Explain Why Playing Betting On Football Always Lost? How To Win?

There are a lot of questions revolving around betting on football. For beginners or long-time players. Why the more you play the more you lose? Why have the experience of choosing the most prestigious football bookie, carefully selected but still lost; Why do some people reach the senior level but still lose when playing. Those are the questions surrounding football betting. We will answer it for you

Explain Why Playing Betting On Football Always Lost? How To Win?

Why losing to the bookie and losing continuously similarly

1. Lose because you want to win in every match

Losing because it always puts pressure to win in all battles, it loses the passion, wants to eliminate quickly and always settle in a fight. Always thinking: losing things Initially to eliminate, always want to eat, watch out to sell that house. Read the instructions: How to bet on football betting like a betting expert and try it!

2. Play too popular match a day

Too many fights at a time, so it’s easy to lose control and intelligence. It should be scheduled and stopped for a maximum of one day to control.

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3. Overconfidence and a sure fight and put all your money into it

This is a very dangerous thing to do, then win the fall back to 0. Winning does not count anything but supposes you lose money, where to fight Next. See the stake management section of this article for tips on betting on football.

4. Losing because of winning, the lucky string is cracking

No need to know how many accounts and then hit the bullet like that, that’s not good, it’s no longer confident, after all, the sound on the capital is not good.

5. Losing because of greed, want to get rich quickly by betting on football

However, you need to understand which industries have high-interest rates and high risks. 20% profit on financial balance is too ok then.

6. Lose because you consider yourself an expert

why journalists, trainers, and players are very good at professionalism but “guess many wrongs”. You need to identify games about betting, betting on football to bring the most accurate prediction.

7. Lose because you don’t have a plan or strategy to play from the beginning

A specific money strategy then confuses when you are at a disadvantage.

8. Lose because of the unlucky wire

This you must like and need to know when to stop and how long to stop playing.

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9. Win the odds is difficult, losing seems fragrant

They eat sophisticated, unpredictable odds, but pay debts to the ones that everyone seems to be sure to win. When the surprises of soccer widely, the player is more and more popular.

10. Every bet goes up forever but doesn’t know how to lower it will definitely lose (everyone loses this way):

In the early stages, the odds are not much different, the player likens to win easily and objectively. The loser starts the removal stage, is less risky and starts to get negative of a stage but because the money has started to show up.

Explain Why Playing Betting On Football Always Lost? How To Win?

Things to do when losing betting on football 

In online betting, there are always times when losing and winning. So don’t lose yourself. Betting on football is a kind of game of chance, so when losing the bet, you should best do the following jute.

Always keep yourself

When losing a thing to do when losing a bet, immediately stop betting on football, and do not linger and continue betting to remove the gauze capital with the purpose of avoiding further procession to the body and not losing too much money.

Even this can make you incontinent and cause many unexpected damages in your anger.

Don’t expect yourself to win back if you try that day. Remember that betting on football is largely based on luck, so when you’re unlucky, it’s hard to find your luck.

Also, see the loss of betting as well as your accident. At the same time, always comfort yourself with the phrase “The person who has changed”. Although the saying is old, it has a lot of meaning and a great effect on those who lose the bet!

Think more optimistic

If you lose a bet, think more optimistic, such as The next time I play I will try to calculate more carefully to win.

This is my own money to make so losing is nothing big, that money I have many ways to earn. So whenever I have money I will play or next time I will remove it….

Or you can confide in the same people who lose their bets. This will help you to see that you are not the only one who has lost while reducing the feeling of “Why only you are the one who is losing”.

Return home immediately after losing the bet

Instead of staying in that stressful place, leave the computer and go home, this will help you get a sense of relief.

When you get home, the first thing you need to do is turn on the hot water and soak for about 10 minutes to reduce your frustration. Even this can make you forget that you have just bet.

Or you can go out or go to the park to take a deep breath and relax. Then here you can think about the problem “Why did I lose”.

Explain Why Playing Betting On Football Always Lost? How To Win?

Think of other things

You should not think much about losing betting on football but think of other things such as: Have you done the bookie today, the assignments you have completed or tomorrow you should do? …

These thoughts will help you forget about losing a bet.

Talk to your friends

When losing a bet you need to find a way to eliminate, vent your sadness. For example, you can talk to someone, or you can invite your friends to drink or coffee. Doing this will help you feel more relaxed and excited.

When you return to betting with a pleasant mood, a comfortable mind, a good mood, your victory will be higher!

In addition, you can also search for prostitutes with the purpose of relieving your stress and confession.

Go to bed

Finally, the thing to do when losing a bet and is considered the easiest way to help you get rid of the sadness of losing that betting on football is going to sleep.

If you do not want to go out, talk, drink coffee with friends, deep sleep will be an extremely effective method to bring you comfort after losing bets.

When you sleep all the melancholy and sadness you suffer will disappear gradually without you even knowing it. Certainly, with this good night, you will be more alert the next day.

Casting experience after losing football betting

Losing is already lost, don’t make that stress for yourself – This is a saying that is always true in any situation, in any case. No matter how you curse it, it’s obvious that losing is obvious.

So after clearing your emotions and having a relaxed mind, you need to think and plan to fight for the next betting on football.

Concluding betting experience

You should withdraw your betting experience, think, calculate why you lost and in the next bet you should do? Confidence, calm and well prepared will always help you succeed.

Hopefully with what to do when losing betting on football will help you easily overcome and avoid the debt situation when betting.

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