F1 Racing Betting Suggestions

Many events take place in the form of motor racing including Moto GP and Speedway but by far the most popular, both from the audience’s perspective and the player’s point of view is undoubtedly F1 racing betting. Bet types and names may vary slightly from event to event but they are usually quite similar.

With Sky currently controlling the broadcast rights for Formula 1, the coverage is even better and the bettors are keen to bet so this is a very important lesson.

F1 Racing Betting Suggestions

Long-term betting

Champion racer

This is the bet type for the driver who will win the championship. This is a very popular bet before the season because the odds are often quite competitive and because the market stays open throughout the season, there’s always the opportunity to trade your bet at any time by eliminating all or some of your liability.

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The driver’s ability to play a big part in the outcome of this bet is obvious but the ability of the cars is also a huge consideration.

Championship team

Not quite as popular as a Championship Racer but still a very popular betting option, this is the bet for the team to win the championship. This F1 racing betting type requires the same consideration as the Championship driver except you are betting effectively on both racers on the same team. The result is usually similar to the Championship Team, but if a team has a very good driver and a poor-performing driver, it is very difficult to win the Championship Team. 

Search for teams that are expected to perform very well next season with the top two drivers at their disposal. This is another market that stays open throughout the season allowing for trading opportunities.

Bets qualify

Pole position

The whole reason to qualify is to decide the order of the starting grid and the type of wager for racers who reach the pole position is quite common. The order of the grid has a huge effect on the finishes in the race but keep in mind that the requirements to reach the pole position are different from those required to win a race. Achieving pole position is less about consistency in many races and more about a racer and the ability to drive cars to perform fast, one-off, short-laps. It will usually be the case that some cars are better in qualifying and some are better in the race.

Practice – Winners

In each practice session, you can bet on the winning racer. You should find the Practice Market name 1- Winning Driver, Practice 2 – Winning Drive … and it offers lots of bets for practice sessions.

F1 Racing Betting Suggestions

Betting race


The most popular bet for each Grand Prix is ​​the winner of the race. It is a very self-explanatory bet and the odds may change after qualifying when the order of the grid begins to be known to those near the preferred pole.

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Car brakes

This is the bet on the winner of the Grand Prix. This is really a combination bet between two drivers representing a team and a good bet when you absolutely love a team that wins a Grand Prix but can’t decide which one to race. Odds take into account that you are backing two drivers and if you have a slight preference for one of the racers, you may want to support both drivers but place a slightly bigger bet on the racer you support.

The podium is over

This is really a game that only bet on a racer you choose to finish in the first three positions. You don’t win anymore whether they win first or third, which is an important aspect of this bet and the odds are much lower than the winner market, so it’s best to use this market when you like a rider with a high price but don’t necessarily think he will win.


A bet type similar to the podium ends but this time you are betting the riders to finish in the allocation point, which means they have to finish in the top 10. Because there are many short-priced candidates in the market. This school, it’s not a market where too many bookmakers would want to raise prices and instead you can only see it available on the exchanges.

Fastest lap

Although not many riders will be too excited to have the fastest lap in a Grand Prix unless that contributes to helping them win the race, F1 racing betting players may be more excited if they support. A racer with the fastest lap. Not the most popular of betting, find your clues from qualifying.

Number of people completed

This F1 racing betting market does not require you to predict the number of people completed correctly, instead, the bookies give a number and your job is to decide whether it will end or below that number. Odds must be both sides of the debate because bookmakers are effectively choosing a spread game, which will be the number of finishers they think is most likely. Do not be confused by the fact that the number will be given as a half number (0.5), this is merely so that all results are likely to win the results.

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