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E-Sports, also known as e-sports, has grown tremendously in the past 10 years and quickly became a billion-dollar industry with millions of participants and fans on. all over the world. A series of top professional tournaments are held with huge payouts such as The International of DotA 2, which is held annually with a prize of up to $ 30 million. Therefore, the form of E-Sports betting also developed. As one of the leading bookmakers, Happyluke is becoming a name that many gamblers have chosen in recent years. This esports betting channel has gradually asserted itself in the market thanks to the technology and attractive promotional campaigns. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will be attracted to this house the first time you visit.

1. What is esports?

Electronic sports (ESports; Electronic-Sports; fighting games; or Pro Gaming) is a form of online games organized between gamers with the form of Livestream competition; There are specific rules and referees with many penalties just like in real life.

There are more than 100 games rated as ESport, but divided into 4 main categories:

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  • Strategy – Strategy
  • First-person shooter – FPS
  • Real-time combat – MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena
  • Survival – Battle Royale

ESports are a phenomenon of the world entertainment industry; you will easily catch the news, events, matches of e-sports on forums; website etc. Even in the 2014 League of Legends final, there were 27 million viewers, equal to the number of World Cup viewers in the US that same year. 

In every corner of the world, this subject is also loved by young people and is playing quite a lot. Therefore, the bookies have offered esports betting to meet the fans.

2. ESports betting is attracting a large number of players

Similar to soccer betting, you can also watch top-notch esports matches like Dota 2; League of Legends; Starcraft; Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone etc can just bet on their favorite team is waiting for the opportunity to win.

The bookmakers offer E-Sports betting with a variety of markets such as first blood team bet; bet parlay; bet on the number of kills in the match; end time bets … Besides, the handicap in esports betting can be round handicaps, maps or other forms of handicap based on each match. The different types of attachments will be referred to collectively.

Happyluke Tournaments with Handicap betting types
Happyluke Tournaments with Handicap betting types

3. E-Sports odds

Normally, reputable bookmakers will provide electronic sports betting in three main forms of betting for Dota2, LOL, CSGO … as follows:

  • Money Line: Predict the player or team that wins the match. The result includes betting overtime or extra time where applicable.
  • Handicap: Predict multiple players, the team that wins that match with the house edge offered. Betting results include overtime or extra time, if any. Handicap in E-Sports is calculated by adding up to one of the teams; players are weaker than a certain handicap factor on the map and round elements. 
  • Over / Under Bet: Predict the total number of maps or rounds in a match that are over or under before the given coefficient. Betting results include injury time or extra time where applicable. With tournaments for many gamers, players can bet on their favorite teams. In addition, the odds of winning bets on many markets are also quite high.

4. The reason to choose electronic sports betting at the Happyluke house

The HappyLuke is licensed by PAGCOR. This is one of the management and licensing organizations for the fairly reputable betting games in the Philippines. The games are designed lively and playful, very suitable for relaxing after a hard-working day.

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Strong Points: 

Currently, many players who love this sport have chosen Happyluke to wager a lot of profit for a variety of reasons:

  • Easy account registration operation; Dota, LOL betting games only need to deposit immediately after having an account, if winning, you can withdraw money to your bank account easily.
  • Happyluke has a high reputation. Being a licensed dealer, We are considered a prestigious address, becoming a stop for esports betting players.
  • Happyluke offers many incentive programs for new players; Typically raise money to 1.5 million when the first deposit. 
  • Speed is the strong point: In addition, Happyluke also provides a direct link to the match progress to know the results soon. Online casino players only take up to 5 minutes for deposit and less than 20 minutes for cash withdrawal.


Currently, when you register a new account, you will receive 2 USD free, being applied by HappyLuke. It can be said that this is the only banker that you do not need to top up is still offered. And we can use that money to try it out if we win, we can still withdraw money without any risk. It is this special program that makes a difference and attracts a large number of communities, and they also offer many other great promotions:

  • Bonus for first time deposits up to 150% for top up. This is also the current highest cash promotion of the house compared with all the bookmakers present.
  • From the 2nd onwards, though not so terrible, but still quite good for players. If you make a second deposit, HappyLuke will offer a 50% reload bonus. And the 3rd deposit will give you $5, which is a free bonus for you to play online casino at the house.
Lots of Attractive Offers, Unlimited CashBack, Weekly Refund, 5% Reload
Lots of Attractive Offers, Unlimited CashBack, Weekly Refund, 5% Reload

If you’re one of esports enthusiasts; and want to make a lot of money from this passion, the extremely attractive tournaments in E-Sports at the Happyluke house you should not miss!


STEP 1: LOG IN Happyluke

If you do not have an account, please read the instructions registration step to create your own betting account.


You need to conduct a transfer from the main account to the HAPPYLUKE Esports account to participate in betting.

Head to Esports
Head to Esports

After the transfer is completed, select HAPPYLUKE E-SPORTS.


Click on the odds you want to choose, then enter the amount and click "Confirm" to place bets
Click on the odds you want to choose, then enter the amount and click “Confirm” to place bets


The development of esports and major tournaments with millions of dollars in prizes has made the dream of making money playing games unrealistic. If you do not play too well to become a professional athlete, apply your knowledge to make predictions at Happyluke esports betting to receive prizes of up to hundreds of thousands of USD per week.

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