Fun88 Dealer Arrested, What Is Real Information?

Fun88 dealer arrested, you believe it? Definitely also selling half-trust as many others.

This is easy to understand because in our country gambling activities in any form are also illegal.

But the dealer still works normally, all gamers still play here normally.

So what is the truth?

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Who is Fun88?

Fun88 Dealer Arrested, What Is Real Information

Fun88 is an online bookie specializing in organizing betting games in many different fields such as casinos, sports, new generation games…

In terms of rankings in the online gaming world, Fun88 dealer is always ranked first.

Currently, the number of people playing games at Fun88 is very large and is constantly increasing every day.

Fun88 arrested, is it true?

The Fun88 dealer is also licensed to operate by the Philippine government. This state is protected and abides by the laws of the Philippines.

Through tracking, the Philippines side did not have any news or announcements related to Fun88’s arrest. Therefore we can assert that Fun88 dealer was arrested as just a rumor.

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Perhaps because of ignorance, poor information judgment or because the poster wants to attract attention, they have written something so unreal.

Should you play betting at Fun88?

Fun88 Dealer Arrested, What Is Real Information

In fact, the number of people betting on Fun88 dealer must count to millions. Gamers at Fun88 say that this house has a lot of advantages:

  • Strong financial resources: Fun88 dealer is currently extremely abundant due to being surrounded by the parent company and satellite companies. Moreover, the profit from online business also makes Fun88 a big player in the gambling world.
  • Fairness: playing games here the money will be paid clearly and fully. Because Fun88 dealer attaches great importance to prestige and deposit and withdrawal operations are performed on computer systems, not individual calculations.
  • The interface of the web is both beautiful and eye-catching with clearly divided layouts.
  • Super attractive betting section with many games. Each game has betting rooms with different money values. Based on the wallet and tolerance, players have the right to bet high or low, more or less.

So you want to play the betting games at Fun88, just boldly join. And the problem of Fun88 is captured without having to worry anymore!

Fun88 promotions

1. Promotion of $4 and 15 free spins

Fun88 Dealer Arrested, What Is Real Information

All members who successfully register for an account at Fun88 dealer will receive an instant reward of $4 and 15 free spins at the Fruit Bat Crazy Game (BSG).

Promotion lasts until the end of April 2020.

2.Receive a maximum of $27,000

All players at the Live Casino (including Royal Palace) will enjoy the promotion. The promotion will be based on the player’s deposit achievements to pay rewards.

3. Receive 20% reload for online casino

This promotion applies to all members who deposit into Online Casinos. Bonuses will be withdrawn in accordance with the following table:

BonusWithdraw conditionMaximum bonusMinimum deposit

Is the Fun88 dealer reputable?

  • The Fun88 dealer belongs to Welton Holdings LTD, the largest entertainment corporation in the world.
  • In 2009, Fun88 was licensed to operate by the Isle of Man Game Monitoring Committee.
  • In 2009 Fun88 received the prestigious award “Asian Live Gaming Operator of the Year”.
  • In 2009 and 2010 Fun88 continues to receive the “Asian Operator” award.
  • In 2014 Fun88 became the official sponsor of Burnley in the English Premier League.
  • Fun88’s partner is IOVATION, the world’s leading cybersecurity company so that all customer information is kept in the best security.


Fun88 dealer is known worldwide by many active activities in society. Therefore, Fun88 dealer is absolutely reputable and is a safe destination for you to gamble. Sign up for Fun88, deposit money, play now to receive many valuable rewards.

If you have any questions about this article, leave a message in the comments section for us. We will help you answer them immediately!

For now, sign up for Fun88 now !!!

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