Discover What E-sports Betting Is, All About At The 188Bet Bookie

E-sports is currently developing very strongly in the area, so the demand for betting on this form also appears more and more. With this trend, leading reputable bookmakers such as 188Bet has offered players E-sports betting, also known as electronic sports bet.

Discover What E-sports Betting Is, All About At The 188Bet Bookie

What is E-sports?

E-sports, also known as E-sports game; This is a subject with antagonistic and competitive nature among players to upgrade; Reach the highest position of the game.

After many years of development, E-sports is no longer considered an unhealthy game but has gradually been recognized as a professional sport. Currently, there are many competitions about E-sports; Here gathered many professional gamers and prizes worth up to hundreds of thousands; hundred million dollars.

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Bet on E-sports at 188Bet 

As one of the first leading bookmakers to bring E-sports betting to the players; 188Bet receives a lot of attention from its members. The house has brought a lot of diverse products; quality like online casino; Football Betting; sports … and now electronic sports betting.

E-sports at 188Bet with many choices; many top leagues like the League of League; Counter – Strike; Global Offensive; DotA 2.

Accordingly, the big tournaments will be the place for players to participate in betting predictions. E-sports also offer a variety of bet options similar to soccer betting or any other sport such as betting on the winner of the first match; bets on under; The team has the first feat.

High betting rates, large payouts, and players can also easily receive money on the account thanks to the fast payout speed.

The main options in betting E-sports Games

At E-sports there are many popular options that players can participate in bet options such as:

  • Real money bet: This is a betting method similar to betting on football, basketball, golf … Players can bet real money with the accepted odds and the player will be paid by the house 188Bet if make the right choice.
  • Skin betting: This is also called betting items in a virtual system between people playing games with each other.
  • Social betting is a fun bet among players in the gaming community; friends together. Can bet on real money or skin.
  • Fantasy bet
  • Challenging bet is a way in which gamers compete against each other to win money; items; skin …
Discover What E-sports Betting Is, All About At The 188Bet Bookie

Types of E-sports betting

  • Match time betting: Betting will take as long as less than 35 minutes to play. However, this is not a good bet because it is difficult to determine the playing time for both teams; unless the two teams are very different.
  • Bet on the team to win 5 lives first: Based on the play of the two teams, players can guess which team will win the previous 5 lives. This type of rafters has a lot of people choose to play.
  • Bet on the team to win the first: This is a kind of bad luck; So you should consider carefully before placing a bet. Because even the strong teams can not know if they won the first victory in 5-10 minutes or not.
  • Bet on which team will win the first match: Based on your understanding of the two teams playing, you can bet which team will win the first match. Accordingly you should choose the team with the lower odds. Usually, Korean teams have extremely good tactics and playstyle.
  • Handicap: You will give the handicap; one team will accept the other.
  • Winning Team Bet: This is the final type of market; finish for all 5 matches. There will be 5 games, so the odds of turning over are also very high; so you need to make a good judgment before making a bet.


These are just basic introductions about basic E-sports bet. You can create an 188Bet account today to play bet on this exciting subject!

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