Flat bet System – What is Flat Betting – Financial Strategy

The flat bet framework is really famous and utilized by a large number of bettors from everywhere throughout the world. What caused such enthusiasm for this game technique among the card sharks? We’ll attempt to make it clear of it in our below article. 

Flat bet System - What is Flat Betting - Financial Strategy

What Is Flat Betting? (Model Included) 

A flat bet 9 (fixed stake amount”) is a financial system that permits you to control your bankroll (the sum that you have accessible for wagering). 

The fundamental guideline of  flat bet is a rigged wagered sum. You stake a similar sum on each wager for a formerly characterized timeframe (from one month as long as one year). The sum is determined as a level of the player’s bankroll. 

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That is the reason flat bet is some of the time called “a fixed wagering procedure”. 


Suppose, you have a bankroll of $10 000, and your rigged wager sum is one percent of your bankroll — that is, $100. The timeframe when the stake remains the equivalent is one month. 

During this time, you made, state, 50 stakes gambling 1% of your bankroll per wager and got $1000 benefit. Presently you have $11 000 on your bankroll. The new measure of your stake is $110 (1% of 11 000 rubles). 

Types of flat bet system

It is acknowledged that a fixed level of a player’s bankroll may shift from 1 to 5%. At the point when you are new to flat bet, you should no uncertainty start with 1 percent, and afterward, as your experience develops, and you have positive elements in the game, you may raise the stake. 

  1. Static;
  2. Academic or expert;
  3. Chaotic;
  4. Aggressive.

Static Flat Betting

This sort of  flat bet is the most secure. Normally, the stake sum is 1% of the bankroll, and it doesn’t change for a significant preriod of time. 

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Academic or Expert Flat Betting

This is the most well-known kind of flat bet. The stake sum changes somewhere in the range of 1% and 3% of the bankroll contingent upon: 

  • the player’s trust in the anticipated result of the occasion (most extreme certainty — 3%); 
  • the bettor’s information on the games where he/she makes wagers (the better the information, the higher the rate); 
  • the achievement pace of the stakes (in the event of a losing streak, the wager is brought down). 

Aggressive Flat Betting

Contrasted with static and academic, aggressive kind of flat bet is frequently viewed as hazardous. The bettor wagers 2-3% of the bank and doesn’t bring down the rate in the event of a drawn-out losing streak, which makes this technique hazardous (in spite of the fact that, as I would see it, way off the mark as unsafe as martingale). 

Chaotic Flat Betting

The name suggests itself with real evidence. The player wagers at least 10 percent of the bankroll and may shift the wager any way he/she enjoys. 

On web discussions, you may go over a sentiment that the methodology is fit for a little bankroll and a significant distance, i.e., when you make a couple of huge stakes in an extensive stretch of time. This announcement is disputable, without a doubt. 

The contrary perspective recommends that the procedure might be utilized, state, during some competition when you choose to hazard “at this very moment”. This, in any event, is justifiable. Numerous players have experienced comparable examinations.

The Basic Regulations of Flat Betting 

1. The stake amount

The stake sum remains the equivalent for a specific period and shifts somewhere in the range of 1 and 5 percent of the bankroll. Ordinarily, the suggested rate is 2 or 3. 

2. Recalculation of the stake.

On the off chance that, after the predefined period, the bankroll has expanded, you may recalculate the stake while leaving the rate the equivalent. These periods (additionally called control focuses), after which it is conceivable to recalculate the stake sum, may shift from one month to one year. 

3. Equally likely events

The wagering chances for similarly likely occasions should begin from 1.9. This applies to tennis, football (all out, handicap), and so forth. You can discover numerous choices in the line.

A few people suggest lower chances, at the same time, as I would see it, this isn’t a best approach, as the achievement rate with 1.6 chances is 100/1.6= 62.5%, which is an incredibly high figure. 

4. The decision of a bookmaker

With better chances for two similarly likely occasions is a factor frequently overlooked by the players. Be that as it may, bettors are at first put off guard contrasted with bookmakers in light of the edge (What is an edge and how accomplish bookmakers work?) which regularly fluctuates from 3% (for 1.97 chances) up to 15% (for 1.85 chances).

At the point when you have to surpass the breakeven point, each decile matters, so it is essential to pick a bookmaker with least commission. Just be careful with obscure bookies that utilization low commission to pull in clients. 

5. The quantity of stakes in  flat bet is additionally a significant factor 

As it develops, the necessary level of win rate gets lower. 

Model: A player made ten 100-dollar stakes with 1.9 wagering chances and won six of them. His benefit is: 6*1.9*100 — 10*100=140 dollars, and the success rate is 60%. Another player made 100 stakes with a similar chances and won 57 of them.

His benefit is: 57*1.9*100-100*100=830. The success rate is 57%, which is lower than that of the principal player.

As should be obvious, the benefit in the subsequent case is a lot greater than in the first.

That is the reason experts attempt to make more stakes. 

6. The use of value betting

The mix of flat bet and worth wagering (the quest for overestimated chances) helps raise your odds against the bookmaker.

Advantages and disadvantages of the flat bet

The Disadvantages 

  • Enormous beginning capital. This applies to cases with enormous benefits. Hypothetically,  flat bet might be utilized for any bankroll. The main limitation is the base stake sum required by the bookmaker. 
  • The need of a high success rate. The facts confirm that flat bet must be productive when the achievement rate surpasses half. Yet, as I would like to think, if a bettor can’t go over this half rate, marking 50:50, he will lose with any system, aside from, maybe, surebet. 
  • Slow development of the bankroll. This is an inherent trait of the technique. The endeavor of most players to get everything “at this very moment” is reasonable, however I feel that your essential objective ought to be moderate and stable bankroll development.  
  • Brain stomring. You may frequently hear that it is so difficult to control yourself when you so severely need to recover your misfortunes, particularly as you see a definite method to do it. And afterward, there is an idea of  flat bet being an exhausting and dreary thing. It may be, however you have to choose for yourself whether you need to be a commendable rival to your bookie, or simply get the excitement of the game regardless of the outcome. On the off chance that you pick the primary alternative, at that point acknowledge the standards, attempt to saddle your feelings and carefully follow the fundamental standards of the technique. 

The Advantages of Flat Betting 

A few focal points have just been referenced, yet it won’t damage to invigorate the information: 

  • Simplicity and clearness — the methodology is appropriate for each player 
  • Reliability — the bettor gets most extreme assurance against depleting the bankroll 
  • A genuine chance to get the benefit when arriving at a specific achievement rate 
  • Adaptability —  flat bet might be joined with other wagering systems

The Special Things of Flat Bet in Football and Tennis 

The standards referenced above (see unit 3), permit to presume that flat bet in football is generally beneficial for stakes with two results — impediment and aggregate — if they have comparable chances. Let us take a gander at a model from a genuine bookmaker line. 

Model: England, Premier League 

Aggregate Under: (2.5) – 1,97 | Total Over: (2.5) – 1,97 

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To get benefit (positive ROI) you have to discover a great deal of comparable wagers (this will rely upon your capacities to foresee and scan for overestimated chances). On the off chance that you win 100/1.97=50.76% of the considerable number of wagers, you will have positive ROI. 

Tennis matches have a decent potential here whenever bookmakers see the players’ odds as roughly equivalent. Here you can wager on one of the players or on the aggregate.

On the off chance that we acknowledge that in such cases bookies set the base chances at 1.9, you will prevail upon the bookmaker at the achievement rate rising to 100/1.9=52.63%.

Let us represent the procedure by a model: 

Your bankroll is 5000 dollars and you wager 50 dollars (1% of the bank). The wagering chances are 2. The arranged benefit is likewise 50 dollars. The last figures, for comfort, are communicated in round numbers. 

Stake AmountEvent OutcomesAccumulated Loss (AL)Losses Counter (LC)Bankroll
Stake 50LossAL = 50Lc = 14950
Stake (50+50/1)/2-1=100LossAL = 150Lc = 24850
Stake (50+150/2)/2-1=125LossAL = 275Lc = 34725
Stake (50+275/3)/2-1=142WinAL = 133Lc = 24867
Stake (50+133/2)/2-1=117WinAL = 16Lc = 14984
Stake (50+16/1)/2-1=66WinLc = 05050

It is anything but difficult to see that in flat bet at these chances and half win rate, we would make back the initial investment, while here we got a return on our ventures. In the event that you contrast restricted martingale and customary martingale, you will see contrasts, for example, 

  • you can’t “reverse the situation” with one wager; 
  • if there should be an occurrence of a drawn-out “negative” streak, you won’t lose your bankroll rapidly; 
  • the wager sums increment at low chances; 
  • the estimations are somewhat mind-boggling (you can discover readymade tables and projects on the web). 
  • As I would like to think, the technique is deserving of consideration, particularly on the off chance that you do an exhaustive examination of the occasions and pick wagering stakes astutely.


As should be obvious, the flat bet has various points of interest in light of which it is picked by a large number of bettors. Another issue is that this framework additionally has its disadvantages, and it’s dependent upon you to choose whether the procedure suits you. Make sure that you have a good chance let your reliable bookmaker as CMD368 bring money for you.