Find out which type of football betting handicap offer the highest win rates

Football betting is a form that many people choose today. However, not everyone knows how to gamble and win a bet. Accordingly, players should consider, analyze the football handicap betting and apply the appropriate tactics to bring the most valuable victory.

So how to choose the easiest football handicap betting to win? Let JBO VN find out the answer in the article below.

Find out which type of football betting handicap offer the highest win rates


Before we can learn how to look at the house edge, we need to recognize the symbols in the football handicap betting odds table. The odds table provides complete match information such as time, away team and away odds for players:

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• The team named above is the host, below is the away team.

• When two football teams are playing on neutral ground, there is an extra letter (N).

• The team whose name is highlighted in red is more likely to be assessed by the dealer, the other team is weaker. If two teams have the same black color, it is equal.

• Dealers offer different types of rafters for the 1st and Full-time matches: Full-time and 1st-half columns are similar in terms of markets: Handicap, Over / Under (O / U) and 1 × 2.

There are 3 forms of football trending popular and most commonly used today:

  1. Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap: characterized by the handicap of the upper team for the lower door. The two numbers next to the handicap is the stake.
  1. Over Under – Over / Under (O / U): Typically the total number of goals scored by the two teams. Like the Asian handicap, the two numbers next to it are the odds of betting.
  1. European Handicap – Odds 1X2: Player bets on the outcome of the game: Win – Lose – Draw (for the home team) corresponding to 3 payouts respectively from top to bottom.

2. Is it possible to follow a favorite a football Handicap betting type?

For many people who have never gambled or new players have said that “betting betting” is the first-word people were looking for to participate in betting on the internet, but in fact they Search for such words have any benefit or experience to analyze a  football handicap betting then everyone said that it is useless after a long time they searched to actually discover. The information is plentiful online, but finding the exact information they need to actually find the keywords they think or not is important.

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With inaccurate search information makes players struggle for a lot of time, plus it is an unknown player, so often overlooking the reasonable selection of the contract also leads to loss of revenue from the immediate sight.

The real thing a player needs is a prediction of the future but the predicted outcome is estimated at 80% and maybe even more if we choose the rafter. So if you want to know the outcome in advance, what should you do?

With so many bookmakers based on calculating the data they have summed up and they often give themselves 2-3 football handicap betting results that always make a profit for them that normal players rarely recognize and almost everyone is the same. For example, in a match, the winning or losing results happen, the house is still profitable for me. Thus, for players to always win, they must choose a reasonable way to save money, increase profits for themselves.

3. What is the ideal football betting handicap?

In real games, whether or not a player is profitable depends on a point that the house always catches, determines the match with a fixed result. With every match we participate in a trend that accounts for only 20%, the remaining 80% is for results that the bookies cannot determine. But ultimately, even though the house does not directly capture it, it always ensures revenue for the company based on the profit.

Many experienced experts show that handicap 0.5 – 1 left, 1 left – 1 left 5 has more odds than other markets such as 0 – 0.5 left or 1.5 left or more. Why is it like that? Many people say that the handicap of 0-0.5 is usually lower than the handicap of 0.5 – 1.5, the same as the bigger than 1.5.

The simple reason is that if the handicap is too low, these teams can be nearly equal in quality to the team, so the team is considered a lower door but really not the bottom can still win easily. With a handicap of 1.5 or more, many people think that this is the king’s sport everything can happen but the odds of 2 or more left are very rare because if the team is assessed weaker but If you kill in front of the goal, it is difficult for even superheroes to break the thick wall, otherwise the strong team will apply aggressive tactics whenever possible, until the score is scored and just want to preserve force for the following matches.

Find out which type of football betting handicap offer the highest win rates

It can be seen that the handicap of 0.5 – 1 on the left is the most reasonable bet to ensure a win rate of 70 – 80% with the rest of the player’s judgment. With the equalizer, it is easier to win because the probability of winning is almost 50% because the draw is very rare and is removed by many people. But in the end, the football handicap betting analysis is only for the purpose of gaining more experience for players from such bets then over time he or she can become a professional.

4. Football Betting AT 12BET

The 12Bet bookmaker is the most prestigious bookmaker in online football betting with competitive football handicap betting odds, online gambling and online casino world. Surely one thing anyone has ever played, has played betting, no one does not know the 12Bet dealer. Most betting players highly appreciate all aspects such as prestige, quality, bonus, promotion …

4.1 Odds at the house 12Bet

Odds are listed early enough in both main and secondary markets, money lines continue to flow and compete reasonably with the general betting market.

Asian, European Odds: Full of popular forms: Handicap, Over / Under and a variety of side bets like Corner Odds, Bet Cards, Kick off … especially Running is focused on The game is up to the 90th minute. The house of 12Bet constantly provides the portal for you to check match statistics, match results.

Football Handicap Betting
Football Handicap Betting

4.2 Bonuses and promotions

The 12Bet beting bookmaker always catches up with the psychology of players whether new or old members also have appropriate promotions.

Specifically, if you are not a member, with the registration, you will receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $300 .

At the same time, at the top games with much attention, 12Bet will have additional programs that have been implemented such as Challenging Challenge is an attractve combination between online casino and sports betting, or NBA.

12Bet Always gives players a new opportunity through unlimited sports refunds, virtual sports refunds and unlimited game number refunds.

There 3 kinds of offers at 12BET for football handicap betting:

1. Deposit:

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12Bet is a big name, has been active in Asia for many years and has just stepped into Europe in recent years. Although not the top house in the world, the services at 12Bet are quite good and the football handicap betting product is relatively complete of remarkable. You can absolutely choose to bet at 12BET house and start to place football handicap betting and certainly will not have many things to complain about.

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