FC Lori Vs Shirak FC Prediction On June 8th, 2020

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The confrontation between Lori Vanadzor and Shirak is like a 6-point match. The winning team still has the opportunity to continue the championship race, the losing team is considered to say goodbye to the prestigious silver trophy. With home advantage plus stable performance over the past time, Lori Vanadzor confidently makes Shirak taste the failure.

FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction

FC Lori Vs Shirak FC Prediction

Last season no one would have believed that Lori Vanadzor could make it into the top 5 of the rankings as a rookie. Following that success, Armen Sanamyan’s army this season also attended the Championship Round and had a chance to win the league.

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With 34 points obtained at the moment, the white shirt team is 4 points behind Ararat’s lead, but the ability to break out is still because the season is still many matches. Lori Vanadzor’s past performance is relatively stable as they only lost 2 of the last 10 matches. With a flexible playstyle, plus the enthusiasm in the style of play, Jonel Désiré and his teammates are making every opponent discouraged whenever they meet them.

For FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction, experts say that in the upcoming match, victory is something within the reach of Armen Sanamyan teachers and students when they return to the holy place of Vanadzor Football Academy to confront Shirak.

Currently, Shirak is ranked right behind the home team on the table with 2 points worse.

The form of Shirak’s past time is also inferior to Lori Vanadzor when they only won 1 in the last 3 matches. What is most noticeable at the moment is that the orange team is performing a very faint football. The coordination phase is inaccurate as well as the morale of the players is not high.

FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction, Asian bet

The battle for the championship at the Armenian league is very complicated. The teams are constantly close to each other with a distance that is not too much different.

Lori Vanadzor is the name facing that fight, after 20 rounds, they earned 34 points to get the 4th position in the rankings. To get the above ranking, Mr. Sanamyan’s teachers and students have maintained an extremely stable performance since the beginning of the season.

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As shown in the FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction statistics in the last 6 matches, Lori Vanadzor has only received 1 defeat. Left, they get 2 wins, 3 draw results. The most impressive of which is Sanamyan teachers and students defeated Yerevan with an 8-0 score.

As for Shirak, they ranked directly below Lori Vanadzor with only 2 points worse. But, this team’s performance has a big problem. Their opponents have not been appreciated in the past, such as Gandzasar. But eventually, in the last 6 rounds, Bichakhchyan’s teachers and students only gained 7 points.

The next point worth mentioning is that those bad numbers are mostly shown when Shirak plays away. Lori Vanadzor’s upcoming trip probably also has not much difference.

What Lori Vanadzor has in hand is proving superior to Shirak. As the FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction, they are completely strong enough to beat the away team in the next match.

Choose Lori Vanadzor

FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction, European bet

FC Lori Vs Shirak FC Prediction

On the other side, the away team has also drawn a draw. In front of the top of Ararat Armenia, the score is 1. That’s why Shirak is full of confidence and determination. 1 point in the next match. However, the statistics of the confrontations of the two teams in the past are. Shirak has no advantage. Because of that, they should be more cautious in this match.

The house makes an FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction that the European bet draws the whole match 4.05 matches. In which, the home team gets a bet of 4.9 for the whole match. The away team gets a bet of 1.43 for the whole match.

Predict the ratio of Lori Vanadzor vs Shirak: 1-0

FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction, O/U bet

FC Lori Vs Shirak FC Prediction

The latest matches of the two teams due to the FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction is played out with a pretty sure posture. They all understand that even a little stumble will lose points to the opponent. Therefore, the achievement of the two teams is only 29 and 26 goals after 20 matches. Under is chosen confidently by the experts in this match.

The dealer assigns the Over/Under bet of the whole match 2.5 / 3 balls. In which, bets on Over in the whole match is 0.70. Under bets, both matches stand at 0.90.

Choose Under

H2H record of FC Lori vs Shirak FC

FC Lori vs Shirak FC prediction:


Lori Vanadzor’s latest matches

05/30/20Lori2-2FC NoahDraw
03/08/20Ararat Yerevan0-0LoriDraw


Shirak’s latest matches

05/30/20FC Avan Academy1-1ShirakDraw
05/23/20Shirak1-2Lori VanadzorLose
05/16/20Shirak2-1FK VanWin
05/09/20Shirak3-0FC Torpedo YerevanWin
07/03/20FC Avan Academy1-0ShirakLose

Armenia league table

2Ararat Y1995525:18732
3Lori Vanadzor1895427:19832
4FC Noah1994625:19631
10FC Yerevan18001811:62-510

While we’ve made these FC Lori vs Shirak FC predictions for this match preview with the quality of intention. Always gamble responsibly, and with what you may afford to lose.