Don’t choose the Vwin Betting Site without knowing of these information!

As a “young” name in the online betting market, what does Vwin offer? The general comment about the Vwin Betting Site below will help you find the answer.

Don’t choose the Vwin Betting Site without knowing of these information!

What are the strong points of Vwin Betting Site?

  • Being legally licensed to operate
  • Super terrible and attractive promotions
  • Diverse betting products
  • There is an application on the phone
  • Consulting support 24/7

1. General assessment of the Vwin dealer

1.1 The Vwin dealer has potential for growth

Licensed in 2016 by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation for the online gambling entertainment industry, Vwin Betting Site seems to be one of the youngest ‘oldest’ bookmakers in the house today. However, the Vwin Betting Site with its advantages has gained a certain foothold in the online betting market.

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The Vwin Betting Site bookmaker used to be a partner of the Juventus club – the most successful team in Italy for the 2016-2018 season. In the new season 2017 – 2020, the Vwin Betting Site bookmaker is proud to be the sponsor of AC Milan Club – a unique representative of Italy.

Don’t choose the Vwin Betting Site without knowing of these information!
Vwin is the partner of AC Milan Club in the new season

1.2 Website interface and App optimized for most people

Entering the Vwin house, you will see two main colors Black – Red characteristic of AC Milan extremely luxurious and eye-catching.

The interface is neatly organized and easy to use.

The interface of the Vwin dealer website is easy to use
The interface of the Vwin dealer website is easy to use

Besides, the house Vwin launches Vwin app on mobile devices – convenient for players ready to entertain anytime, anywhere.

Support applications using Vwin anytime, anywhere
Support applications using Vwin anytime, anywhere

1.3 Various types of betting at the house Vwin

One of the attractions of Vwin is the diverse and extremely attractive betting categories, divided into entertaining games into:

  • i-Sports
  • Online casino
  • Slot game
  • Lottery.

1. 4 Sports betting

You can find the most outstanding matches in the world, watch and wait for results. From sports king to baseball, basketball, badminton or the matches Dota 2, LOL, CSGO at E-sports … with full of attractive odds:

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  • 1 X 2
  • Odd / Even
  • Total number of goals
  • Winning bets …
Sports odds are always updated quickly and increase the chances of winning for players
Sports odds are always updated quickly and increase the chances of winning for players

1. 5 Online casino

Step into the online casino room, you will be dealt by the hot Japanese AV beauties and the opportunity to meet with “formidable” opponents.

Attractive online casino at the Vwin house

1.6 Slot games and Lottery

The world of Slot games at Vwin is invested with eye-catching graphics and rich content. You can play online or download games to the application. If you are a good player, you not only win but also have the opportunity to receive attractive gifts from Vwin Betting Site for the winner.

Slot game includes famous games, diverse and easy to play

Lottery is a type of entertainment recognized by law. The results of the lottery in the provinces and cities are updated by Vwin the fastest and most accurate. Not only that, you can bet Lottery in other countries with odds and equally attractive form.

2. Deposit – How to withdraw money from Vwin’s house?

  • Delivery time: be updated immediately
  • Withdrawal time: within 2 hours

The banker currently accepts money to account in the following forms: Bank transfer: Via ATM, at the counter or Internetbanking.

Deposit steps:

  1. Log in> select Fund Management
  1. Enter your full name for the first time
  1. Select the bank you want to deposit and the amount you want to deposit
  1. You will see Vwin’s account information and must transfer money to Vwin account within 2 hours in the following forms: via ATM, internet banking or direct transfer at the bank


  • Your name must match the name of your bank account
  • You can top up with odd and sub-units of 000VND when you enter. For example: If you want to deposit VND 501,000, you enter 501
  • The amount you transfer must match the amount you enter into your Vwin account.
  • The content of the transaction must clearly state the Vwin Transaction Code provided on the content of money transfer

Instructions to withdraw money

You must follow the following procedure:

  1. Login to your account> in the Fund Management section, select the withdrawal order
  1. Enter the password for the first draw. Your password must be 8-16 characters long, including letters and numbers.
  1. Enter the required information as required

Note when withdrawing money:

  • You must bet the winnings you want to withdraw correctly. For example, you deposit 1 million, bet 100k and win 500k, the amount you enter is 600k.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is VND 200k and the maximum one-time withdrawal is VND 100 million, the maximum daily withdrawal is VND 500k.

3. Super awesome super attractive reward

The promotions and awards at the Vwin Betting Site take place regularly and show the “great” playability of this house. Why not quickly register and get lucky with the current program?

  • Welcome the new season – Win SH150i
  • Birthday rewards up to $100
  • Super welcome bonus up to $500
  • Insurance bet lost $400 at the Casino

Super awesome promotions super attractive at Vwin

Many kinds of Promotions
Many kinds of Promotions

4. Excellent customer service

The online customer service at the Vwin Betting Site is always appreciated by the players for their enthusiasm and satisfaction with the problem of the player being solved quickly. You will be supported 24/7 including Tet holidays via online chat, email, Viber accounts and advice to resolve in English.

Conclude: Should you play at the Vwin house?

Although the Vwin Betting Site does not have much operating time, but it is thought that with its commendable foundation, this house has great potential for future development.

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