Costa Rica vs Jamaica Prediction – Gold Cup 2021 – 07/20

Costa Rica vs Jamaica prediction on July 20, 2021. Costa Rica will face Jamaica in the final match of Group C Gold Cup 2021, this is a procedural match when the two teams have tickets to continue but it is meaningful to determine the leading team in the same bracket when entering the next round.

Costa Rica Overview

Costa Rica vs Jamaica Prediction

Costa Rica is not appreciated in the Gold Cup 2021 journey when they are going through years of decline after the successes at the previous World Cups. Even before the tournament started, Costa Rica’s baggage was a long series of draws and losses. However, with the past opponents in Group C such as Guadeloupe or Suriname being quite weak, Costa Rica still has what it needs is 6 maximum points and 1 ticket to the next round.

Jamaica Overview

Jamaica got the same thing with Costa Rica. Because although it was still a bit difficult, with a superior level compared to the opponent, Jamaica also soon won a ticket to pass the group stage after only 2 wins. However, what Jamaica shows clearly does not really bring satisfaction, especially when in the squad they have many quality players playing in the English Premier League. Jamaica is highly appreciated for their prolific physical foundation and a not-so-medium quality cast of players.

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Costa Rica vs Jamaica Prediction

Asian Bet – Costa Rica vs Jamaica prediction

It is not difficult for Costa Rica to have a goal ahead of the opponent in the first half. It is possible that in the second half, Jamaica with the determination to compete for the top with the opponent will have an equalizer but the final result is also would still be a win for Costa Rica. Thus, in today’s Asian handicap, Costa Rica is the most optimal investment point for fans in both the first half and the whole match. Because not only do they overwhelm their opponents in many ways, but the house is also listing for Costa Rica an extremely favorable handicap.

Costa Rica vs Jamaica Prediction

  • Choose Costa Rica -1/4 (HT)
  • Choose Costa Rica -1/2 (FT)

European Bet

Costa Rica vs Jamaica Prediction

The European odds offered by the house are *2.04-3.35-3.05* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With the dominance in every respect compared to Jamaica, experts are convinced that investing in Costa Rica in today’s 1×2 match will be the safest choice for fans.

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Choose Costa Rica (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Costa Rica vs Jamaica prediction

When Costa Rica faced Jamaica and both teams had no reason to keep the game, there will certainly be no shortage of goals today. It should be known that in the last 4 confrontations between the two teams, the experts only recorded 1 game Under. And after the last 2 rounds of the two teams with a total of 4 matches, the experts also only recorded 1 match with 2 goals and the remaining 3 matches had 3 or more goals.

Costa Rica vs Jamaica Prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.5-1 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2 (FT)


Costa Rica: Alvarado; Borges, Rojas, Espinoza; Spence, Gonzalez, Calvo, Matarrita; Campbell, Rodriguez, Venegas

Jamaica: Blake; Bailey, Hector, Johnson, Turgott; Powell, Lowe, Moore, Bell; Burke, Nicholson