Experience Playing Fish Hunter Easily You May Not Know

Fish hunter is an online entertainment game that has many different ways to shoot, below is a summary of some of the easiest to understand. You can learn to shoot proficient and win the highest number of coins.

Shoot fish in groups

When participating in a fish hunter game, you will see the fish appear in groups, sometimes alone. During the game, at some point, large fish swarms will gather.

Players should wait for them to appear and shoot in the middle of the fish, the probability of winning many will often be quite high. The more crowded the fish, the easier it will be to get bullets, helping you to earn more coins.

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However, you should also pay attention to the big fish swimming around when the fish appear. They keep hovering around the area where the fish swam across if you aim at it, the ability to not shoot but also slip small fish. Therefore, players must wait patiently for the moment to shoot the target.

Individual shooting skills

How to play single shot fish is very simple, you just need to use a few cents bullets and shoot at the swimming alone. The advantage of this bullet is that it does not need spread, kill fish well. Usually, when we shoot moderate fish we have to use 2 cent bullets and shoot them continuously until the fish dies, wasting bullets.

At the same time, you should also note when shooting 3 – 4 bullets that the individual fish does not die so stop, turn to another object. Because the fish swims far away, trying to kill it will only cost you but you will not be able to defeat it.

How to shoot sharks and big fish

This is a secret that is only suitable for those gamers who have accumulated a decent amount of bonuses, ranging from several thousand coins or more. To shoot big fish you have to invest 6-7 bullets, in return, you will receive 100-200 coins and other rewards.

Experience Playing Fish Hunter Easily You May Not Know

Trick to play tricks

Most players target big fishes in hopes of hitting to win many points. Meanwhile, ignore the small fish easy to shoot, easy to eat points. This is not a highly effective game, since the big fish being shot will not die, which means you will lose points fast.

Therefore, you should take advantage of the small angle machine gun equipped with the mode of firing dead fish bullets. The steps to play the mustache are as follows:

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+ First step: Players rotate the machine gun barrel around the fish table, then shoot each bullet and avoid firing multiple numbers of bullets at the same time.

+ Second step: You proceed to shoot leisurely but make sure each 1 bullet in one direction and only stick 1 fish. Particularly large fish, you use bullets to shoot 2-3 members. Players pay attention not to shoot bullets focusing on one location, but should shoot bullets fired at many different places.

Experience Playing Fish Hunter Easily You May Not Know

The rate of fire is slow but fast

Psychologically most players often shoot at large fish, so you do the opposite way is to take down the ones that only shoot. If the fish die you will win points alone and save the number of bullets. In case you choose to shoot big fish, you should shoot at increasing ammo level to slowly earn points.

Shoot the fish as soon as they are off the table

In the fish hunter game, fishes sometimes die when they get out of the main table due to the way the machine is fired. Therefore, the player should observe and calculate the time it just came out and shoot.

It’s best to calculate the probability of the fish appearing, then wait, load bullets at the corners of the table and proceed to shoot mustaches to overcome the task.


The above are the most basic and easy-to-win fish hunter experience, hopefully, will help new players learn many effective skills.

If you do not have an account, register now to improve your fish hunter skills. Surely you will experience the exciting gameplay and earn coins constantly.

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