France U23 vs Japan U23 Prediction – Olympic 2020 – 07/27

France U23 vs Japan U23 prediction on July 27, 2021. Japan U23 confidently entered the Olympics with the highest confidence when playing at home. However, contrary to great expectations from the grave, the representative of the country of cherry blossoms showed a rather lackluster performance when only getting a hard-fought 1-0 victory over South Africa U23.

France U23 Overview

The young talent who used to be on the payroll of Real Madrid – Kubo continuously shined, bringing 2 consecutive victories and the top of the table for the host Japan U23. Possessing a quality squad and careful preparation, the strength of Japan U23 is shown by 5 victories in 2021. 

The defense is extremely solid, Moriyasu’s teachers and students only had to receive 2 goals and conceded. keep clean sheet 3/5 matches. Defeating both South Africa U23 and Mexico U23 by a minimal margin, Japan showed uncomfortable pragmatism. Along with the home-field advantage, the task of getting points before France U23 is completely within reach.

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Japan U23 Overview

France U23 only got 3 points after 2 matches and must admit the inadequacies in the gameplay. The attack relied too much on the old general Gignac while the defense constantly made mistakes with no solution. 

As shown very clearly in the last match, they let the weakest team in the U23 group South Africa concede 3 times and if it wasn’t for the brilliance of Gignac, the Rooster would have carried the suitcase home early. 4/5 of France U23’s goals belong to the 35-year-old general, it will be very difficult if this spear is locked. With a lack of uniformity as well as stability, France U23 can hardly master the game against Japan.

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Asian Bet – France U23 vs Japan U23 prediction

Japan U23’s performance is really impressive with 5 consecutive victories. Especially the sublime performance of Kubo, he scored in both wins against South Africa U23 and Mexico U23. U23 France just defeated South Africa 4-3 thanks to a goal in injury time, but before that they let Mexico beat 4-1 in the opening match. It can be seen that the performance and spirit of Japan U23 are better prepared, at least 1 point for the Olympic home team is a wise choice.

France U23 vs Japan U23 Prediction: Choose Japan U23 +0.25

European Bet

European odds highly appreciate the ability of France U23 to win. However, Japan U23 is holding a great advantage and has extremely stable performance. The draw result is a wise choice with the correlation of forces between France U23 and Japan U23.

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Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – France U23 vs Japan U23 prediction

The calculation will be shown by Japan U23 in the final series of the group stage, the tight match is predictable. France U23 must also be very careful because any mistake at this time will have to pay a very expensive price.

France U23 vs Japan U23 Prediction: Choose Under 2.5


France U23: Bernardoni, Nordin, Le Fee, Caci, Sagnan, Kalulu, Michelin, Tousart, Savanier, Thauvin, Gignac.

Japan U23: Tani, Doan, Kubo, Sakai, Yoshida, Itakura, Nakayama, Endo, Tanaka, Miyoshi, Hayashi.