Current global Poker tournaments and Poker at CMD368

Poker Tournaments are currently held regularly in some advanced countries around the world to provide a great playing field for Poker lovers. This is not only an opportunity for those who love Poker to exchange and learn “skills” with each other but also help them to collect prizes. If you are a poker fan, do you know any of the most prestigious poker tournaments around the globe and how is Poker at CMD368 online casino house?

Let’s find out in this article with CMD368!

Current global Poker tournaments and Poker at CMD368

1. Where are Poker tournaments held?

Poker tournament today is diverse and rich with large and small tournaments. These tournaments are held by reputable casino units for offline poker competition, while online poker tournaments will be organized by a dealer. However, every tournament must have a permit of the competent authority, the rules of participation, the prize structure and clear rules.

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Currently, offline Poker tournaments are often held in casinos of advanced countries around the world, especially those with famous global casino bosses such as Maccau, USA and European countries.

Normally, the Top 10 of the house play poker for you to practice before the tournament and held in the shortest period of 1 month and sometimes the longest to half a year. A tournament may have a few participants, but there are also thousands of people around the planet who register to participate. When attending Poker tournaments, players must pay a fee called participation fee and this fee will be taken as a bonus in addition to donations, also for organization costs.

All players participating in Poker competition must follow the strict rules of the organizers, about the time and financial participation. Most of all, Poker prizes have huge prizes, attracting thousands of participants to conquer.

In the US, when you want to play poker or want to hold a poker tournament, you have to go to the casino. For Americans, poker is a form of betting, gambling regardless of intellectual competition. Therefore, Americans have clear rules governing casino business and casino competition. If you play the underground game, you will be punished and imprisoned.

Poker tournaments now compete in gambling countries
Poker tournaments now compete in gambling countries

2. The current prestigious global Poker Awards

1. World Poker Tour (WPT):

This is one of the major poker tournaments worldwide, attracting a large number of participants. This tournament, organized by WPT Enterprises Inc, is broadcast live on television in more than 150 countries, bookies and on mobile.

WPT is one of the largest poker tournaments available today
WPT is one of the largest poker tournaments available today

The World Poker Tour is held annually with lofty prizes of over $ 1,000,000. Currently, WPT has an increasing amount of bonuses each year due to its appeal to large sponsors. Many people want to change their lives, so they train day and night to participate in WPT.

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2. European Poker Tour (EPT):

As the name implies, the European Poker Tour (EPT) is held in Europe but is the w88 house poker that allows people from all over the planet to participate.

The tournament began in 2004 and its founder, John Duthie, once won at Poker Million. EPT is broadcast live on European countries. The prize of this award is more than 3 thousand euros and the amount is increasing every year.

Poker lovers who want to watch the matches of this tournament need to spend money to watch.

3. World Series of Poker (WSOP):

This is a CIE-owned Poker tournament, held annually in countries such as France, Italy and England. This tournament has the oldest seniority in more than 40 years, attracting thousands of Poker enthusiasts to attend. WSOP has a prize money of more than 7 thousand dollars, broadcast live on the waves of the US and many European countries.

4. Latin American Poker Tour (South America):

This is a South American Poker tournament but allows players from around the globe to participate. The prize started in 2008 with the present prize of about $ 500.

5. Asian Poker Tour (APT):

This is the largest poker tournament in Asia. The tournament began in 2006 in Singapore. APT is currently the most prestigious poker tournament in Asia which attracts thousands of poker enthusiasts. Bonuses increase every year to US $ 1 million.

3. Online Poker at CMD368

For a large number of people, poker can be considered as fascinating entertainment. Playing poker is fun. You can also use your skills to win money, not just luck. Such a form of fun has always been of great interest. If you have good tactical skills and thinking, you can even play poker as a profession to make money. That is why more and more people are coming to this card game, Poker at CMD368!

Most advance Poker online casino
Most advance Poker online casino

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Texas Hold’em Poker Table at CMD368
Texas Hold’em Poker Table at CMD368

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Poker at CMD368 Jackpot records
Poker at CMD368 Jackpot records


Above is the current prestigious global Poker tournaments that you should know. Indeed, the tournament is extremely attractive, interesting with the prize “terrible” is not it. If you are a fan of Poker and Poker at CMD368 is not a bad choice, why not think about trying to train your skills to join Poker at CMD368 for finance and relaxing gains? 

Try your luck with the huge promotions and all kinds of Poker at CMD368, don’t miss your chance to lift up the massive prizes!

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