Dafabet Odds: How To Read European / Asian Odds

In football, there are 2 bets that are often used when selecting the winning team, the European and Asian bets. The Dafabet bookmaker made a football bet and Dafabet odds.

European markets only care about the outcome is A win, two teams draw, B promoted.not interested in winning how many goals.

Asian bet gives a percentage that the handicap team is weak. A strong team is considered to win if it wins more than the handicap, is considered a tie if it wins by the handicap, and loses if the win is less than the handicap.

European bet

Dafabet Odds: How To Read European / Asian Odds

General concept: When 2 teams A meet B

For example Manchester – Chelsea

The team in front is the home team, followed by the away team.

Concept of rafters: The European bookies offer 3 doors to customers called 1X2.

1 means that the home team wins the home team to win

X means to draw on the Draw (Draw) if this score is a tie, then it will be played

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2 means the Away team is on the Away team and the winning team will pay for it

Detailed instructions: There are 3 columns Host – Tie – Guest in the Dafabet odds table. For example, if you bet on the host to win (this column says 2.79) (you only care if the host wins or not, regardless of the handicap, then when the host wins you will get 2.79 times (in that’s your root); When you bet on the two teams will be a tie (it says 3.22) (just know how much the tie is regardless of the score), if you bet 1 unit if you win you are allowed to take 3.22 units (including your root); and the same is for the guest.

European customers will choose 1 or 2 out of 3 1X2 to deposit.

For example, Chelsea – Manchester 1 × 2 is 2.90 3.20 3.10

Bet 1 is to choose Chelsea to win if Chelsea wins 2.9 times the original amount. Chelsea draw or lose bets.

Put X as a draw. If the two teams draw 3.20 times the original amount. Chelsea or Manchester win, then lose the bet.

Place 2 and choose Manchester to win. If Manchester wins 3.10 of the initial amount, all remaining bets lose.

Asian handicap bet

Dafabet Odds: How To Read European / Asian Odds

General concept: When 2 teams A meet B

Example: Manchester – Chelsea Handicap Dafabet odds will be written as follows: Manchester 0: a Chelsea

The team in front is the home team, followed by the away team.

Handicap teams are teams tied with the value 0, the handicapped teams are teams tied with the remaining value.

For example Fullham 1: 0 Chelsea.

Meaning Chelsea, the visitor’s handicaps the home team Fullham 1 goal.

Concept of bet

The level (LVL) draw can be lost

For example, Liverpool 0: 0 Chelsea means that no team handicaps any team. With this rafter, you will win when your chosen team wins, if it is a tie then draw money. For example, 0:0 means draw – win-lose.

1/4 (0.25) bet  

The team on the lower handicap draws a tie to win half the money, you get the favorite team, if that team wins, you will win, if you draw you lose half of the bet, if you lose then, of course, you lose all the money, but if you choose the underdog team, the opposite.

For example, The Dafabet odds is Leed 0: 1/4 Postmouth

If the match ends in a draw with Leed losing half the money, Postmouth wins half the money.

Leed wins both money and vice versa.

Leed loses, Leed loses both money and vice versa.

1/2 bet (0.5)

The favorite team draws the underdog team to win.

For example Manchester 0: ½ Chelsea

If the draw chooses to lose both money to Chelsea, Chelsea eat all money.

Manchester wins, Manchester chooses money, Chelsea loses money.

Manchester lost to choose Manchester lost all money, Chelsea ate all money.

3/4 bet

Also known as a half handicap. The favorite team handicaps the lower team if it loses money, if you win a table with half money, if you win from 2 or more tables, pay the whole money, choose the lower door to infer.

For example, The Dafabet odds are Blackburn 3/4: 0 Chelsea.

If a tie, Chelsea lost all money, Blackburn ate all money.

Chelsea won 1 goal Chelsea ate half the money, Blackburn lost half the money. Chelsea won 2 or more goals Chelsea ate all the money, Blackburn lost both of the money.

Chelsea lost, of course, Chelsea lost both money and Blackburn ate all the money.

Over/Under bet

Over/Under bet is a bet that the Dafabet odds based on the total goals scored by both teams. There are 2 options for the player to choose from. Choose the selected goal to select the total of goals for both teams greater than the rate offered by the bookie. is to select the total number of goals the two teams have less than the house value offered.

If the game ends with a score of 0-0.1-0.0-1.1-1.2-0.0-2, the person who chooses Under win, the Over lose.

If the match ends with a score of 2-1,1-2,2-2,3-2,2-3,3-3, the number of goals scored by both teams is greater than 2.5, the player chooses Over wins, choose Under lose.

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