Football Tips To Play Betting Does Not Lose

What is football betting? Experience over/under in football. It will all be wrapped up in the post about sharing my football tips to play betting below. Invite you to read.

Football Tips To Play Betting Does Not Lose

Football tips on betting on home odds (football betting) unique

In order to win a game on football betting, the first thing we need to do is, to sum up, the data and parameters of the match we want to bet on. How to sum up for the best results? The aggregate result will be the basis for a firm bet. So you need to pay attention to the following:

+ Results of the most recent matches

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+ Confrontation history

+ The ability and power of the player recently

+ Rocks in home or away

+ The recent 2 teams’ performance

In addition, we should pay attention to the information on the sidelines of the game such as weather, working conditions and mood of the coach (personal information, life, …)

Football Tips To Play Betting Does Not Lose

The house secret is revealed on the football betting forum

Usually, each house will have different odds. To have the most effective betting method for yourself, we must first compare the odds of the house. After studying the situation of the two teams and the information about the house edge, we need to know the following:

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  • Should allocate capital to play if you choose to play truss. Usually, the house will have a machine to calculate and divide the data, so the odds and the odds of the table often change continuously. If we do not calculate carefully, playing in a game of two or two losses is very easy to lose capital.
  • The dealer has been very successful in creating bewildering psychology for players. Because psychology is not stable, it is easy to fall for the house because of this “Fantasy Shadow” phenomenon. Remember to always have a cold head.

Experience of over/under – football tips

After many years of “main battle”, I have gathered for myself quite a lot of football tips and betting experience on football, on how to gamble the most effective football, how to play good football. How to play football betting does not lose or how to play football fools, today I want to share so you can refer to more. Here are the tips we know.

The number 1 football tips

First I would like to talk about the symbols in the ball. H means home – the home team and A is Away – the away team. I take for example the friendly match between Japan vs Uruguay 10/2018. Initially, the house rafter Uruguay (A) on the handicap 1/4 ball (0 / 0.5 rafters) eat enough. And Japanese rafters (H) lower the selection to win 0.82. But then when the match was about to start, the house was knocked down by the house to Japan and Uruguay. Odds of odds were changed to choosing Japan to eat and Uruguay to win 0.72. So, we have a tip like this: for matches like this one should choose Japan (lower gate) to accept 0.

So we can see: the original deal of the bookmaker is Uruguay on the quarter handicap (0.5). But when the match was about to begin, the rafter dropped to the stone field again. That means the house has calculated that the strength of the two teams is different from the original calculation. So often such trusses we choose the door under the ball, the feeding rate will be very high.

Advice: Guessing as God is not equal to the right time. You have to time the bets. Usually, it is a truss (into the ball) before the game starts or starts a few minutes. Those “golden times” will give us the most accurate information about the odds of betting odds. That’s the first of football tips on how to always win football betting that I want to introduce to you today.

Football Tips To Play Betting Does Not Lose

Grass betting experience – How to play football over/under

Handicap – Percentage of odds

In my experience, usually, the 1 handicap is the favorite indicating that the handicap or upper team is predominant. The reason for mentioning handicap 1 is because the difference in ability of the two teams is much clearer than the handicap of 1/4 or half of the ball. If fighting over/under in handicap markets like this is very easy to win, bad luck is money, but rarely lose. If you lose, you should stop playing for a while because it is too unlucky. I was just kidding, but what I am sure is that the odds of these handicaps are much higher than normal bets.

So, how to bet football effectively as follows:

+ Do not select a team to be approved, please select a goal on the handicap side

+ At the same time choose the selection of European settlement (remember to invest less money)

The example for you to understand:

You choose the team handicap, handicap 1 with 2 million and lined European handicap 1 million. So if the match result is a draw, you get nearly 2 million handicaps and over 1 million draws.

If the handicap team wins, you earn nearly 1 million after deducting the capital to tie.

Remember, comrades. If the handicap is 1 left, select the handicap team (-1) and line half the money in the European draw. And it should be noted that playing the main odds, this is not a trick for the truss.

Running Odds 

This is one of special football tips for live betting. Note for the village brothers bet:

+ Need to be very calm, go to the ball little by little, impatience is easy to lose.

+ Say no to the genres big bet, all in, all hands.

+ Must selectively hit. Stay away from fighting harrowing encounter rafters also hit.

+ Always have to watch a High Rate to enter the money.

+ Choose the tournament with many goals to hit.

+ If the contract is running, you must pay attention to choose Odds that are lower than 1 to play (This is how to look for odds running for you guys)

+ Do not choose running odd for too long. The reason is that often we will eat the handicap 3/4 (win 1/2 money) but if losing is enough. So it would be better to see the words if you have to “run now”.

How to bet on football – How to Make a Bad Deal

Experience of over/under: People often say that every lesson has tuition. It’s true, I used to burn accounts before, so I also gained quite a bit of blood experience. Let me tell you, there are many important factors for running odd:

+ Should learn how to fight first half over/under

+ Should choose the High Over match

Our experience in playing virtual football and the tips on playing virtual football let me know that these matches do not explode. H1 also explodes H2. You can go to our website to the statistic about change history as well as the matches of the two closest teams. Then you will realize that there are pairs of confrontations always Over, there are also pairs of confrontation always Over.

How to choose football odds – Summary of how to play running odds

  • Running odds, our experience says that you should choose the match Germany – Spain – Sweden, Denmark, Czech U21, Australia to play.
  • If you play Over/Under then choose Japan, Russia play rock.
  • Sometimes there are games with a high handicap like 1 / 1.5 or 2 / 2.5 or more often easy to faint. It is still in my experience that you should play a few games like this. It is very easy to lead you into the Over selection.
  • Keep the H2 matches late in the game but the score is still 0-0 and bravely shake it. The game has a small number of balls like 0-1 or 1-1, but the ball burst at the end of the hour is still very low, but not sure to equal 0-0. Brothers noted offline
  • Handicap selection for matches with Over in H1 is usually 1 – 1.25 – 1.5. But usually, the Over meal match is less than 1.0 (percentage of money). As for the house battles, the winning rate is higher than 100 (or pay less profit).
  • Select the matches on the selection to kick the lower selection of the house in H1 H2. We should go to the 1st half, the rate of the table is very high

Football tips on how to bet on Over/Under

When the two sides saw a strong attack, sitting on the H1 odd, they saw a running odd, but neither side conceded. Then we should watch the break in the middle of the half if you see the house rake 1.5FT 1/2 money then you take the opportunity to place that contract immediately. If not, then you believe me to keep watching Over 0.5 and Running. Normally, these matches will explode loudly in 46-60 minutes.

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