Cremonese vs Chievo prediction on July 13th, 2020

Cremonese vs Chievo prediction on July 13th, 2020. It can be seen that Cremonese is a relatively stable team playing at home and this helps the team of coach Attilio Tesser have a certain confidence. But to be able to beat Chievo Verona, the team has only lost 3 of the 16 away games since the beginning of the season is still considered not an easy task for the home team Giovanni Zini in the next 90 minutes.

Cremonese vs Chievo prediction

Cremonese’s last matches

Chievo’s last matches


Cremonese vs Chievo prediction

At the end of the 33rd round, Cremonese got 40 points and is temporarily ranked 13th in the rankings. However, this achievement only helped them more than the group holding the red light by 1 point. And in the context of the tournament is still 4 more rounds, everything can happen.

Cremonese’s recent performance is quite good with 3 consecutive unbeaten matches and including 2 wins. Receiving Chievo at this time is really a difficult challenge for Cremonese. To get 3 points before Chievo, Cremonese will have to work hard and rely on luck.

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Every score in the present moment is extremely important and Cremonese players need to know how to accumulate extremely critically. Against Chievo at home field, Cremonese must be really careful and not risk it in this sensitive time.

After 33 rounds in Serie B this year, Chievo has got 47 points and is temporarily ranked 8th in the rankings. This is just enough achievement for them to be in the play-off group for promotion.

However, the team behind them, Salernitana, has the same score and is chasing very closely behind Chievo. Every mistake at this time costs a hefty price. So Chievo will not be allowed to make any mistakes. Failure meant that Chievo surrendered in the promotion race. Their opponent is a Cremonese, the team is extremely upset and it was Cremonese that drew Salernitana two rounds ago.

Cremonese vs Chievo prediction, Asian bet

Cremonese vs Chievo prediction

Appreciated in the determination to play when trying to escape from the pursuit of the red light group, but it can be seen that Cremonese has not defeated Chievo Verona in the last 3 encounters. Therefore, the Cremonese vs Chievo prediction experts believes that away team will be a good choice for investors when they are getting stability even in previous away matches.

  • Choose Chievo Verona FT

Cremonese vs Chievo prediction, O/U bet

Cremonese vs Chievo prediction

It is easy to see that Chievo Verona is a team that emphasizes safety in the play, so the matches of coach Attilio Tesser and his team have rarely been able to explode. As the Cremonese vs Chievo prediction, even in the last 3 matches between the two teams, the match ended with a minimum victory for Chievo Verona, so a similar result in this match is entirely feasible.

  • Choose Under FT
  • Predicting the score: 0-1

Expected line-up

  • Cremonese: Nicola Ravaglia, Matteo Bianchetti, Emanuele Terranova, Luca Ravanelli, Nadir Zortea, Luca Valzania, Michele Castagnetti, Samuel Gustafson, Vittorio Parigini, Daniel Ciofani, Zan Celar.
  • Chievo Verona: Adrian Semper, Lorenzo Dickmann, Maxime Leverbe, Michele Rigione, Francesco Renzetti, Joel Obi, Luca Garritano, Salvatore Esposito, Emanuel Vignato, Filip Djordjevic, Emanuele Giaccherini.

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