French club Marseille announced its first partner in Asia – JBO Vietnam

Considered one of the top teams in the Ligue 1 (French National Championship) – Olympique De Marseille has just announced the Official Asian Partner Contract with JBO Vietnam for 2 years.

French club Marseille announced its first partner in Asia - JBO Vietnam

1. JBO Vietnam in the Asian market

Olympique de Marseille is one of the most successful football clubs in the history of the French Ligue 1 and has won the championship nine times as well as 10 times to win the French Football Cup. Speaking about the partnership with JBO Vietnam in esports betting Asian market, representatives of Olympique de Marseille Club are very confident about this partnership. “Although JB0 Vietnam has only been established for half a year, we appreciate and applaud the spirit of work behind this brand. Therefore, we believe they can take the club to a more comprehensive level and towards the goal of globalization.”

French club Marseille announced its first partner in Asia - JBO Vietnam

The director of JBO Vietnam said: “We are delighted and excited to reach an agreement to become an Official Asian Partner with Olympique de Marseille. This partnership is a great step for us to promote trade. Through this partnership, we believe that JBO will rise to new heights and will contribute to increasing our growing fan base in Asia. internationally. This is JBO’s first football sponsorship, and we are excited to be working with Olympique de Marseille. “

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With a 2-year partnership, JBO will be the new Asian Partner of Merseille in the next two seasons: 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 in France’s Ligue 1 (French National Championship). Hopefully this relationship will help tJBO Vietnam attract more fans not only for the Marseille team in particular but also for French football fans as well as around the world.

French club Marseille announced its first partner in Asia - JBO Vietnam

In addition to the biggest deal this summer, JBO Vietnam is also the sponsor of Keen Gaming Esports Professional Team – the Professional Esport team that won the ESL One Mumbai 2019 championship as well as the team selected to participate in the tournament.

The biggest tournament on the planet last summer DOTA2 The International 2019. With the mission of connecting the Esports community closer together, JBO Vietnam also organized a cult offline event in Hanoi PUBSTOMP THE INTERNATIONAL 2019 DREAMCOIL to fans. Dota2 in particular, Esports, in general, can watch the Finals together in the most complete way.

2. So who is JBO?

JBO recently appeared as a new and very promising phenomenon in the field of online betting entertainment. Released in 2019, the name JBO is inspired by the first three letters of the phrase JUST BET ONLINE. As the name suggests, JBO acts as an entertainment site that offers a wide range of betting options for esports betting products and online Casinos. In particular, JBO also appeared as the first and only entertainment site and esports betting to date in the Vietnam market.

More specifically, players can fully trust the JBO entertainment site which is licensed by the gambling authority First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation. The website is also directly managed by the Philippines state.

With the strong potential, JBO confidently brings members thousands of sports betting events every day, mainly esports events and big and small sports tournaments in the region and Around the world. After a few months of launching and providing services, JBO is honored to receive many positive reviews from players as well as experts. JBO affirms that it is gradually bringing players the most professional, advanced and modern entertainment experiences in Asia.

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3. What makes JBO different?

3.1 Sign up for an account on JBO in just 1 minute

With the criteria to bring players the best experience, JBO Vietnam entertainment page is designed extremely friendly and easy to observe. In particular, new players can easily register for free accounts to participate in betting on JBO.

JBO Interface
JBO Interface

3.2 Access JBO on your phone

Joining the JBO family, players have the opportunity to experience the esports betting entertainment on the most optimized betting platform, and easily access and manipulate on any device.

  • Easily access and bet on regional and worldwide tournaments.
  • Support convenient account management and diverse payment channels, in accordance with the needs of each player.
  • Easily receive alerts, track promotions, bonuses and special promotions for members, especially VIP members.
  • Experience the betting products that are designed modernly, vividly with meticulously designed graphics, bringing a true experience.

3.3 Betting products at JBO

JBO Vietnam is launched as a betting site dedicated to Esports betting products. It can be seen that Esports subjects are increasingly interested in players. Highlights are League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO, PUBG tournaments that are currently storming the gaming arena both at home and abroad. Knowing the needs of the players, JBO offers no missed matches from the above-mentioned tournaments, players can feel secure and feel free to place esports betting here.

Dota 2
Dota 2

3.4 The payment methods at JBO are extremely convenient

  • Deposit money: Understanding the needs of players, entertainment JBO offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, especially local bank transfer and FastPay. In particular, the form of local bank transfer is always favored by the player.
  • Withdrawal: After providing all the basic information, members can easily withdraw a minimum of $10 to their personal bank accounts within 30 minutes. JBO offers a convenient feature to withdraw money to most local banks. With fast withdrawal feature, JBO affirms its prestige so that players can be assured of entertainment at the site.

3.5 Professional online support

JBO provides online support anytime, anywhere 24/7, quickly and extremely professionally. Members who have questions, just contact Online Support for instant advice without having to worry about waiting.

3.6 The level of prestige and trust in the house JBO

According to what they showed off on their homepage, a house with a “mother” as a media person and a “heavily-funded” team, the name JBO must have achieved a prestigious certain level!

Although being an emerging online bookmaker, sponsoring to both teams as well as nearly 5-6 big names in Esport and esports betting, this shows the “playability” of a potential house in the future!


With the past contribution of the new esports and sports betting online site, JB, promisingly in the future, JBO Vietnam will be one of the leading betting sites in the Asian market. JBO aims to be the leading website in the field of electronic sports betting (esports betting), in addition to providing sports betting and online casino services.

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