FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock Prediction – 2. Bundesliga – 09/17

FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock prediction on September 17, 2021. Currently only ranked 6th, but Nurnberg is the only team to keep an unbeaten record after 6 rounds. Only having to receive 1 Hansa Rostock who is extremely unstable. This is an opportunity for Nurnberg to get 3 points and improve his position.

FC Nurnberg Overview

FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock Prediction

FC Nurnberg is a highly-rated team in the German 2nd division. They are considered one of the strong candidates for promotion this season. After the first 6 matches, this team is still unbeaten with 2 wins and 4 draws. 

The draw too much made them unable to get a position in the leading group. In the upcoming match with home advantage with an underrated opponent, Hansa Rostock. FC Nurnberg will aim to win for himself in the next match.

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Hansa Rostock Overview

Hansa Rostock is just a rookie in this season, just promoted, so the result won at this time is considered a success for the away team. Through 6 matches they won 2 wins, 1 draw, and lost 3 matches. 

Get themselves 7 points and stand in 13th place on the rankings at the moment. The away team has not been in good form in recent times. The upcoming match must march to the field of FC Nurnberg much stronger. So the chance of winning points in the next match of the away team is not much.


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FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock Prediction

Asian Bet – FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock prediction

Ranked 2nd in the German 3rd division, Hansa Rostock is one of the rookies in this year’s second division. Therefore, it is not surprising that the away team encountered many difficulties in the early stages. The quality of the squad was underestimated compared to other teams. 

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Having lost 3 matches after the first 6 rounds, coach Jens Härtel’s men are also one of the teams with the worst defense in the tournament with 11 goals conceded. Since 2003, Rostock has only had 3 times as a guest on Nurnberg’s field, only got 1 draw, and lost 7 goals in the remaining 2 matches.

FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock Prediction

  • Choose FC Nurnberg – 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose FC Nurnberg – 0.5 (FT)

European Bet

FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock Prediction

Since October 2004, Nurnberg has been unbeaten against Rostock, including 4 wins and 3 draws. Playing at home and in front of a newly promoted team, it’s hard for Nurnberg to pass up this winning opportunity to improve their position in the rankings.

Choose FC Nurnberg (FT)

Over/Under Bet – FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock prediction

In 3/4 of the last encounters between the two teams, the net was shaken no more than 2 times. In which, Hana Rostock has had up to 3 times in 5 times as a guest on Nurnberg’s field and only scored 2 goals. It will not be surprising if Rostock will play to death in this match in the hope of bringing home 1 point away. Therefore, this match is difficult to have many goals to be scored.

FC Nurnberg vs Hansa Rostock Prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.5 (FT)


FC Nurnberg: Mathenia, Daehli, Nurnberger, Valentini, Schindler, Sorensen, Handwerker, Geis, Krauss, Borkowski, Schaffer.

Hansa Rostock: Kolke, Baxter Bahn, Riedel, Roßbach, Neidhart, Malone, Rother, Rhein, Munsy, Mamba, Schumacher.