Football Judgment PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos 17h00 On 06/08

PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos is the confrontation that will take place at 17h00 on June 8. This is a match in round 27 of the Greek league. The football expert of us will provide expert insights, analysis of the performance of the two teams before the game so you can choose the winner. Best for yourself.

Recent performance

The instability is exactly the word to describe the performance of PAS Lamia at the moment, they have not been able to win any of the last 9 rounds with a record of only 5 draws and 4 losses. Coach Sotiris Antoniou and his students have just received a convincing defeat with a score of 0-3 against OFI Crete, thereby only being able to stand still with 11th place in the rankings with 27 points.

PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos

On the other side of the pitch, Panetolikos is not much better than the opponent with a flattering style. The army of Coach Makis Chavos is currently at the penultimate position in the rankings with 17 points after 26 matches. Their performance in the last 10 rounds is not so good with 2 wins, 3 draws and 5 defeats.

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Both sides showed a bad face, so their determination to win this match is very big, PAS Lamia despite being better in rankings and having a home advantage but still not sure to get 1 satisfactory results. Therefore, the PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos prediction said that this will be a very difficult game for the home team and they will likely have to split points.

The confrontation history of PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos:

  • PAS Lamia drew 5 and lost 3 of the 8 matches the 2 teams met.
  • PAS Lamia drew 3 and lost 1 out of 4 times to Panetolikos at home.

Asian Handicap judgment of PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos: Choose Panetolikos +1/4

Although only ranked penultimate in the rankings, but Panetolikos still get 2 wins in the last 6 matches, and PAS Lamia only knows about the draws and losses. Along with that is a poor home record with 8 consecutive games without knowing the smell of victory, which will make the PAS Lamia players lack confidence even when playing on their home.

PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos’s European odds: Draw full-time

The new Panetolikos are the ones who have better confrontation performance than the opponent, they are still unbeaten against PAS Lamia with 3 victories and 5 draws in history. The last time the two teams met, it only ended with 1 draw. Therefore, that result will be very easy to be reproduced in this 27th round.

Over/Under odds : Choose Under 2 goals

These are the two representatives with the worst scoring goals in the tournament, PAS Lamia has only 19 goals after 27 rounds, Panetolikos is not better with 20 goals since the beginning of the season. The front line of the home team in this match is also not good with only 4 goals in the last 5 matches. Therefore, players should choose the fainting door to have a better chance of winning.

PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos score prediction: 0-0

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PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos

The expected line-up of PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos

PAS Lamia vs Panetolikos expected line-up:

PAS Lamia: Epassy, ​​Adejo, Vanderson, Vyntra, Skondras, Asigba, Dimoutsos, Romanic, Karamasnos, Vasilogian, Aravidis.

Panetolikos: Knett, Malis, Garcia, Martial, Tahar, Dalcio, Sjostedt, Alvarez, Diaz, Mounier, Dauda.