FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia vs Slavia Sofia Prediction – June 8, 2020

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Two teams’ current performance

It was soon arranged with both FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia and Slavia Sofia this season when their current position will be difficult to change after the 25th round. While FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia is in the lower half of the standings and is mentally prepared for the avoidance of relegation. Slavia Sofia was perfectly comfortable on top to play in the championship round when the season in Bulgaria ended. Meeting this week will only mean procedural because winning or losing is not so important to both clubs. 

FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia vs Slavia Sofia Prediction

Perhaps FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia has the advantage of the home field, but they have been relatively unstable in recent times. And Slavia Sofia did not seem to accept surrender when she won in 4 consecutive rounds recently. The level of both sides is relatively different in favor of the guests. Not to mention the previous meeting, Slavia Sofia also did not struggle so hard to defeat FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia. Therefore, this scenario can completely be repeated in the next match in round 25 of the Bulgarian league.

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Asian bookmaker – handicap odds of FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia vs Slavia Sof prediction

The battle for the Bulgarian league is coming to an end. The teams have shown significant progress to soon achieve their goals this season.

However, Tsarsko Selo did the opposite. They lost their breath a lot in the relegation battle. Until now, after 24 rounds, Mr. Penev’s teachers and students have just earned 22 points and ranked 11th in the rankings.

Contrary to that unconvincing face of Tsarsko Selo is the impressive performance chain from Slavia Sofia. As a result, this team is currently ranked in the top group in the league table with 42 points gained after 24 rounds.

The attack is Slavia Sofia’s point proved to be superior to rivals. On average, each match they scored from 2 goals, the difference of the goal of this team is also relatively good with +8.

The aforementioned parameters of the two teams have shown a clear division of class and performance between Slavia Sofia and Tsarsko Selo. The investors were sure to pick their own winning team in this match, and that was none other than Slavia Sofia.

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FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia vs Slavia Sofia Prediction

Over/Under odds of FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia vs Slavia Sof prediction

The confrontation between Tsarsko Selo and Slavia Sofia does not have the necessary appeal. The number of goals scored by two teams is regularly under 2 goals in each match.

Therefore, it is not possible to expect the talent to explode in the next match.

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The recent performance of Tsarsko Selo vs Slavia Sofia

  • Slavia Sofia has won all 5 matches
  • Tsarsko Selo drew and lost in the last 4 matches

FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia vs Slavia Sofia Prediction squad:

  • FC Tsarsko Selo Sofia: Johny Placide,  Ivaylo Markov, Everton Macedo Dias, Gustavo Rosa, Ivaylo Ivanov, Wesley Natã, Edin Bahtic, Dylan Bahamboula, Georgi Minchev, Iliya Dzhamov, Anton Karachanakov
  • Slavia Sofia: Antonis Stergiakis, Ertan Tombak, Vasil Dobrev, Andrea Hristov, Hristo Popadiyn, Filip Krastev, Georgi Yomov, Galin Ivanov, Kaloyan Krastev, Milen Gamakov, Tsvetelin Chunchukov