Experience Choosing The Best Online Bookie Today

Playing football betting now requires players to be a lot smarter because there are now a lot of online bookie appearing on the market. The prestigious bookie, high security, quick payout, good player support … are the top factors that make up a prestigious bookie that many people choose. So how do you know if the bookie you join is reputable? Join 188BET to learn the experiences of choosing a reputable online bookie.

The 188BET online bookie is a scam?

There is some information that the 188BET online bookie is a scam, right? To solve this problem, please follow the information that the article below provides offline!

You are seeking to sign up to play online betting at the 188BET bookie? However, you wonder before the question 188BET fraud, right? That’s because, on some online newspapers, the forum is now full of information about this scam. So is that true? Let’s follow the article below to help you troubleshoot this issue!

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Is 188BET a scam?
Is 188BET a scam?

The cause of the rumor

In some parts of the players, there is a problem when they can not withdraw the bet, so it is quite annoying and leaves unkind comments and analyses on this online bookie. That really greatly affects the brand and the reputation that the bookie is building.

But carefully reviewed, most of these players have signed up the wrong information, especially the information registered at first does not match the bank information so it is not clear that withdrawing money. This is a problem that when registering a member, this bookie has paid close attention, everything needs to be accurate so as not to affect the subsequent deposit and withdrawal.

Players need not feel hesitant to provide accurate personal information. 188BET is committed to the absolute security of your information. Follow the bookie’s recommendations to avoid making false statements about 188BET.

Besides, there is an opinion that 188BET offers promotions that are just PR tricks to attract customers. In fact, the promotion to attract players is a part, the rest of customers will receive the promotion policies for new and old members fully.

To receive the bonus for your first deposit, you need to make sure to use only 1 unique account for 1 IP address. And your personal account is logged in at different internet IPs, this operation will not be promoted not only at 188BET but at all other bookies.

Should bet at the 188BET online bookie?

No need to hesitate when participating in online betting at 188BET

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The starting point for betting favorably is betting at the prestigious bookie. There is much information about 188BET on online newspapers or football betting forums. You should definitely answer the 188BET scam question, then continue the fascinating journey to experience the bet.

Should betting at the Asian 188BET online bookie become more and more when posting information about this betting bookie. As for some of the reasons above, the information leading to the 188BET scam is subjective to the player’s subject. That tabloid news has a great influence on the prestigious and long-standing 188BET bookie in the world market.

Experience Choosing The Best Online Bookie Today

Experience choosing the best online bookie today

Based on where the business is registered

The legal business registration’s place is not only on legal files but also on a much more important part.

Therefore when participating in betting at the online bookie; you should give preference to bookies originating from legally registered places like in the Philippines; Isle of Man; Brother; Irish; Australia … like the bookie 188BET, W88 … these countries manage betting activities very clearly defined and strictly.

The bookie’s odds are available online

Odds have a direct effect on a player’s rate of winning or losing a bet. Therefore, when understanding the player should choose the bookie has a reasonable betting rate; avoid the bookies with abnormal odds; different from other reputable ones

Or select the bookmakers that have a minimum bet on the bookie table. For players with a low stake; Prestigious bookmakers offering low bets will help players maintain a very good budget.

Users security data 

Players can check whether the online bookie they intend to participate in has a high system of information security of player data; if there are problems, the online staff of the bookie will support immediately or not.

Speed ​​and mode of payment support

A prestigious and quality online bookie will always support customers well in the deposit process; withdraw money from a player’s account. Accordingly, players will not only be allowed to pay via many forms at many different banks, but the operation is also extremely simple and easy.

Customer care

The customer care team at the bookie will always work 24/24; have high professional qualifications to ensure the best customer support; Bring absolute satisfaction to customers.


The promotions and incentives are always brought by reputable bookmakers to customers; to ensure fairness for players to participate. Bonuses and promotions will be added to the account, and players can use to bet or draw whenever they want.

Experience Choosing The Best Online Bookie Today

188BET is one of the oldest bookies in the betting market

188BET is licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission, owned by Cube Limited. It owns a system of more than 150 bookies that follow the adjustment of changing odds for more than 3000 different games monthly, a team of customer service consultants anytime, anywhere. A scam bookie will never develop brand, transparency, reputation, guarantee the rights of players like 188BET at all.

With the information above, there is no reason why there is no answer to the 188BET bookie scam question. This online bookie deserves to be a long-standing reputable bookie in the betting market that you should join the trial experience.

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