EURO 2020 futures: Coming to Russia or may not happen

EURO 2021 or more precisely EURO 2020 looks like it will be held in one country due to the Covid-19 crisis and Russia could be the host of the tournament, instead of taking place in 12 countries as originally planned.

EURO 2020

UEFA was forced to postpone EURO 2020 for up to 12 months because of Covid-19. Initially, they decided to postpone hosting the tournament until the summer of 2021 and kept the idea of ​​the 12 host nations. However, in a time of the coronavirus crisis showing no signs of abating or ending, UEFA is thinking of hosting the tournament in just one country. As Le Parisien said, UEFA is considering several options in case the idea of ​​12 countries with the same organization is eliminated.

Only Russia organized

It is worth mentioning that the preferred choice of UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is Russia. Nothing, Russia also volunteered to organize EURO from 11/6 to 11/7 according to plan.

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“We are always worried about the situation, but we are absolutely certain that EURO 2020 will be held. I have to say that we can hold EURO in 11, 5 or just one country instead of 12″ Mr. Ceferin said on Spanish TV channel is Vamos.

The reason UEFA took this into account was to avoid risks caused by Covid-19. In addition, it also allows them to remove the right to host from Azerbaijan, which has been banned from hosting UEFA matches, without causing much controversy.

Mr. Ceferin wants EURO 2020 to take place in Russia, but the trouble is that Russia on November 4 recorded 19,968 new Covid-19 infections, 389 people died and these are all the highest levels since the beginning of the pandemic. In total, Russia had more than 1.69 million people infected with Covid-19 and more than 29.2 thousand people died.

Will EURO 2020 be held in Russia next year?

After all, over the past months, the Covid-19 epidemic continues to be of great concern in most countries, leaving football fans starting to wonder if EURO 2020 will be postponed again. are not.

Or won’t it happen?

As planned, the planned fixtures should have taken place in June and July, however, after the coronavirus broke out into a global pandemic, UEFA was forced to postpone the tournament scheduled to be held in 12 cities. streets of 12 countries. At that time, this was a mandatory situation because world sports were all falling into similar circumstances. Saying nothing about football, fans of sports such as tennis, Formula 1 racing, golf … do not have a tournament to follow or bet on. And all of Europe and the world wondered if the sport of the future would come back as exciting and attractive again.

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On the UEFA side, Mr. Ceferin is still optimistic about the prospect of EURO 2020 taking place in 2021. Even, he not only believes that the tournament will definitely be held but also plans to bring fans back to the stadium after months they are not allowed to go to the stadium. “We will have an audience in the stadiums,” Ceferin said in an interview with AFP. “We still have time to consider this possibility. For now, we are keeping the format.

Needless to say, that is great news for the millions of people holding their breath in the hope that EURO 2020 will truly take place. Even foreign websites that rely on sports fans to place bets are breathed a little to learn that the future will certainly be brighter after Ceferin’s statements.

However, many fans are still wondering what will be like as the tournament takes place. Since some sporting events have been staged back, most major European football nations still have to let the matches go without spectators. So, while Ceferin insists he doesn’t enjoy the EURO 2021 happening behind closed doors, until now, France is the only country that allows people to enter the cheerleading stadium.

“I don’t even want to talk about having no audience, or a limited audience,” Ceferin said in August. “I want to stay optimistic, send a positive message and I personally truly believe we will have an audience. If that’s not possible, we’ll talk about it later. I believe everything will be normal before next year, long before that.

The words of the President of UEFA more or less bring comfort to the sports fans who are waiting for EURO 2020 like the previous EURO periods. However, many people wonder if Mr. Ceferin was too optimistic too soon. Especially when countries around the world, including France and Russia, started to see the second wave of corona virus infections.

No audience is better than not happeningSome experts have predicted that the second infection will be even worse than the first and this could be bad news for those who remain optimistic.And by last October, Ceferin’s position seemed to have changed a little. While he remains confident that the tournament will still take place in 2021, he has also changed his tone of the tournament format. It only takes place in the aforementioned country due to a new wave of Covid-19 infections across Europe.If not enough, Ceferin added, he feels it is too early to determine will take place without an audience or whether they will reduce the capacity of the stadiums.One thing is for sure, EURO 2020 will still be held. At this point, uncertainty lies in the details. After all, after months of complete blockade and the global cancellation of sporting events, we can all agree that, even if EURO 2020 takes place in closed stadiums, that that’s still much better than the tournament not going.

Who has qualified?

A number of teams are already secure  and secure after the qualifying group stage done, ready for the play-off winners to join them:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Wales

The rearranged fixtures tournament has been pushed back all to next summer.

Particularly, the provisional dates for the tournament are held from 11th June 2021 until 11th July 2021.

Euro 2020 play-off results

Path A

  • Bulgaria 1-3 Hungary
  • Iceland 2-1 Romania

Path B

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-1 Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland win on penalties)
  • Slovakia 0-0 Republic of Ireland (Slovakia win on penalties)

Path C

  • Norway 1-2 Serbia
  • Scotland 0-0 Israel (Scotland win on penalties)

Path D

  • Georgia 1-0 Belarus
  • North Macedonia 2-1 Kosovo

Euro 2020 play-off fixtures

Thursday 12th November

Path A

Hungary v Iceland  

Path B

Northern Ireland v Slovakia  

Path C

Serbia v Scotland  

Path D

Georgia v North Macedonia  

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