Fun88 Esports – The leading e-sports betting bookmaker today

Are you an esports betting enthusiast but do not know which one to trust? If so, what are you waiting for but not coming right to Fun88 Esports– one of the most popular esports betting categories today on Fun88.

Fun88 Esports - The leading e-sports betting bookmaker today

What is Fun88 esports?

  • First, in order to know what Fun88 Esports is, we need to understand about the Fun88 dealer first. You must be no stranger to the name Fun88, this is one of the largest online bookmakers today. Founded on the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom, up to now, with 10 years of establishment and development, Fun88 is proud to be one of the most popular bookmakers today.
  • Fun88 esport is a directory of Fun88. This is a category of betting on video games or from the American game that experts now call esports.
  • Fun88 Esports – this esports is the professional tournament of the professional players who play on a computer platform instead of using physical strength like traditional sports. And Fun88 Esports is betting based on winning or losing between participating teams.

Advantages attract players of Fun88 esports

Fun88 Esports - The leading e-sports betting bookmaker today

There is a full range of electronic sports games available today

Referring to e-sports, we cannot help but mention LOL, FIFA, DOTA, etc. And Fun88 Esports betting has all these subjects. Moreover, coming to Fun88 Esports, you also have the opportunity to participate in many other games such as KOG, OW, HS, PUBG, Warcraft 3, NBA2K, etc. Thanks to that, players can freely choose the my favorite game, knowledgeable to proceed betting.

Information is updated continuously and accurately

For the convenience of players, the information about the game, the team, the win rate, the region, the odds, etc. are all updated.

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Specifically, in LOL, Fun88 Esports offers all professional LOL teams around the world with full areas such as LCK, LPL, LEC, NA, VCS, … With detailed indicators. like the first kills ratio, the first dragon rate and first Baron rate, etc.

Thanks to that, players can easily make the most accurate predictions.

Fun88 esports offers for many other choices

If you want to play more games other than Fun88 Esports, we can easily switch thanks to the very handy website interface. Fun88 sports, casino, lottery, etc are arranged in turn in the Fun88 homepage to help users easily experience the games.

Fun88 esports promotion flooded

Just like the promotion policies of Fun88 in general, Fun88 esports has a lot of attractive incentives such as 100% Esport Registration bonus with the opportunity to receive up to $200, unlimited daily refund up to 0, 8%, etc 

Fun88 Esports Mobile

In addition to the main gaming application for computers, devices using Android and iOS operating systems of Fun88, the site also has applications for most multiplayer games and applications for users who need support. Fun88 support so that everyone can optionally install the application according to their needs in the most convenient way.

Fun88 – Esports betting

Fun88 Esports - The leading e-sports betting bookmaker today

The total number of Fun88 esports games is 8 in all. In particular, there are some outstanding games that attract a large number of players including: LOL, Dota 2, CS: GO, Rainbow6 and RL. LOL is an abbreviation for League of Legends.

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How to play Esport Fun88 betting win a money game?

Esports Betting Fun88
Esports Betting Fun88

LOL: League of Legends

LOL was born in 2006 and is the most popular game today. The game also features an official tournament for professional gamers, competing against national teams from around the world.

Fun88 Esports betting with LOL game will play in the form of 2 teams fighting competition. Each team consists of 5 members, including 1 commander with certain abilities. The ability to choose the command generals include: General assassin, gladiator, parry, gunner, mage, support.

Champions and team members combine to bombard the opponent’s main tower. The team that bombarded successfully will win. Every match is a new beginning with the same money equipment. In each battle, the player kills the dragon and kills the opponent’s champion. They will receive a bonus and strength upgrades.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game that has been around for 10 years and still attracts a lot of gamers. Despite a long history and no longer “hot” as before but Dota 2 still has the advantages to attract players.

Dota 2 Betting
Dota 2 Betting

Game Dota 2 Esport betting at Fun88

Game Dota 2 competes in teams, each team consists of 5 members. Each team will occupy a different stronghold in the two corners of the map. Team members rely on the character’s destructive abilities to choose a character to play. In the battle, the team that breaks the “divine relic” of the other team wins. The team that wins the relic will be placed in the middle of each team’s fort.

CS: GO (Counter – Strike: Global Offensive)

This is a type of shooter, when playing you will have to transform into a professional assassin. Form of play is quite diverse, you can choose solo or fight as you like. When you first register, you will be offered $ 800 by Fun88 dealer to buy the necessary equipment for your character.

After using up you have to participate in winning games to receive bonus points to have an additional $ to buy items. The upgraded items will help the character become more beneficial. Esport Fun88 CS: GO betting game has all 44 prizes, all players can participate to win the prize.


It is also a shooting game but it is different from CS: GO in the form of playing, it is only playing as a team. This game has a nicer version, upgraded character’s equipment and won more bonuses when winning matches.

This game requires team members to have concentration, know how to combine ideas in order to win. At the house Fun88 game Rainbow6 there are 21 tournaments going on. You need to register to bet on your favorite prizes. Besides, it needs to be monitored daily because the number of prizes will change daily.

RL (Rocket League)

Appeared from 2015 RL is still a game that attracts many gamers. This is a video game combining high-speed racing and soccer. This game is different from normal football when you kick the ball into the net, you use the race car to break the opponent’s net and score. Forms varied play with solo, play with the machine or compete in teams. Currently, Fun88 dealer has 16 RL awards held.

Types of bets in LOL

  • Match Time Bet: A match bet will take longer or less than 35 minutes to play. However, this is not a good bet, because it is difficult to determine the playing time for both teams, unless the two teams have a clear capacity difference.
  • Bet on the team that won the previous 5 lives: This is an interesting bet in LOL. Based on the play style of the two teams, you can judge which team won the opponent’s 5 lives first. There are many gamers joining this category.
  • Bet on which team will win first: This is a pretty bad deal, you should consider carefully before placing a bet. Because even the strongest team can hardly know if they won the first victory in 5-10 minutes or not.
  • Bet on which team wins the first match: Based on your understanding of the two teams you can bet on which team will win the first match. In this market, you should select the team with lower odds. Especially teams playing from Korea, they often have solid tactics, extremely good gameplay.
  • Handicap: You will give a handicap, one team will play the other. For example, you choose to bet on SKT T1 on Longzhu 1.5. If SKT T1 wins Longzhu 2 or more games, you win. The ratio could be: SKT T1 – Longzhu: 3 – 1 or 3 – 0.
  • Winning Team Bet: This is the final bet type, ending for all 5 matches. There are up to 5 matches so the chance of overtaking is also very high. Look at your judgment carefully before making a bet on which team.

LOL betting tips on Fun88

Learn the league and the two teams play

Each tournament will have its own participation rules, different squads. Therefore, you should inquire about the tournament before placing a bet. In addition, understanding the playstyle of both teams is also essential.

Know the enemy and know that we have seen a hundred battles. With every tournament, some teams still standstill, some have trained to become sharper. Learn how each team plays to help you make an accurate judgment.

Refer to the judgment of the gamers

Maybe you are not a good LOL player, you can hardly judge the gameplay of each team. Then refer to other gamers, they will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each level. From there you can draw your own comments and wagers.


One of the attractive games on the Fun88 Esports system is Esport betting. This is an interesting playground, you can just admire the beautiful screenplay from the professional players. You have just had the opportunity to participate in betting, earning yourself huge benefits.