Consadole Sapporo vs Yokohama F Marinos Prediction – J.League – 06/06

Consadole Sapporo vs Yokohama F Marinos prediction on June 05, 2021. They are two teams with a very long distance in the rankings and each team has their own goals. So in today’s match in J1 League, experts all predict that this will be a match with few goals scored. Because with Yokohama, they are in 3rd place in the rankings and this season is already halfway through.

Consadole Sapporo Overview

Consadole Sapporo is a mid-range team in Japan, this season they are not showing a very good face when they are only standing in the middle of the rankings with 11th place when they have 22 points after 16 rounds. Eight points higher than the group of teams holding the red light, but Consadole Sapporo is also 13 points behind the top teams. 

The opportunity to break into the top of their leader is not much right now, so the goal to get the title is only based on the national cup arena, but it will be difficult for them when the next match has to face a strong team like Yokohama F. Marinos, the host’s chance to continue is not much at the moment.

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Yokohama F Marinos Overview

Yokohama F. Marinos used to be the top strong team of the tournament, but last season they did not play well, making them not appreciated this season. 

But Yokohama F. Marinos is playing quite well and getting 3rd place on the rankings with 34 points after 16 rounds, only 3 points behind the 2nd ranked team but they played 4 games less. The attack is a powerful weapon that helps the home team fly high in the rankings when continuously scoring in recent times. 

Not stopping, since the beginning of March until now, teacher and coach Akira Kaetsu have only lost 1 time in the last 20 matches. In the next match against a not-so-strong opponent, Consadole Sapporo, the away team will be determined to beat the opponent to continue entering the next round.

Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Consadole Sapporo vs Yokohama F Marinos prediction

It is important to know that in Consadole’s last 2 visits, both games ended at halftime without a goal. Thus, in the first half of the Asian bet, the choice to invest in the Consadole home side on the sideline will be the safest choice. As for the whole match, the away team Yokohama will be the best investment decision. Because the house is currently listing the ball bets for both periods of the match.

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Consadole Sapporo vs Yokohama F Marinos Prediction

  • Choose Consadole Sapporo +1/4 (HT)
  • Choose Yokohama F. Marinos (FT)

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house are *2.59-2.31-3.85* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With a superior squad quality as well as the lack of determination by the host Consadole to play, it is clear that investing in the away team Yokohama to win at 1×2 will be the safest choice.

Choose Yokohama F. Marinos (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Consadole Sapporo vs Yokohama F Marinos prediction

Consadole with an impressive series of recent performances has temporarily broken out of the red light group. But just a few stumbles in the near future, Consadole will be able to face relegation. Therefore, it is very likely that both teams will play moderately in this arena. 

And in the first half, although Consadole was underrated compared to Yokohama, with the home advantage, they were still able to keep themselves safe and make the half-close with a goalless draw.

Consadole Sapporo vs Yokohama F Marinos Prediction:

  • Choose Under 1-1.5 (HT)
  • Choose Under 3-3.5 (FT)


Consadole Sapporo: Yoshiaki Komai, Hiroki Miyazaw, Takanori Sugeno, Shunta Tanaka, Kim Min Tae, Akito Fukumori, Takuro Kaneko, Lucas Fernandes, Tsuyoshi Ogashiwa, Chanathip Songkrasin, Anderson Jose Lopes de Souza

Yokohama Marinos: Ken Matsubara, Takahiro Ogihara, Yohei Takaoka, Ryo Takano, Shinnosuke Hatanaka, Thiago Martins Bueno, Kida Takuya, Amano Jun, Jose Elber Pimentel da Silva, Daizen Maeda, Teruhito Nakagawa