Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg Prediction – Bundesliga I – 04/10

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg prediction on April 10, 2021. Eintracht Frankfurt vs VfL Wolfsburg will meet each other in the 28th round of the German National Championship. These are teams that are achieving quite a high performance and performance recently. Overcoming a series of names like Dortmund or B.Leverkusen to monopolize the top 3 and 4 of the chart, respectively. Which team will do better in the upcoming war to bring back 3 precious points when the distance with the opponents is not too far.

Eintracht Frankfurt Overview

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg Prediction

Eintracht Frankfurt currently has 50 points and is ranked 4th in the standings, a not-so-bad achievement for the home team recently. Statistics show that Eintracht Frankfurt only got 2 wins and 2 draws and lost 1 in the last 5 matches, the lack of concentration and the appearance of mistakes caused the home team players to shut up. willing to share points with their opponents in the last 2 matches, this makes them facing many difficulties in the upcoming welcome match.

VfL Wolfsburg Overview

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg Prediction

On the away side, after 27 rounds, they also gave themselves 54 points, ranked 3rd on the rankings. If there is victory, not only Wolfsburg will widen the score gap with the chasing group, but also have a great chance of surpassing the second-placed team to rise to second place on the rankings.

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In the first leg, Wolfsburg at home won 2-1. Further, in the last 5 confrontations between the two teams, Wolfsburg is still a bit better with 2 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws. However, with the nature of such a big match, it is likely that the home advantage will be the fulcrum for Frankfurt to win all 3 points.

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Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg Prediction

Asian Bet – Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg prediction

The correlation of force is evident in this match, so any small advantage can determine the outcome of the match. Eintracht Frankfurt is the team that has this and that is their home advantage, taking advantage of this to put a great deal of pressure on their opponents, at the same time deploying a reasonable position and transforming the chance to get into important goals to take the lead, then believe that a victory will come for the home team.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg prediction: Choose Eintracht Frankfurt 0.25

European Bet

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg Prediction

When the situation of this group is extremely unpredictable when there are 5 teams with quite similar scores, the mistake of any team is not allowed to commit at this time. In this match, Eintracht Frankfurt has big home advantage and they can decide their own fate in the next rounds. Just enter confidently and make good use of opportunities as well as not allow mistakes to appear, a victory will stay with Eintracht Frankfurt players and home team fans.

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Choose Eintracht Frankfurt

Over/Under Bet – Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg prediction

A match between the two teams is considered very strong and has a pretty big breakthrough, their scores, as well as their rankings, have proved this. Both the home and away team know that this is a decisive match in terms of rankings in the near future so they have to do their best, implementing a double match against the opponent is both. The team wants to move forward because they know that giving the advantage to the opponent means losing. A duel match and a chase to appear is understandable with a stance like this.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg prediction: Choose Over 2.75


Eintracht Frankfurt: Fernandes, Kostic, Rode, Sow, Ronnow, Hinteregger, Abraham, Ndicka, Costa, Paciencia, Dost.

Wolfsburg: Brekalo, Schlager, Arnold, Steffen, Casteels, Mbabu, Brooks, Pongracic, Otávio, Mehmedi, Weghorst.

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