FB88 promotion: Permanent and Always-Displayed Bonus up to $100

FB88 – Asia’s leading sports betting bookmaker with lots of attractive promotions. Always gives players the absolute satisfaction of the quality as well as the most comfortable relaxing moments. Today Fb88 promotions offer customers a unique and novel promotion. With only 2 cards of 8, you have the opportunity to receive prizes up to $100.

It’s up to every event and time, the bookmaker will launch special offers to provide the best experience for players. Here are the lists of top always-displayed FB88 promotions.

Bonus up to 2 million for new players

Like other bookmakers, just register an account and deposit money on the FB88 house, new players will receive 100% of the deposit value, up to 2 million.

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In order to attract players to join, the FB88 bookmaker is having a 100% bonus promotion program with members registering and sending money for the first time. Promotion value can be up to a $100 welcome bonus. Products receiving this promotion include Sports, Club A, Club B, Club 9 of Live Casino, Keno and iLotto. 

Fb88 promotions
Fb88 promotions

How to get rewards:

  • Players create an account at the FB88 dealer and then press login.
  • Deposit money into the house with a value of at least $10
  • The system will provide a promotion code within 36 hours. Only members who have completed the account verification request can receive promotions.

Conditions and rules to receive rewards for new players at the dealer FB88:

  • The maximum prize money in this Fb88 promotions is up to $100 for 1 player. Members can only receive unique promotions for each selected product.
  • Players must reach the required number of rounds and the stake required to withdraw money from the promotion. Sports, Club A, Club B, Club 9 of Live Casino, Keno and iLotto all require 25 rounds to withdraw money. The method of calculating this amount is as follows: If you deposit $10 into a sports account, you will receive an additional promotion of $10. To withdraw money, you must place a bet ($10+ 10) x 25 = $500.
  • Players after receiving the Fb88 promotions will not be able to “bet all hands” (bet all deposits and bonuses). The maximum amount in the first bet must be less than or maximum is equal to the original deposit.
  • The bonus will be forfeited if, after 30 days, the player’s account does not have at least 1 bet.
  • Players only get 1 Fb88 promotion only.

150% welcome bonus at the jackpot

Slots redemption or also known as Slots game is one of the hottest products and games at the Fb88 promotions. Besides the rewards when winning, players also have the opportunity to explode with prizes up to hundreds of $.

In addition, the very attractive Fb88 promotions for new players are always welcome by the members. Sign up for an FB88 account today and receive 150% welcome bonus when taking bets at Club Koi, K Slots, PG Slots! Promotional bonus up to $100.

Terms and conditions of the promotion

  • All bets canceled and void will not be taken into the rollover.
  • All bets (wager on the deposit amount and the Bonus) on the first bet will be invalid. The maximum stake for the first bet after receiving the Promotion must be lower than or equal to the original deposit amount. The violating accounts will be confiscated all bonus money as well as other winnings.
  • Within 30 days if all deposits and bonuses do not go through at least one (1) round, all bonus amount will be forfeited.
  • If a member conducts a withdrawal before completing the required number of bets or requesting a cancellation of the promotion before completing the required number of rounds, all bonus and winnings will be forfeited.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions.
  • All Member Rebate programs will be credited after completing the required wagers of bonus promotion for new members.
  • FB88 reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.
  • The general provisions on promotions and conditions of use of FB88 will apply.

Get 38% for the first time transfer

This Fb88 promotion is becoming more optimal with current players. Because it only requires a round of betting is 15. That means if you deposit 100 thousand, will be rewarded 38 thousand with a total of 138 thousand. Then you just need to bet 15 rounds 138 thousand or more will be withdrawn.

In general, the incentive program for new players is really attractive. But it is too demanding on the betting round, difficult to withdraw money. You should pay attention to this when participating in online entertainment at the house. Because sometimes it is the main reason that makes it difficult to withdraw money.

30% bonus for the third deposit

This promotion is only for players who made 3 deposits before not receiving bonuses and promotions. For the 3rd time, you will enjoy 30% bonus up to a maximum of $50.

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For example, when you deposit 1 million, the bonus will be 300 thousand, your total will be 1.3 million. The number of rounds is also quite low, only 12 rounds. Pay attention to this when you go to home entertainment!

Seasonal promotions

Other seasonal offers will vary depending on the events, like Xmas, New Years, 8/3, etc. The value of these offers is not small, players need to follow up on the events at Fb88 promotions.


FB88 now can be considered as one of the top options when it comes to betting online bookie. Sign up for an FB88 account today to participate in Fb88 promotions with lots of other exciting games. During the course of playing, if you have any questions please contact customer care for assistance. Good luck and have a relaxing time with FB88.

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