Colombia vs Peru Prediction | Copa America | 07/10

Colombia vs Peru Prediction: Both Colombia and Peru are excellent teams. They have reached the semi-finals of this year’s Copa season. However, fate could not name these teams as the team that played in the last match. They can totally aim for a little bit of fun. With a bronze medal in the 3rd place competition, there is not much pressure coming.

Colombia vs Peru Prediction


  • Match date: 00:00 am on 2021/07/10
  • Event: Copa America
  • Stage: Semifinals
  • Location: Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha




Losing in the Copa semi-finals when facing a much superior opponent, Argentina, is not too surprising for Colombia. It is only a pity that in this match they played extremely hard. When they made the opponent work hard to win 3-2 in the end at the 11m mark. It is this determination that has shown Colombia’s desire to win a title this season. Therefore, believe that in this match they will play with all their strength.

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Colombia vs Peru Prediction

Finally, Peru’s impressive long series of matches with 4 defeats was also ended by Brazil in the Copa semi-finals with a result of 1-0. Quite a pity for coach Ricardo Garage’s team. They were not able to surprise the way they did with Chile in the semi-finals last season. However, the opportunity for Peru to salvage some honor is still there when they will compete for 3rd place with Colombia.

Entering this match, there are not too many surprises when Colombia is rated higher than Peru. They had a very good performance in the semi-finals, just a little bit of luck. Not to mention that Peru is the team that is extremely affected psychologically. When they were once runners-up at Copa America 2019. But now they have to compete for 3rd place, which can be said to be a huge disappointment.


Making it difficult for Argentina in 90 minutes of play in the semi-finals, Colombia currently has a series of 3 matches that have not lost the Asian match. This is the basis for them to be ranked above compared to Peru. When Peru did not play too prominently in the recent semi-final. This makes them unreliable choices.

Select: Colombia -0.5 FT (Colombia -0.25 H1).


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With the goal scored against Argentina in the last match, it was also the 3rd match after the last 4 matches Colombia scored successfully. This shows that their ability to take advantage of opportunities is extremely good. But Peru is also not a medium type when in the last 4 matches, it is also showing their offensive power. They got 6 wins, which makes the match exciting.

Select: Over 2 1/2 FT (Over 3/4 H1).


There is an interesting statistic that after the last 10 confrontations of Colombia and Peru, Colombia is the team with more impressive results. They got 5 wins, 4 draws and only 1 loss against Peru. This achievement is enough to help coach Reinaldo Rueda’s team aim for its goal this season.

Select: Colombia FT.

Colombia vs Peru Prediction: Colombia 2-1 Peru FT (1-0 H1).

Colombia vs Peru Prediction


Colombia: Ospina, Arias, Mina, Cuadrado,Murillo, Sanchez, Barrios, Uribe, Cardona, Muriel, E. Bora.

Peru: Gallese, Ugarelli, Corzo, Sanchez, Santamaria, Saavedra, Cortijo, Castrillon, Gonzales, Flores, Ruidiaz.

The above is information about the prediction in the Semifinals match between Colombia vs Peru of Copa America on 2021/07/10 of the CMD368 bookie.