanced rounds of the day with the heaviest measure of open activity. 

Since 2005, host groups getting 40% or less wagers in games that are accepting at any rate 2.5x the day by day normal number of wagers have gone 112-84 ATS (57.1%), winning +21.99 units with a 10.8% ROI. 

This implies if the normal game is getting 5,000 wagers, this game is getting in any event 12,500 wagers. 

Open bettors consistently lean toward host groups, so when they go the other way and get down vigorously on a street group, it makes special contrarian esteem on the host group. 

5. Go After Reverse Line Movement

Next in the list college football betting tips, truly outstanding and least demanding approaches to find sharp activity is to search for invert line development (RLM): when the wagering line moves the other way of the wagering rates (a group getting 30% of wagers yet moves from +10 to +9). 

Since 2005, groups getting 35% or less wagers in games getting at any rate the day by day normal number of wagers with in any event 1-purpose of RLM have gone 352-299 ATS (54.1%), winning +35.76 units with a 5.4% ROI. 

On the off chance that the game is getting at any rate twofold the normal measure of wagers that day, groups getting 35% or less wagers with in any event one purpose of RLM improve to 98-74 ATS (57%), winning +19.77 units with a 11.2% ROI. 

6. Home Favorites After a Bye 

After a bye, groups are given genuinely necessary rest and additional chance to recover wounds. Additionally, the mentors are managed more opportunity to plan for the following rival. 

This lopsidedly benefits host groups (since they don’t need to travel) and top picks (since they have better players who are trained better). 

Since 2005, home top choices off a bye have gone 289-235 ATS (55.2%), winning +38.59 units with a 7.2% ROI. In the event that those home top choices are additionally positioned, they improve to 90-61 ATS (59.6%), winning +24.30 units with a 15.7% ROI. 

7. Hot Overs 

Open bettors love taking Overs. It’s human instinct to need to pull for energizing, high-scoring games. Sportsbooks know this and will conceal sums in light of open over predisposition. 

Since 2005, wagering each school football over has brought about monstrous misfortunes (- 456.19 units with a – 4.7% ROI). Be that as it may, we notice a gigantic inconsistency with regards to temperature. 

On the off chance that the temperature is 85 degrees or higher, the Over has gone 304-251 (54.8%), winning +34.90 units with a 6.2% ROI. In the event that the temperature is 90 degrees or higher, Overs improve to 81-57 (58.7%), winning +19.23 units with a 13.8% ROI. 

The point of view is straightforward: when it’s hot, the safeguard gets gassed all the more without any problem. This advantages the offense and prompts more focuses. 

8. Blustery Unders 

One more college football betting tips, before putting your over/under wager, consistently make certain to look at the climate first. On the off chance that the breeze is blowing, it can have a huge effect, explicitly on the Under. 

Since 2005, when the breeze is blowing at 10 mph or more, the Under has gone 991-829 (54.5%), winning an amazing +112.44 units with a 6.1% ROI. 

In the event that the breeze is blowing at 15 mph or more, the Under improves to 270-196 (57.9%), winning +60.47 units with a 12.8% ROI. 

For what reason does wind advantage the Under? Since school quarterbacks have more fragile arms than proficient quarterbacks do, so it’s harder to toss in the breeze. 

Thus, groups will run the ball more and bite up the clock. Likewise, school kickers aren’t entirely dependable in flawless conditions, so on the off chance that you include whirling winds, they are bound to miss kicks wide left, wide right, or short.

Why Bet on College Football? 

On Saturdays, who doesn’t care about watching school football and bringing in a minimal expenditure simultaneously? On the off chance that you are perusing this article, at that point plainly you do! 

We Watch College Football, Let’s Make Money at the Same Time 

As football fans, we can’t get enough of the activity. On Saturdays, school football match-ups are essentially being played from the time we wake up until we head to sleep. The destinations recorded above permit you to put down wagers from the solace and comfort of your own home.

Envision awakening and making a wager on your preferred group before you even brush your teeth. Or then again what about getting a wager in on your mid-day break directly before a game commences. It is all only a straightforward snap away. Join these locales and you will perceive how simple and genuine it is. 

Tremendous Selection of Games 

Snap-on a site and you have the choice to browse well more than 40 distinctive school games each week. Significantly more decisions than the NFL’s standard 13-15 game record. 

The bigger choice of games implies there are more open doors for you to discover a spot you like. Burrow profound and do the examination on the less well-known games and you might be shocked to discover a few points of interest that different bettors are unconscious of.