Ehime vs Ryukyu Prediction |25/07/2020| J-League 2

The reviews to the football Ehime vs Ryukyu prediction in J-League 2 about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Ehime vs Ryukyu Prediction



Ehime vs Ryukyu Prediction

Ehime vs Ryukyu Prediction recommendation:

1st half Ehime vs Ryukyu Prediction: 

  • Undefeated in the last 2 encounters with Ehime, even Ryukyu have won, so the teachers and coach Yasuhiro Higuchi are very confident in the rematch of this opponent in the 7th round of Japanese 2nd Division.
  • Moreover, if they can get all 3 points before Ehime, Ryukyu will improve 22nd place in the current rankings because they are only 4 points lower than the safe area. However, in any case, the teachers and coaches Yasuhiro Higuchi are not allowed to be subjective in this match, especially when they will face a disadvantage away from home and the Ningineer team is desperate to defeat them.

The best Ehime vs Ryukyu Prediction:   

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  • Goals for the first half: Ehime 0-1 Ryukyu  
  • Asian handicap first half match: Ryukyu +0
  • O/U match half 1: OVER (side 3/4)

2nd Half Prediction: 

  • Currently, Ehime is 19th in the rankings with 3 points more than the red light group, so if you can win all 3 points against Ryukyu in the match in the 7th round of Japanese 2nd Division 2, the position of teachers and students Coach Kenta Kawai on the chart will definitely be greatly improved. Even so, the fans of the Ningineer Stadium should not set too many expectations because Ryukyu is also their “dirty” team at the moment (all lost in the last 2 confrontations). 
  • Statistics show that the most recent confrontation between Ehime and Ryukyu and the last 4/6 matches of Ehime have “exploded”. Experts also said that with the listed rate of fainting 2.1 / 4 goals and still trending downward, it also proves that investors are very optimistic about a match. Many goals were scored. Therefore, the financial door will be a reasonable choice.

Best Ehime vs Ryukyu Prediction: 

  • Goals for the second half: Ehime 1-2 Ryukyu  
  • Asian Handicap second half match: Ryukyu +1/4 
  • O/U second half: OVER 

European Ehime vs Ryukyu Prediction: 

  • The European rate is applied at 2.23 * 2.98 * 3.40 and still is quite stable as currently, showing that the sportsbook appreciates the ability of the visitors. Besides, in the last 2 confrontations, Ryukyu also surpassed Ehime. Therefore, experts believe that Ryukyu visitors are reliable in this match.
  • Select Ryukyu to win FT

Ehime vs Ryukyu Final scores

Despite being in a bad mood, Ryukyu is still considered to have a chance in the confrontation with opponent Ehime in the upcoming round 7. Moreover, the complete victory in the last 2 confrontations also gives the Ningineer team great confidence before entering this match.

Predict the match score  

  • Ehime 0-1 Ryukyu HT
  • Ehime 1-2 Ryukyu FT


  • Ehime: Daiki Nishioka, Masahiro Okamoto, Takumu Kawamura, Kyoji Kutsuna, Kentaro Moriya, Rikiya Motegi, Go Nishida, Taishi Nishioka, Kazuhito Watanabe, Yoichi Naganuma, Takanori Maeno
  • Ryukyu: Junto Taguchi, Takuma Abe, Koya Kazama, Yoshio Koizumi, Shunsuke Motegi, Keigo Numata, Daisei Suzuki, Lee Yon Jick, Koki Kazama, Yuya Torikai, Kazumasa Uesato

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