FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn Prediction – Veikkausliiga – 07/16

FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn prediction on July 16, 2021. FC Lahti just defeated SJK Seinajoki with a score of 2-1 in the previous round. In the last 6 rounds in the Finnish league, the home team is still unbeaten with 3 wins.

FC Lahti Overview

FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn Prediction

FC Lahti has played quite successfully so far in the tournament when they are ranked 4th on the rankings with 21 points also after 11 rounds. Currently, FC Lahti is being followed closely by the two teams right behind when the distance is only 4 points. With the goal of winning a position in the top after phase 1 ends, the host needs to maintain focus at this time. The next match with home advantage they will do their best to get all 3 points to maintain their 4th place.

IFK Mariehamn Overview

IFK Mariehamn is a weak team, so it is not surprising that the results they have obtained now, through 11 rounds, they only got themselves 3 wins, 1 draw, and 7 losses. Only getting themselves 10 points makes them only 9th place on the rankings at the moment. 

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The away team is 7 points behind in the top 6, so it is difficult for them to equalize this gap. Moreover, they have not played too well, causing them many difficulties. The next match they must continue to play away from home. It is difficult for IFK Mariehamn to get good results.


Past Encounters

FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn prediction

IFK Mariehamn has just divided the score without a goal at home against HIFK. In the past 6 matches in the Finnish league, the away team had to receive 4 defeats. Their form is downright poor. 

IFK Mariehamn after 11 rounds to get 3 wins from the beginning of the season but lost 7 matches. They only have 10 points, in the bottom group of the table in 9th place. In the context of the current disappointing play, IFK Mariehamn is expected to lose the match with a score difference on the field of FC Lahti.

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FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn Prediction

  • Choose FC Lahti – 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose FC Lahti – 0.75 (FT)

European Bet

FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn Prediction

The last 10 encounters in the head-to-head history between 2 clubs: FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn: FC Lahti is slightly better with 5 wins and 3 draws, IFK Mariehamn only won 2. It can be confirmed that the strength of the home team home is still marginally better than the away team. Especially at a time when FC Lahti is having the advantage of home field and high form.

Choose FC Lahti (FT)

Over/Under Bet – FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn prediction

In the past 3 matches when FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn, all 3 net matches had at least 3 goals or more. FC Lahti is a strong team in the leading group, possessing an excellent attack. Meanwhile, IFK Mariehamn is also a club that always enters the game with an open position.

FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn Prediction:

  • Choose Over 1 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2.5 (FT)


FC Lahti: Dimitry Imbongo Boele, Mikko Kuningas, Kari Arkivuo, Jasin-Amin Sahnoun, Jean-Christophe Coubronne, Henri Eninful, Vahid Hambo, Timi Tapio Lahti, Peter Rakovsky, Valdrin Rashica, Mikko Viikko.

IFK Mariehamn: Niilo Mäenpää, Oskari Forsman Albion Ademi, Gustaf Backaliden, Tarik Hamza, Joel Karlström, Aapo Mäenpää, Mikko Sumusalo, Kalle Taimi, Maximo Tolonen, Ivan Yagan.