FB88 was Arrested? Is playing at FB88 Safe & Legal?

Recently, there have been some rumors that FB88 was arrested. So what does it mean in this story? Is it being arrested or just bullshit rumors?

FB88 was arrested” as soon as this news spread across the tabloid newspapers, millions of people playing at the site blushed in fear of FB88’s collapse.

In parallel with those who are scared, there are many people who still log in to play normally, and counter that: it is just “duck news”.

Real damage like, let’s find out to clarify with Top10betting!

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Who is FB88?

FB88 was Arrested? Is playing at FB88 Safe & Legal?

FB88 is a betting site that organizes online betting games. Here players can bet on sports, casinos and more.

FB88 is the largest betting site in Europe, with seniority in decades. In the online betting market, it is famous for its fairness, transparency and many attractive prizes for players.

Has FB88 arrested the truth?

In fact, not only FB88 is caught in rumors. This is entirely understandable when the majority of gambling forms are illegal in Vietnam.

Information FB88, FB88asia … were arrested due to the following reasons:

  • Competitors can spread rumors on the Internet that FB88 was arrested to compete and win customers
  • Some players who use cheat methods are dealt with account lockout by FB88, so they spread the news that FB88 was arrested
  • Some players encounter errors when withdrawing money (for example, entering wrong account information), the error cannot access the website, the transfer of money to the account is delayed and they think, they launch the news that FB88 is fraudulent or arrested.

Is FB88 really captured?

In fact, FB88 is a betting website owned by YRB Cooperation, licensed by PAGCOR (government of the Philippines). Meaning they operate completely legally according to the laws of the Philippines.

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Therefore, the information FB88 was arrested was completely untrue, it is a trick game, “cheap” of a few small websites. They want to use this news to draw attention to people.

They had never been arrested, FB88 was arrested is impossible, or had any problems with the authorities of the host country.

And whether the player violates or is not caught depends on the country and the specific situation. Because FB88 players come from all over the world. In most cases, the player will not be arrested, but mostly the person who receives money from the player to organize a bet (for FB88, there has never been a betting / participating organizer) catch).

Back to the issue of FB88 was arrested, this betting site, in fact, was not arrested because they operate under the license of the Philippine government, and operate online. So our state or any other state has no right to arrest them.

The evidence is that FB88’s account support and player support are ongoing 24/7, there has been no case of interruption.

Is FB88 safe?

Safety or not first of all to clarify safety at any angle. Here we consider 2 angles that are legally safe and money safe in the account.

In terms of safety or not with the law, the bookie is the same. Safe or not is up to the player. If you only have pure banking transactions with the bookie, then you probably won’t have any problems. But you get money from hundreds, thousands of people and then play games, cards, bet with that money, then that’s another story.

In terms of safety with the amount of money you put into it, betting the games there can be said to be absolutely safe. Because the bookie operates on the basis of the law of the Philippines and they must comply with the regulations given to players. No matter that you have successfully deposited the banker, or made any excuse without letting you withdraw money (unless you violated, cheated, cheated – violated the rules of the site’s Rules of Participation )

Should we play at FB88?

One of the most prestigious and worth playing sites

In terms of reputation and confidentiality of player information, FB88 is one of the best bookmakers doing today. Therefore, there has never been any arrest involving this betting site. Meanwhile, there were betting organizers at W88, K8, Vwin arrested (but the site still operates normally).

It can be said that this is one of the most prestigious and worth playing bookies today.

In addition to the beautiful interface, tailor-made applications that are suitable for both computers and mobile phones, the reward here is higher than many other big bookies.

Guaranteed to be safe

Transactions at FB88 are also guaranteed to be safe, at the same time, fast, serving advice, answering thoughtful and meticulous questions.

The online gaming system in all areas: betting, casino sports are regularly updated with new features; play a lot without getting bored.

In case you lose, the dealer will also assist you to “refund the loss” on the day – the week – in the month.

The cashback level is clearly stated in the news sections.

The name of FB88 is not only famous in the online gaming world but also known by football fans and racing fans. The reason is also very simple, they used to be a special sponsor for some big football clubs.

In the near future

It is known that in the near future, this betting site will continue to sponsor many football tournaments and formula racing.

So, the answer is to join betting at FB88, but remember they are one of the prestigious bookies, there are many other good bookies you can choose.


So, the FB88 was arrested content of this article we have answered in great detail about the rumor of this betting site was arrested.

FB88 was arrested rumor to lower the reputation of the FB88 dealer, currently, the FB88 is still operating normally and is implementing a lot of attractive promotions 2020 for members. It is one of the worth-playing bookies at the moment. 

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