Experiences To Win E-sports Betting And League of Legends Bets

E-sports betting as well as sports betting with a wide range of games and content. Through this article, we would like to share your betting experience to increase your chances of winning. These experiences draw from players who regularly follow and bet E-sports tournaments over the years.

Experiences To Win E-sports Betting And League of Legends Bets

In general, E-sports games have a lot in common, so if you apply the following experiences, you will easily have the right predictions for matches or rafters bet:

Experience increases the ability to win E-sports bets

1. Play the game until you understand the basics

Although a lot of football betting people don’t play and just watch the ball, it’s because football is a very simple game that is so popular with nearly 8 billion people on Earth. Even if you do not play, just watch a few games to understand immediately the basics of this game. The E-sports games are different, each game is a separate genre and has a lot of factors that make the appeal such as images, gameplay and competition rules.

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Popular E-sports titles that you should play through before betting
Popular E-sports titles that you should play through before betting

For example, with DotA 2 or League of Legends, to win, each faction of 5 generals must work together to destroy the main bookie of the enemy. As for CSGO, the two teams against each other and the side that wins the previous 16 rounds will win but must be at least 2 games apart.

Understanding the rules is also part of how you can follow the tournaments and is a prerequisite for making correct E-sports betting.

2. Regularly read the news and follow the matches and tournaments

Basically, E-sports tournaments are just a place to communicate and promote brands like football leagues. Therefore, media such as Facebook or news websites will report on the tournaments, including the analysis of the strength of the participating teams, the probability of winning and the classification of which teams are particles. like, which team is only a paved road and which team can be a black horse.

Gosugamers is a comprehensive E-sports news site with many great posts
Gosugamers is a comprehensive E-sports news site with many great posts

Although the analysis never accurately reflects the strength of the teams, it is generally what the teams are performing and you can win the bets thanks to the correct analysis. For example, the SKT T1 team has won the world championship three times and now they are on their way to conquering the fourth trophy and the press is highly appreciating their performance, so on each tournament they attend, you are more likely to win if you bet on SKT T1.

3. Learn about the bets

As the introductory article about E-sports betting, each game, the bookie offers a lot of bets and among them, there are many easy bets to eat up to 99%. For example, the game lasts more than 40 minutes, which means that this game is stressful, suppose that with two big teams, 80% of you win if the match bet lasts longer than 40 minutes.

Know the rafters bet and odds for a more accurate prediction
Know the rafters bet and odds for a more accurate prediction

Share League of Legends betting experience

E-sports betting is no stranger to E-sports becoming increasingly popular and becoming an indispensable spiritual dish for the community of players, especially League of Legends (LOL). The game currently has the most players and tournaments attracting tens of millions of viewers worldwide. In particular, the number of people involved in betting for the team is also very large. Today we would like to share a little bit of experience in League of Legends betting for you.

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Match time

Although it is not a very interesting content, the time bets are not too hard to guess, especially in the case of two teams with a difference in strength because of such matches. The match will end quickly. But you will be wrong if betting right away based on real strength but forgetting two other important factors: Meta and the play of the two teams.

Meta is a popular way used by teams including champions and tactics. For example, with some old meta pushing, the game will end quite quickly while with the current meta is the tendency to play damage-resistant champions and prolonged the game is longer than 35 minutes is a good choice. Based on our statistics in Group A alone in the second week of competition, many matches end before 35 minutes, and matches lasting more than 35 minutes are quite a few and often not much longer. If you believe in the level difference between the two teams, be brave to choose a shorter time. Of course, it depends on the ban/pick.

For Game 1 between Longzhu and Samsung, you should know that the two teams will only explore each other and this match will certainly last unless there is a big mistake. > 35 minutes is a good option for this bet.

Which team has 5 lives first

Experiences To Win E-sports Betting And League of Legends Bets

An interesting E-sports betting, but as mentioned, the more the level the two teams are different, the easier it is to predict. Because once your team plays well, it is difficult to get 5 lives, except for one important factor that is the play. Remember how Longzhu struggled before GAM or SKT was defeated by AHQ, which was completely playing. GAM or AHQ both have an aggressive play and use strong assassin champions, such as Westdoor’s Fizz and they can easily have 5 lives, although after that they can still lose the game.

Our suggestion is that you can take a look at the history of matches between Longzhu and Samsung, it is very difficult for Samsung to lead 5 lives before Longzhu because Longzhu’s gameplay is extremely sure, if they lose First Blood, the 4 lives later is quite difficult unless Samsung completely won this match.

The team that has First Blood – First victory

Experiences To Win E-sports Betting And League of Legends Bets

An extremely dangerous pick that we recommend not to set because it’s too unlucky, even though SKT at Worlds can still have First Blood. There are many factors that affect the first battle, although the level can still be different because it is estimated that in the first 10 minutes of the game, the teams in Worlds are equally qualified.

Game 1 Winner

For these rafters, the odds almost reflect all. You should also examine the confrontation history of the two teams if nothing special then tilt the odds lower so that the probability of winning that team is higher. Especially the Korean teams have a solid play and rarely happen.

Consider the Longzhu example of only 1.5 while Samsung came 2.6. That is, you bet 1 million, you only win 500,000 when you bet on Longzhu and win 1 million if you bet on Samsung and the results stand in your prediction.

The first match bet is also very dangerous because Samsung completely got a high win in the first match. Sometimes you should skip the first match and use it as the basis for the following bets for 2nd, 3, 4, 5 matches.

Championship team

Experiences To Win E-sports Betting And League of Legends Bets

Here is the team that won the whole series. This is the type of bet that you should focus on because contrary to other games, League of Legends catches up to 5 matches and the chance of overtaking occurs lower. For example, SKT is a strong team and in the match against KT, they lost before 2 matches but won backward 3 matches as originally predicted that SKT was stronger than KT.

With the LM5 series of League of Legends, betting on the better-rated team is a wise decision.

Over / Under certain matches

Because it is LM5, there will be at least 3 games and a maximum of 5 games, but the bookie will give a number of 4.5, meaning you only need to understand that you can play until the 5th game or not. This is a fairly easy raft that you should focus on research, easy to eat because it is often difficult to reach the number of 5 matches if the two teams are physically separated. Of course, the bookie will not let you win much, but probably win still better. As for Samsung and Longzhu rafters, we are convinced that the rafter is under a much more likely chance though Samsung will try hard.


Experiences To Win E-sports Betting And League of Legends Bets

Explain about this bet, which is based on the final score and give the handicap, as in the example of Longzhu -1.5 ie 1.5 match handicap. This means that if Longzhu wins at least 2 games, you will win this match. Including the score 3-0, 3-1. If 3-2, you lose and Samsung is the opposite.

Luckily, the bookie has an extra handicap of -2.5, which means that winning a gap of more than 2.5 games is only a 3-0 score, a very difficult bet if you bet for Longzhu but a place for Samsung it is extremely easy to win because even weak Samsung will not be able to lose 3-0 in a series of important matches like this.

Above are some advanced E-sports betting experience for your reference, our predictions are hypothetical, we do not encourage you to bet on us, make a responsible bet!

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