Ecuador vs Venezuela Prediction | WC 2022 Qualif. CONMEBOL | 11/11

Ecuador vs Venezuela prediction: The previous gathering can be seen as a not very good time for Ecuador when they did not play really well and lost many advantages and opportunities for themselves. However, still being in control of the situation will still be of great help so that this team can return at the next rally and they will have a rematch to the way in the next match.

Ecuador vs Venezuela Prediction


  • Match date: 09:00 p.m – 2021/11/11
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. CONMEBOL
  • Stage: Matchday 13th
  • Location: Olimpico Atahualpa



Ecuador could only find exactly 1 point in the previous 2 rounds, they shared points with Colombia and lost to the main way in a very unfortunate way. In general, the decline does not make Ecuador lose many advantages when they are still in the top 3 leading teams with 17 points obtained so far. The ability to turn the yard can happen at any time and Ecuador will certainly need to have more savings in their next matches.

Meanwhile, with the way, in general, the performance of the guests is not too impressive when they have suffered 9 defeats in this year’s qualifying round and the most recent is Chile’s defeat with a score of 0-3.7 points obtained after 12 matches is clearly not an impressive number and the fact that the group above was left behind with a relatively long distance also partly said this. Marching to the yard of a determined Ecuadorian in the first round of the next rally will still be uncomfortable challenges for the way. The match will be the initiative from the home team, but the ability to explode will still leave a lot of doubts.

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Select: Under 2.25 FT.


With the home-field advantage and inherent strength, Ecuador is still the name that receives favor from the bookies compared to the way in this matchup. A match where surely the home team will have many opportunities to make a breakthrough for themselves in the table if there is a good enough result. Venezuela is inherently not something too difficult for Ecuador at the moment, the guests are quite struggling because of the fragmentary pieces, the staff is somewhat thin and limited in terms of expertise, making for way obviously can hardly make up their competitiveness in this year’s qualifying round. A good opportunity for Ecuador to take advantage of, especially when they still have many advantages to open up their playstyle calculations.

Ecuador vs Venezuela Prediction

Statistics show that way has lost all 6 matches to march away from home in this campaign. The number is clearly too bad, especially when compared to an Ecuador that has only received 1 defeat at its home field since the start of the tournament. Ecuador is holding a lot of advantages in their hands, they have determination and victory will probably be their most important goal before the way in the next match.

Select: Ecuador FT.


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In general, being overwhelmed in terms of squad and performance will create a very good psychological momentum so that Ecuador can completely control the upcoming match. It will be a match where Ecuador is expected to be able to easily get 3 points against Way and open up their advantage.

Ecuador vs Venezuela Prediction

Select: Ecuador FT.

Ecuador vs Venezuela Prediction:​​ Ecuador 2-0 Venezuela FT (0-1 H1).


Ecuador: Galinder, Hurtado, Caicedo, Gruezo, Hincapie, Torres, Cifuentes, Mena, Sornoza, Estupinan, Valencia.

Venezuela: Graterol, Alvarez, Gonzalez, Roberto, Angel, Chancello, Moreno, Vasquez, Savarino, Rincon, Martinez.

Above is the information about Ecuador vs Venezuela prediction in the 13th match of World Cup 2022 Qualif. CONMEBOL on 2021/11/11 of the CMD368 bookie.