Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa Prediction – Premier Liga – 12/05

Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa prediction on December 05, 2021. When the difference between the two teams is too large, Dynamo Moscow will not have much trouble scoring 2 goals in just 45 minutes of the first half.

Dynamo Moscow Overview

Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa Prediction

Dynamo Moscow under the guidance of Sandro Schwarz played so impressively, they were only behind the rich man Zenit in the rankings. After 16 rounds, the home team of Central Stadium brought 10 victories with a goal efficiency of 1.88, the second-highest in the tournament. 

In the last 10 matches in all competitions, the attack scored 27 goals, defeating Khimki 4-1 and Arsenal Tula with a 5-1 destruction score. No doubt about the strength of Dynamo Moscow, they also triumphed in 5/8 home matches this season. The last 2 confrontations with FC Ufa both won with 7 times catching the opponent into the net to pick up the ball. It is difficult to prevent a day of explosive competition of the strikers.

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Ufa Overview

FC Ufa is also a team with a dedication to play, as shown in the statistics of each round, there are 2.5 goals. In which, it is impossible not to mention the impressive performance of the last 2 matches reaching 1.5. However, the away weakness of Rakhimov’s teachers and students cannot be denied. 

7 consecutive trips Ufa did not know the smell of victory, 3 times left empty-handed and 11 times conceded. Worryingly when looking at the crushing 1-3 defeat against Sochi, the defense was too much of a problem. Hope will be placed in the attack, but the ability to keep a clean sheet against Dynamo Moscow is also very fragile.


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Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa Prediction

Asian Handicap – Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa Prediction

In the last meeting, Dynamo defeated Ufa with a crushing score of 4-0. So right in the first half, Dynamo will get himself 2 goals against the opponent. And in the second half, what Ufa can do will just try to score themselves an honorable goal before Dynamo Moscow has another one to close the match. And in today’s Asian handicap, Dynamo is definitely the safest investment choice in both the first and second half.

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Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa prediction: 

  • Choose Dynamo Moscow -1/2 (HT)
  • Choose Dynamo Moscow -1 (FT)

European Bet

Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa Prediction

The European odds offered by the house are *1.51-5.90-4.05* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With completely overwhelming statistics, Dynamo Moscow will definitely overwhelm Ufa and become the safest investment point in 1×2.

Choose Dynamo Moscow (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa Prediction

With such a big difference, plus the home field advantage and determination to compete in the top 1. Dynamo Moscow will have an overwhelming victory today. 

It should be known that, in the last 7 matches of Dynamo, experts have recorded up to 6 matches with extremely strong scoring ability. Therefore, today’s match will definitely have Tai as the safest investment choice in today’s match for both the 1st and 2nd half bets.

Dynamo Moscow vs Ufa prediction: 

  • Choose Over 1 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2.5 (FT)

Line up

Dynamo Moscow: Budachev, Plijev, Sazonov, Evgenyev, Galkin, Gladyshev, Grulev, Kutitsky, Skopintsev, Sly, Varela.

Ufa: Belenov, Jokic, Krotov, Tabidze, Pilev, Miletic, Golubev, Kamilov, Bauer, Andric, Zhamaletdinov.