Copa America | Brazil vs Peru Prediction | 07/06

Brazil vs Peru Prediction: Experiencing more or fewer difficulties, but with their bravery, Brazil still knows how to overcome Chile with a minimum score to be the first team to enter the semi-finals at this year’s Copa America. Their opponent will be a resilient Peru when they beat Paraguay on a lucky penalty.

Brazil vs Peru Prediction


  • Match date: 01:00 am on 2021/07/06
  • Event: Copa America
  • Stage: Semifinals
  • Location: Estádio Nilton Santos





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Brazil had to play with only 10 men on the field for most of the second half of the whole match after Jesus’ red body. But they still knew how to stand up thanks to the bravery of a true king against the Chileans. Even if luckier than Selecao, it is possible to get at least 1 or 2 more goals. Obviously, Brazil is still proving too different. They will still continue on the path to defending their throne in this year’s Copa.

Brazil vs Peru Prediction

Meanwhile, with Peru, the second team of Group B had a match that can be considered extremely dramatic against Paraguay. Both played their best and 6 goals appeared after 90 minutes of the official competition. Peru was the tougher one on the shootout and made their name into the 4th round. However, it is certain that continuing to have a reunion with the home team will be a big challenge for them. A match in which Brazil will have complete control of the game, but it is unlikely that too many goals will appear.

Select: Under 2.5 FT.


With their superior class and home advantage, it is not difficult for Brazil to continue to be a name that has been favored by bookies. However, surely the Brazilians will not be too subjective in the next rematch. When Peru will certainly not let them be beaten like in the match on the group stage. Since that defeat, Peru has played more mature and determinedly. The discipline in defense along with the attack is gradually proving their influence to help the red and white team. This gradually becomes smoother and there are certain discomforts. Brazil will need to be well prepared. Especially when the difficult match against Chile recently was also a warning for Selecao’s negligence. Any lack of caution can make everything fall apart in this knockout format. Brazil still has what can be considered the best in their personnel. The home advantage as usual will still be a solid fulcrum. And only the yellow jersey team has a highly concentrated match. The ticket to play the last match is difficult to escape from their hands.

Select: Brazil -1.75 FT.

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The series of sublime matches is bringing a great deal of confidence to Brazil. They can completely look forward to an active match against Peru coming, even though it is not easy. Most likely, with the advantages and bravery, Brazil will be the team that will get a ticket to play in the final in this year’s tournament.

Select: Brazil FT.

Brazil vs Peru Prediction


With the important nature of the match, experts believe that this match will not be able to have more than 2 goals. And of course, Brazil will be the team with the lead goal in the first half as well as winning by 2 goals after 90 minutes.

Brazil vs Peru Prediction: Brazil 2-0 Peru FT (1-0 H1).


Brazil: Becker, Luiz da Silva, Correa, Militao, Melo, Marquinhos, Silva De Goes, Oliveira, Richarlison, Tavares, Fabinho, Willian, Neymar Jr.

Peru: Gallese, Saavedra, Corzo, Ugarelli, Santamaria, Castrillon, Gonzales, Sanchez, Cortijo, Flores, Ruidiaz.

The above is information about the prediction in the Semifinals match between Brazil vs Peru of Copa America on 2021/07/06 of the CMD368 bookie.