Cosenza vs Ascoli Prediction | 03/07/2020 | Serie B

The match review to the football Cosenza vs Ascoli prediction in the Serie B about the 2 competing teams’ recent performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming H2H matches, goal stats, qualities, table standings ranking and match possible match outcome.

The prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Possible Result  prediction for Cosenza vs Ascoli


Italy: Serie B

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  • Friday 3rd July, 2020 – 20:00 (UK)
  • Event: Serie B
  • Stage: Matchday 32nd
  • Location: Stadio San Vito



Possible Result  prediction for Cosenza vs Ascoli


HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

2019-11-24ASCOLI – COSENZA3-2
2019-01-20COSENZA – ASCOLI0-0
2018-08-26ASCOLI – COSENZA1-1
2017-02-18COSENZA – ASCOLI1-1
2016-09-20ASCOLI – COSENZA2-0
2016-03-26ASCOLI – COSENZA1-2


X: 9


From 2012 to now

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11VIRTUS ENTELLA311181237:40-341
15JUVE STABIA311061538:50-1236
17ASCOLI PICCHIO31961639:48-933


  • Being located in sensitive positions on the rankings at this time, surely both Cosenza and Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC will want to get 3 points in this match in order to determine the fate of the relegation ticket instead of holding. each other in the bottom half of the chart after round 32 here.
  • In the past, the two sides met all 4 times and the winning was divided equally for 2 clubs (won 1, drawn 2, lost 1).
  • The current problem is that while Cosenza has a home field advantage and a very impressive performance in recent years. Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC was in a dreaded decline as well as only 2 points more than the red light group.
  • Therefore, this is an opportunity for Cosenza to move forward, and push Ascoli himself into the dangerous group after 90 minutes of official play ended.


  • There have been positive signs coming from Cosenza’s side in the past 2 weeks. They earned themselves 7 points after 3 matches and gradually closed the gap with the playoffs to avoid relegation.
  • Welcoming an Ascoli who is facing a lot of difficulties and is only a level club, Cosenza understands that this is the time for them to continue to revive and at the same time save themselves in the context of the season only 7 the next round is the curtain.
  • Although there are still many weaknesses that cannot be solved, in fact during this time, the whole team played hard with more than 100% of their performance.
  • Confidence is gradually returning, accompanied by a factor of home ground as a fulcrum this week. As long as Cosenza played the same ability as before, they absolutely can retain the full score before the visitors in the match.
Possible Result  prediction for Cosenza vs Ascoli
Possible Result  prediction for Cosenza vs Ascoli 


  • Contrary to the rise of Cosenza, Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC was showing a very frail face when it only earned 1 point in the last 5 rounds.
  • They themselves are making themselves difficult when there are only 2 points lower than the relegation group and the pressure is really putting pressure on the club at this time.
  • Therefore, marching to the field of Cosenza, Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC will have to be extremely cautious and careful because only one mistake can make them fall into the dangerous group after the 32nd round.
  • The anxiety is extremely large when the average conceded 2 goals in the last 5 matches played. And that if they can’t improve the problem soon, there’s a good chance they’ll be leaving empty handed this week.

Cosenza vs Ascoli prediction TIP:

ASIAN HANDICAP Cosenza vs Ascoli prediction

  • Cosenza and Ascoli are fiercely competing to avoid the last direct relegation in Serie B. After 31 rounds, Cosenza is getting yourself 31 points and 18th place, the last position to receive a drop ticket. Rank directly.
  • Ascoli is slightly better with 33 points and 17th place, this is the position that will have to play the play-off match.
  • After coming back from the break from the pandemic, Cosenza suddenly played very well when he won 2 victories and 1 draw, with 7 points won after 3 matches that helped this team to play in the play- off Ascoli’s relegation is exactly 2 points. Meanwhile, Ascoli has yet to show any signs of improvement as it only won 1 point after 4 matches played since Serie B returned.
  • Clearly with that correlation, Cosenza is having a great opportunity to beat Ascoli and cede the position of relegation directly to the opponent.

Our Cosenza vs Ascoli prediction for this match is:

  • Cosenza -0.25 HT
  • Cosenza -0.5 FT
Cosenza vs Ascoli match tip

OVER / UNDER Cosenza vs Ascoli prediction

  • In the past three outstanding matches, each Cosenza game has scored 2 goals, this is an important achievement because if they maintain this style.
  • Meanwhile, Ascoli has received 48 goals from the beginning of the season and is still receiving fairly regular goals through each match.
  • With this correlation, many people predict this will be a match in which Cosenza’s attack shows its bravery.
  • Therefore, it is likely that the match will close with many goals scored.

Our prediction for O/U:

  • OVER 2.5 FT and OVER 1 HT

EUROPEAN Cosenza vs Ascoli prediction

  • European betting shows the superiority of Cosenza with a 2.16 compared to 3.25 on the Ascoli side (offered by CMD368).
  • It is clear that Cosenza is holding a lot of advantages compared to Ascoli, can be mentioned as home advantage, superior performance compared to the opponent and especially the confidence has increased greatly after the previous victories.
  • Cosenza was completely optimistic about a better scenario when the season ended, and their next goal on that journey was none other than taking all 3 points from Ascoli.
  • CHOOSE: Cosenza to win Full-time

FINAL SCORE Cosenza vs Ascoli Prediction

In the past 4 encounters in all arenas, Cosenza and Ascoli have their own 1 victory, the remaining 2 draws. It is clear that the qualifications of Cosenza and Ascoli still have certain similarities.

But the remaining factors such as performance, determination belong to Cosenza. And Cosenza will know how to take advantage of these advantages to rise above the leaderboard against Ascoli.

Cosenza vs Ascoli prediction: Spezia tend to have more advantage.

  • HT Cosenza Ascoli: 2-0
  • FT Cosenza Ascoli: 2-1


  • Cosenza: Pietro Perina, Achraf Lazaar, Riccardo Idda, Tiago Casasola, Salvatore Monaco, Franck Kanouté, Jérémie Broh, Mario Prezioso, Mirko Bruccini, Zinedine Machach, Emmanuel Riviere
  • Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC: Nicola Leali, Luca Ranieri, Andrew Gravillon, Simone Padoin, Erick Ferigra, Baissama Sankoh, Petar Brlek, Michele Cavion, Nikola Ninković, Gianluca Scamacca, Marcello Trotta