Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction | 2020/11/04 | C1 Cup

Entering the match in the next round 3, Juventus is determined to have 3 points against Ferencvaros. Let’s refer to our Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday 4th November 2020.

Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction


  • Match date: 8:00pm on Wednesday 4th November 2020
  • Event: UEFA Champions League
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd
  • Location: Groupama Arena


Match Facts:  Ferencvaros vs Juventus  

Juventus will be a guest in Hungary in the third match of the Champions League. Entering the match in the next third round, Juventus is determined to have 3 points to forget the defeat against Barcelona. Ranked No. 2 at the moment is the result Lao Ba doesn’t want. Entering the next match, Ferencvaros will be playing at home. Welcoming Juventus will be a big challenge for Ferencvaros.

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Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction

Last Matches

In the current Group G Champions League , Ferencvaros is the worst team at the moment. As expected, the Hungarian team is still too weak. Currently, Ferencvaros has only 1 point after the draw with Dynamo Kiev.

In the next match, this team will certainly be very difficult to score. Although at home, their opponent is a Serie A champion.

Meanwhile, Juventus is still showing its superiority at the moment. Currently, the Italian team is ranked 2nd in the rankings. Although only 3 points, but Juventus can completely improve this achievement.

The match Ferencvaros vs Juventus on 05/11/2020 is an opportunity for Juventus to have another victory. C1 football matchup would like to send to the readers the following post Ferencvaros vs Juventus.

Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction recommendation:

Asian Handicap Prediction | Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction:

Asian Handicap Odds: 1.5/2

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Considering the last 5 home matches, the performance of Ferencvaros is still relatively high. The total number of victories this team holds is 3. With the remaining 2 matches, Ferencvaros has 2 more draws and does not lose. So the corresponding win rate is 60%.

In the opposite direction, Juventus is not stable with the last 5 away matches. Total number of victories Juventus earns for themselves is 1, accounting for up to 20%. Remarkably, in the remaining 3 games, they have 2 more draws and 2 losses.

Considering the latest home game, Dynamo is the opponent that Ferencvaros has faced. The home team had a 2-2 draw. Meanwhile Juventus beat Dynamo 2-0 when coming as a guest of this team.

The TOP10BETTINGLIST Asian bookie sets the odds for the match between the two teams Ferencvaros vs Juventus as 0: 1 3/4. Juventus is determined to be the team that is on the upper side, handicapping 1.75 goals. If the player places money for Juventus, they will win the match when this team has a 2-goal win.

The best Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction: Pick Juventus –

Over/ Under Prediction

Looking at the last 5 home matches of Ferencvaros, the attackers are still maintaining stability. The total number of goals this team earns for themselves is 11. The corresponding scoring performance is 2.2 goals / game. In addition, the defense plays for sure with only 2 goals lost.

Looking at the last 5 away matches Juventus has played, the attackers maintain their efficiency. The number of goals Juventus earns for himself is 6. The corresponding scoring performance is 1.2 goals / game. Meanwhile, the defense is not stable when conceding 7 times.

Considering the 2.75 odds CMD368 offered, the matches held at Ferencvaros’ home field often won at Tai. The number of games with money accounts for 60%. In contrast, OVER won 20% when Juventus was a guest.

Players who bet on the Handicap will win when two teams score a total of 3 or more.

Therefore, the TOP10BETTINGLIST expert believes that OVER will be the optimal choice for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Wise choice Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction: OVER 2.75

Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction

TOP10BETTINGLIST Predicts the match score for Ferencvaros vs Juventus

  • Ferencvaros 0 -1 Juventus (H1)
  • Ferencvaros 1-3 Juventus (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting: 

  • Odds: 13.0/1.20/6.5
  • Ideal Choice: Ferencvaros vs Juventus Prediction: Pick Juventus to win (Full Time)

Ferencvaros vs Juventus have not encountered each other once in the history of the two teams. The next match Ferencvaros is played at home to welcome the opponent. However, this advantage does not help Ferencvaros be appreciated. Juventus is the team that is expected to have 3 points to leave.

The CMD368 bookmaker sets the European odds for the match between Ferencvaros and Juventus at 13.0/1.20/6.5. The results of Ferencvaros’ winning and losing draw will correspond to the above 3 odds. Experts rate the winning rate of the two teams respectively 15% – 50%.

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