El Salvador vs Panama Prediction – World Cup 2022 – 10/08

El Salvador vs Panama prediction on October 08, 2021. El Salvador is one of the most underrated teams in North Central America. In the previous round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, El Salvador lost 0-3 to Canada.

El Salvador Overview

El Salvador vs Panama Prediction

El Salvador is an underrated name in North American football, they have never attended the World Cup. In this qualifying round, there is not much hope for El Salvador. After the first 3 matches, the home team started extremely disappointed when they only got 2 points and temporarily stood at 7/8 teams. 

That poor record makes the chance to get 1 in the top with the host is not much. In the next match, despite having the home advantage, the opponent will be Panama much stronger. So the risk of continuing to receive defeat is now in front of the homeowner.

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Panama Overview

Panama is a highly appreciated team in North America, they are only behind teams like the US or Mexico. In North America, there are 3.5 appearances to attend the World Cup. So the opportunity is still there for this team. Through the first 3 matches, the away team got 1 win and 2 draws. Get themselves 5 points to help them climb to 4th place on the leaderboard. 

With the goal of winning tickets to the World Cup, victory is essential for the away team. The pretty good performances in recent times have helped Panama gain confidence, while the only opponent is El Salvador. They are standing at the bottom of the table, a victory will be a not too difficult task for the visitors.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

El Salvador vs Panama Prediction

Asian Bet – El Salvador vs Panama Prediction

Panama also had the opportunity to attend the World Cup finals. So they are certainly a capable team. In the previous match, Panama excellently drew defending champion Concacaf, Mexico, with a score of 1-1 at home. Thus, after 3 matches in the WC 2022 qualifiers, Panama is still unbeaten with 1 victory. 

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The away team currently has 5 points, temporarily ranked 4th in the rankings but only 2 points behind the leading team Mexico. They still compete fiercely in the top group. With outstanding strength and form, Panama is expected to be the winning team on the field of El Salvador.

El Salvador vs Panama prediction: 

  • Choose El Salvador + 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose Panama – 0.25 (FT)

European Bet

El Salvador vs Panama Prediction

In 10 encounters in the history of the confrontation between El Salvador vs Panama, El Salvador has only 1 win, Panama won 6 and 3 matches with a draw. It can be affirmed that the strength of Panama  is still superior to the home team. El Salvador has the home field advantage but is still playing badly and is in danger of early elimination in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Choose Panama (FT)

Over/Under Bet – El Salvador vs Panama Prediction

In the last 5 matches when El Salvador clashed with Panama, there were 4 matches with only 1 goal or less shaking. Host El Salvador has only scored 6 goals in the last 10 matches. While Panama must be a guest, it is also difficult to score many goals against a large defense.

El Salvador vs Panama prediction: 

  • Choose Under 0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Under 1.75 (FT)

Line up

El Salvador: Yonatan Guardado,  Miguel Lemus, Melvin Cartagena, Romulo Villalobos, Eriq Zavaleta, Ronald Gómez, Roberto Domínguez, Isaac Portillo, Juan Carlos Portillo, Joshua Pérez, Nelson Bonilla.

Panama: Luis Mejia, Alberto Quintero, Roman Torres, Michael Murillo, Harold Cummings, Erick Davis, Fidel Escobar, Edgar Barcenas, Armando Cooper, Gabriel Torres, Jose Fajardo.