Faroe Islands vs Israel Prediction | World Cup Qual. UEFA | 09/01

Faroe Islands vs Israel prediction: Faroe Islands welcomes Israel in the fourth round of Group F European qualifiers. Faroe with only 1 point is in a position with nothing to lose, the other side Israel has the opportunity to compete for second place in the group. Winning is a mandatory task for both teams, promising an exciting match.

Faroe Islands vs Israel Prediction


  • Match date: 06:45 p.m – 2021/09/01
  • Event: World Cup Qual. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd



Empty in the last 2 matches and only 1 point against Moldova, Faroe Islands must get 3 points at all costs if they do not want to stay out of the game soon. However, this task seems a bit far-fetched because the gap in qualifications compared to Israel is too large. Consecutive defeats 1-3 to Austria and 0-4 to Scotland are the clearest proof. The defense can be said to be bad, 8 matches could not keep a clean sheet, of which the first 3 matches received 8 goals. The ability to attack is improved, but this makes the Faroe Islands often fall into the chase for the score, their last 3/4 matches have 4 or more goals. It wouldn’t be surprising if the upcoming match ended up with the same scenario.

Faroe Islands vs Israel Prediction

Israel got 4 points after 3 matches, standing in 3rd place, 1 point behind Scotland. Ruttensteiner’s army has reached the play-off in the Euro 2021 qualifiers and is making steady steps. The game is rich in dedication but also very effective, especially the performance of the attack. In the last 4 matches, Israel scored 8 goals but also conceded 7 times, including 2 extremely impressive victories 3-1 against Montenegro and 4-1 against Moldova. Meeting the weakest Faroe Islands at the table at this time is a better opportunity to rise to second in the group, Israel will play attack right after the opening whistle.

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Select: Over 2.5 FT.


Israel has both won in the previous two meetings, including a 2-0 victory at Faroe’s field. The gap in strength is getting more and more stretched, Ruttensteiner’s teachers and students are able to compete while the Faroe Islands have not escaped the paved road in tournaments.

After 2 consecutive defeats, it can be said that the continental playing field is still too much for the Faroe Islands. More ominous is the number of 3 defeats and 6 official matches without winning, the performance is too bad. While Israel has just got 2 jubilant victories 4-1 against Moldova and 3-1 against Montenegro. The quality of the squad as well as the performance of Israel is really different. With the current balance of forces, a distinct victory for Israel is an undisputed choice.

Select: Israel FT.


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European odds highly appreciate Israel’s ability to win. After what the two teams have shown, putting faith in the Faroe Islands is a risky choice. 3 points that are difficult to escape from Israel with outstanding class and bravery.

Faroe Islands vs Israel Prediction

Select: Israel FT.

Faroe Islands vs Israel Prediction: Faroe Islands 1 – 3 Israel FT (0-1 H1).


Faroe Islands: Nielsen, Davidsen, Sorensen, Hendriksson, Nattestad, Vatnhamar, Andreasen, Vatnhamar, Edmundsson, Hansson, Olsen.

Israel: Martziano, Taha, Dasa, Peretz, Tibi, Arad, Natcho, Menahem, Zahavi, Solomon, Dabbur.

The above is information about the prediction in the 3rd match of World Cup Qual. UEFA between Faroe Islands vs Israel on 2021/09/01 of the CMD368 bookie.