Fortaleza vs Juventude Prediction – Brasileiro Serie A – 12/04

Fortaleza vs Juventude prediction on December 04, 2021. Under great pressure when only standing in 14th place on the table with 43 points obtained after 35 rounds, Juventude now has almost no hope of being able to compete for a ticket to the Copa Sudamericana.

Fortaleza Overview

Fortaleza vs Juventude Prediction

Towards the end of the season, Fortaleza showed its weakness. Specifically, the defeat of two goals on the field of Santos was the 5th time this team left empty-handed in the last 7 matches. That makes them fall to 6th place in the table and only 1 point above the group that entered the South American C1 Cup from qualifying. Therefore, they need to win the remaining 3 matches to ensure a ticket to the Copa Libertadores group stage.

With the home-field advantage, Fortaleza is still appreciated by the house through the 3/4 left handicap. However, with a record of winning only 3/10 recent matches and declining performance at the end of the season, this is a challenge for Fortaleza.

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Juventude Overview

Juventude made good use of its home-field advantage to defeat RB Bragantino thereby increasing the number of wins to 4/6 recent matches. That helps this team climb to the Copa Sudamericana group but still only better than the group holding the red light by the score of a win. 

Therefore, Juventude still needs to make a lot more effort in the remaining 3 matches. The goal of relegation will give Juventude an advantage in today’s match and it is shown when they won the last 5/6 matches.


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Fortaleza vs Juventude Prediction

Asian Handicap – Fortaleza vs Juventude Prediction

The fact that Fortaleza is playing cautiously will certainly make the first half of today’s match close without any goals being scored. In the second half, thanks to the home-field advantage, better form, and quality of the squad, Fortaleza was confident enough to raise the squad and score a goal to determine the match result. 

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Therefore, the Asian handicap today’s match will have Fortaleza as a safe investment choice only in the second half. Juventude will be the safest choice in the first half.

Fortaleza vs Juventude prediction: 

  • Choose Juventude +1/4 (HT)
  • Choose Fortaleza -3/4 (FT)

European Bet

Fortaleza vs Juventude Prediction

The European odds offered by the house are *1.75-4.80-3.35* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. Although it will be a little difficult, with many outstanding statistics, Fortaleza is believed to defeat Juventude and become the safest investment point in 1×2.

Choose Fortaleza (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Fortaleza vs Juventude Prediction

With the given statistics, it is highly likely that in today’s match, Fortaleza will maintain a safe play when they still have a ticket to the Copa Libertadores in their hands. At the same time, in the last 5 matches of Juventude, the experts did not record any match. That is the main reason why today’s match has a very high probability of ending with Under being the best choice in both the 1st and 2nd half Over and Under.

Fortaleza vs Juventude prediction: 

  • Choose Under 0.5-1 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2 (FT)

Line up

Fortaleza: Alves, Paulista, Osvaldo, Paulao, Jackson, Melo, Felipe, Juninho, Dias, Romarinho, David.

Juventude: Carne, Elton, Matheus, Mendes, Michel, Matheus, Forster, Wescley, Jadson, Paulinho, Peixoto.