Fortaleza vs America MG Prediction | Brasileiro Serie A | 07/07

Fortaleza vs America MG Prediction: America MG is having a marked improvement in their performance in recent times. So they were filled with confidence when they came to be Fortaleza’s guests. It will not be an easy match for Fortaleza.

Fortaleza vs America MG Prediction


  • Match date: 09:00 pm on 2021/07/07
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 10th
  • Location: Estádio do Maracanã




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Playing at home at Castelão will be the fulcrum of the spirit of competition for Fortaleza. Therefore, they are having a lot of confidence in their goal of defeating America MG.

Fortaleza’s form in the last 5 home matches: 

Fortaleza is one of the teams that are still unbeaten when playing at home this season. Specifically, considering the 4 matches played at Castelão, Fortaleza only dropped points once. It was a 1-1 draw when welcoming Fluminense guests. With 3 remaining matches, Leão do Pici has won the whole thing. Up to the present time, Fortaleza is ranked second in the home record standings with 10 points.

It is very difficult to beat Fortaleza at Castelão. In the last 5 matches played in all competitions, Fortaleza did not lose. Instead, they got 3 wins and 2 draws. Expanding to the previous matches, coach Juan Pablo Vojvoda’s students still have a series of 10 consecutive unbeaten matches. The last time playing at home, Fortaleza beat Chapecoense 3-2. 

Fortaleza vs America MG Prediction

America MG’s form in the last 5 away matches:

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Contrary to the efficiency at home that Fortaleza is showing, America MG must be afraid of away matches. In this season, America MG played a total of 4 away matches. But the number of points that this team earned is only 3. The reason is that America MG won exactly 1 match and received 3 defeats. Thus, Coelho’s away loss rate this season is 75%.

If looking at all the participating arenas, America MG shows a worse performance. The last 5 matches had to be kicked away from home, the number of defeats that America MG received was up to 4. Therefore, the loss rate has reached 80%. It was not until the last match that America MG broke the losing streak when defeating host Bahia 4-3. 

Select: Fortaleza FT.


Fortaleza has an effective attack with matches played at Castelão’s home ground. After 4 matches played, this team earned 10 goals for themselves. However, they also need to improve their defense. The certainty is almost nonexistent when conceding an average of 1 goal/match.

America MG also owns a good attack when playing at home. 5 is the total number of goals scored by America MG in 4 matches. However, the biggest problem they face is the defense. The uncertainty caused America MG to receive 8 goals.

With Over/Under 2.5, Fortaleza’s last 5 matches have won 3 Over times, corresponding to a rate of 60%. On the side of America MG, Over won twice in the last 5 matches they attended.

Select: Over 2 FT.


Fortaleza and America MG have not had many opportunities to confront each other in history. From 2002 until now, the total number of direct confrontations between the two teams is only 6. In which Fortaleza is overwhelming the opponent when they have 4 victories. In the opposite direction, the best result that America MG got was only 1 win.

Thus, there was only one match where the two teams were inconclusive. The last time they met came in 2016. Fortaleza had a strong 4-1 victory at home.

Select: Fortaleza FT.

Fortaleza vs America MG Prediction


It will not be surprising if Fortaleza is the team that has the final victory in the upcoming match. With what the two teams show, it is likely that this match will explode in terms of goals. Players should bet for the score of 3-1 for the host Fortaleza to ensure a chance to win money.

Fortaleza vs America MG Prediction: Fortaleza 3-1 America MG FT (2-0 H1).

The above is information about the prediction in the 10th match between Fortaleza vs America MG of Brasileiro Serie A on 2021/07/07 of the CMD368 bookie.