Fun88 Mobile App – How To Download And Install

You are a sports enthusiast and often bet to increase the attractiveness of the match. You worry about the prestige of local bookmakers and your safety when placing bets. You must bet before the match and have no other choice when the game has taken place, … All these problems are solved by the Fun88 bookmaker for you, with Fun88 mobile products for Smartphones betting, you can rest assured betting at all times very convenient and easy.

Currently, the bookmakers are racing to develop technology, upgrade the system, following the trends and tastes of the players. Fun88, as the market leader, is the most prestigious bookmaker in Asia, has implemented the Fun88 mobile app system, integrating the web version into an extremely convenient phone for players.

Fun88 mobile overview

Fun88 Mobile App - How To Download And Install

Fun88 is one of the leading bookmakers in Asia recently. In particular, the fun88 mobile application on the house’s phone is appreciated by its ergonomic design and many utilities.

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Designed based on the website’s format, Fun88 application offers a full range of house products and services such as deposit, withdrawal, sports betting, online casino, and slot games.

When betting with this software, players do not need to go directly to the bookmaker to place bets and receive money in the traditional way. Everything has become a lot easier, including transactions via banks just by a simple operation.

In particular, unlike betting on personal computers, when using the Fun88 application, players can both watch the match directly and take advantage of the time to bet between the matches. This is a great advantage for any betting player in taking advantage to win the bet and make a profit.

Fun88 launches phone app

Fun88 Mobile App - How To Download And Install

Currently, the Fun88 mobile phone app is used for both Android and iOS operating systems. So, just own a smartphone, you can watch the odds, bet online, play casino, and lottery online on Fun88 anytime anywhere.

Below is a detailed guide on how to download Fun88 mobile application

Using a mobile phone, visit the Fun88 website

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Tap “Download” appears at the top of the page, or scroll down the page, there will be a full version for you to choose.

Tap “Download now” to download the application and install it

In particular, these applications must grant phone permissions to allow the app to work on your device. So, do not be too concerned, just follow the instructions as below.

Install the app

After downloading the application to your computer, it’s time to install

Open the downloaded file, press the word “Install”, and wait for the application to install.

After Fun88 mobile application has been installed, you continue to click “Open”, now the application is fully compatible with your phone. Now you can fully prepare to experience super hot games on Fun88.

In case if the phone is a high security, any application on this model needs to go through a verification step.

Go to “Settings” => “General settings” => “Device management”, click on the “Trust” confirmation when there is a message asking if this app is trusted.

At this point, the Fun88 account can completely be used on your phone.

Login to Fun88 account

After completing the installation, you only need to login Fun88 account, enter username and password when registering.

In case you do not have an account, you can completely register right on your phone. It only takes 3-5 minutes to create a Fun88 account.

However, please note that Fun88 is a fairly reputable house in terms of information security, so when registering, you need to fill in correctly – enough information, not to disclose information to a third person.

In addition, the interface is quite smooth play, diverse games, how to load/withdraw is also very convenient when available applications.

Fun88 mobile bet anytime anywhere

Just like on the official website, fun88 mobile offers a full range of fun88 products and services. Version 2.0 provides players with facilities including deposit, withdrawal, sports betting, online casinos, and slot games.

Bet on fun88 mobile is extremely safe, you do not need to go to the bookmaker to place bets and receive money in the traditional way. Now everything is very easy, you can stay at home but still be able to bet, and all transactions are through banks, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

Unlike betting on personal computers, using fun88 mobile, players can both follow the match directly and take the opportunity to participate in mid-match betting offered by the house, this is a benefit. So big, is the best way to win a bet and make a profit. In addition, players can also entertain themselves with Casino games if they have some spare time.

Besides, the software will automatically remind players whenever there are announcements from the dealer such as promotions, new contracts, … Players need to perform regular software upgrades to be Use the latest services from the dealer, but be aware to ensure a stable wireless internet connection. For support from 24/7 customer care, players can click on the call to make a call directly on their phone.

Some benefits

Fun88 Mobile App - How To Download And Install

Especially using fun88 mobile you will never worry about intermittent connection like on the website because this software will connect directly to the dealer and so you do not need to change the link as often as when Connecting by computer. Simply with an internet connection, you can wager anytime, anywhere without fear of affecting your main jobs. In addition, if you do not want to install the software, simply enter in the browser window on your mobile device, is a user who can completely place a bet on the house. This is normal and fast.


Above is how to Download, Install, and Login Fun88 on the mobile application. With the features and utilities of fun88 mobile software have brought, what are you waiting for, download, and use it to be able to experience a comfortable and easy betting style with the fun88 bookmaker right now!

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