FC Lahti vs SJK Prediction – Veikkausliiga – 07/04

FC Lahti vs SJK prediction on July 04, 2021. With only 2 points apart and fierce competition for a place in the top 3, both FC Lahti and SJK will certainly be very cautious in this confrontation. This promises to be a tug-of-war and very tense when just one loss can make them fall behind.

FC Lahti Overview

FC Lahti vs SJK Prediction

FC Lahti in previous seasons has always been considered a weak team and mainly their position is in the bottom group of the rankings. But in this season they have been invested quite a lot and this has helped them to play well. After 9 rounds, they got 4 wins, 3 draws, and only 2 losses. 

Won 15 points and temporarily ranked 5th on the leaderboard. The position is quite good when they are only 7 points behind the top 3 but played 2 matches less. Recently, they still maintain their good performance, so in the next match, the home team will be determined to be able to aim for the next victory.

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SJK Overview

SJK Seinajoki is also an underrated team, but they are causing quite a few surprises right now. Currently ranked 4th and widening the finish line in the top half of the rankings. If they can complete this task, they will not need to worry about phase 2. After 10 matches, they have brought 5 wins, 2 draws, and 3 losses. 

Getting 17 points and maintaining a 3-point gap with the teams behind helps them get a safe position. The next match will be difficult for the host when the opponent is quite strong and profitable in terms of the yard, so it is difficult for the away team to get good results.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

FC Lahti vs SJK Prediction

Asian Bet – FC Lahti vs SJK prediction

2 victories over the weak team, Mariehamn, do not mean too much when SJK always plays unstable when having to meet the top teams. In the last 5 rounds, coach Jani Honkavaara’s men lost to both Inter Turku and Kupus without scoring any goals. 

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The home team of OmaSP Stadion is also currently the club with the fewest goals scored in the top 6 with 10 goals from the beginning of the tournament. If you continue to play deadlocked like in recent rounds, 1 point is also a difficult task for SJK in this trip.

FC Lahti vs SJK Prediction

  • Choose FC Lahti (HT)
  • Choose FC Lahti (FT)

European Bet

FC Lahti vs SJK Prediction

Confrontation history is also in favor of the home team when Lahti is unbeaten in the last 7 encounters with SJK with 3 wins and 4 draws. Do not forget that Lahti has a very good young striker Assehnoun, this player is very charming to score against SJK. FC Lahti is converging enough elements to win SJK.

Choose FC Lahti (FT)

Over/Under Bet – FC Lahti vs SJK prediction

There is a relatively equal strength, so the confrontations between the two clubs in history have not had many victories. Specifically, in the last 10 times, the two teams have met, only 1 match has more than 2 goals scored, the rest is almost the result with the minimum score. 

Given the importance of this match, both FC Lahti and SJK will certainly enter the game cautiously. 3 matches near Lahti have only 2 goals while SJK has lost 2/5 recent rounds. The attack of both teams is not overrated this season when they have not surpassed 15.

FC Lahti vs SJK Prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.75(HT)
  • Choose Under 2.25 (FT)


Lahti: Klinga, Eninful, Reguero, Coubronne, Lahti, Viitikko, Arkivuo, Virta, Sejdiu, Kandji, Assehnoun.

SJK Seinajoki : Laine, Hannola, Ost, Arciero, Boxall, Tikkanen, Valencia, Murilo, Backaliden, Ngueukam, Oliynyk.