Fold betting- the most effective method way to win sports betting and casino online

The Martingale System (fold betting method) is the method of betting considered to be one of the most effective ways of betting both casino online and sports betting.

Fold betting- the most effective method way to win sports betting and casino online

The Martingale System (fold betting method) is one of the oldest betting strategies believed to have originated in France in the 18th century. The name of the method was named after an English casino online owner Henry Martingale, who promoted promote this method in a positive way for your guests. The casino online owner introduces an effective method of gambling to customers, which sounds very funny.

So how effective is this fold betting method? Can this method be used to make a profit when betting online? Invite you to refer to 12BET.

1. How effective is fold betting?

The method of fold betting is mainly used by professional betting players when playing long-term bets (all football seasons) and often draws the result for a specific team.

The reason is that the ratio of the draw is quite high and based on statistics, there are about 30% of matches ended with a draw ratio. The team that fits this method is usually the team at the end of the season, the position on the rankings likely to participate in the Europa League. These are the teams that are not strong but not in the bottom half of the table.

2. How to play betting quickly

If your starting bet is $ 10, then your folding process is as follows:

Fold betting- the most effective method way to win sports betting and casino online

Looking at the image above you may have imagined, but please do it. First, you need to prepare the important stages below to play the best folding game.

2.1 Maximum stakes bet

If you want to start with $100 the maximum capital you need is more than $300.

Example: Select the first bet level: $100.

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Bet 1: Bet $100.

  • If this time you win, you continue to bet for the next time the level of $100 and keep going, winning is $100 to fight.
  • In case you lose, at this time you raise to the second bet.

Bet 2: Mark $200, which is folded, you double it: $100 + $100 = $200

  • If this time you win, you bet on level 1 is $100 again.
  • If the 2nd bet still loses, you raise to the 3rd bet.

Bet 3: Similar to the second bet, you double the amount of the previous bet up, the second time you bet $200 this time you will bet $400

  • Similarly, if this time you win, you bet on level 1 is $100.
  • If the third bet loses again, you continue to raise the bet to the next level: $800

The loop continues like that.

If you want to bet an initial level with a different amount, you can use the following amount calculator:

Note: You must have a stable capital because if your capital is not guaranteed, you will not be able to maintain the betting round when betting high levels, at this time you will lose both capital and profit. Therefore, you must know how to manage your capital well when betting quickly.

2.3 Psychologically stable

If you are a shy, unstable, assertive and always suspicious psychologist, then make sure you can not use this fold betting method effectively. Because the amount of money increases after each round of betting you need to keep yourself a calm mentality, not flinching whether winning or losing.

3. Benefits of folding bets

If you bet this way, I guarantee you will never lose, unless you’re so unlucky (and whoever risked their lives to lose a series of 5 or 6 matches in a row?) when this happens).

Suppose you lost the first match, you lost $100, the second match you bet $100. If the second bet you win, you have profit of $500 ($100 you bet +$100 winnings = $200, minus the first time you lose is $500, you have $100 and a half, of which 1 million is the principal and the winnings are $500).

And so on, you keep folding up, you lose to anywhere else, but with only 1 win, you have removed all the capital and won an additional bonus of $500. 

And in case you win in a row, bet $500 in a row, you will get $500  in the pocket, too easy.

4. Should you play fold betting or not?

Whether or not to play fold bet depends on your ability and the game you are playing. I will analyze some necessary conditions so that you can play betting quickly, effectively and safely.

First, you choose the game you want to apply the folding method, this is very important because each game will take your time differently and the dealer will give you the min and max bets.

Suppose that the bookmaker bet you to bet at least 1$ for the casino online and $1.5 for sports. With this low bet will be suitable for you to play quickly, so if you lose, you will not lose too much, but win, you will win long, have money to spend.

You should play casino online time for 1 game of 1 minute, playing virtual football for 3 minutes and 1 game will save considerable time.

You should determine the fold betting ability to predict your mistakes at most about how many matches. Depending on each game, you need to set up specific folding tactics.

5. Applied Strategies at 12BET bookie with sports betting and live online casinos


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6. Conclude: 

Once you have identified the above issues, calculate the amount of money X will increase if the bet loses is how much to ensure there is no capital out. It should be noted that: It is rare for current players to use this method with impatience or ignorance of information about the matches to go for fold betting. Therefore, it is essential to understand and determine the percentage of winning percentage higher than 50 in each match to continue to fold betting, if you are an impatient, indecisive player, the betting method will fold. is not profitable and at the same time it makes you go to the island faster. WEish you have the best time and winnings on casino online and sports betting at 12BET.

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