Fun88 – The Only Dealer That Offers Free Bets – No Deposit

Fun88 is a professional online football betting bookmaker established in mid-2008. Up to now, there have been 11 years of betting experience. And is one of the prominent names of the team of prestigious 2020 bookies in Asia.

The most special feature of Fun88 and only at Fun88. That is, players can participate in real money betting immediately after creating an account without recharging. Losing is not losing anything. If you win, you can “carefree” to withdraw money into your bank account.

Fun88 - The Only Dealer That Offers Free Bets - No Deposit

Review of advantages and defects of FUN88

Fun88 - The Only Dealer That Offers Free Bets - No Deposit


1 / Free wager upon registration (no deposit required)

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Fun88’s policy of offering free wager is quite popular with players. You only need to be a member to join. After registering an account, you can contact Fun88 Customer Service to receive an instant bonus. Without top-up.

This free wager can be used to play football betting. Applicable for all prizes. And even all other sports.

With the winnings from this wager, you can withdraw to your bank account.

In addition, Fun88 is also known as the house with the most promotions in the area. It is true. Every season, Admin in Fun88 also sees a series of interesting giveaways and bonuses. Conditions to join the offer are also easy to eat. Not as difficult to play as many other bookmakers.

2 / Send and withdraw money into your account quickly and conveniently

Deposit money: 5 ′

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Cash withdrawal: 30 ′ – 2h

Fun88 supports withdrawals and deposits at most of the major banks in the area

3 / Table odds, tournament diversity. Good winning rate

Fun88 has both casinos and sports games. However, the subject that makes up the name of Fun88 is football betting.

At Fun88, players can easily take part in betting all tournaments from small to large. Such as the English Premier League, C1 Cup, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1.

Provide users with a full range of bets. Good odds ratio:

  • Asian Handicap (Handicap)
  • European Handicap (1 × 2)
  • Over/under

4 / Professional website

Fun88’s website is designed with 2 main colors of white and blue. Not too many quick or too many flowers. Beautiful images with a minimalist design help players feel comfortable. And easy to see bet table, easier to play.

In addition to the game information, the website user guide is also transmitted easily and briefly. Newbies can easily refer to the instructions to place a real bet on the first visit.

5 / 24/7 customer care

Customer service is a key factor for you to decide to play at any online bookmaker. And Fun88 alone is doing quite well in this segment. In the process of playing games, withdrawing money, sending money, etc. If there are difficulties, questions, or questions about “lack of salt”, the Customer Care Staff of Fun88 are answered quickly and enthusiastically.

Fun88 - The Only Dealer That Offers Free Bets - No Deposit


1 / The Casino game store is incomplete. Lack of typical betting games

Sic bo

Three Card


2 / The speed of withdrawal is not at the top

Withdrawing money in 2 hours sounds fast, but if you compete with W88 (30 minutes), M88 (60 minutes), Fun88 seems to be inferior.

3 / Customer connection speed is not fast

Although the customer service staff is quite enthusiastic, the Admin finds that the 30-second connection speed is not really good for the area. Other reputable bookmakers such as M88 and 188Bet will receive inquiries in 15s upon receipt. Faster than Fun88.

Instructions on how to bet football online at Fun88

Step 1: Register / login account at Fun88

Step 2: Deposit

In order to bet on soccer at Fun88 you need to transfer money from your Primary Account to Fun88 SPORTS account.

  • In the menu of Fun88, you select TRANSFER
  • After that, the Account Page will appear, you continue to select the TRANSFER section
  • Information of money transfer you choose to transfer from Primary Account => SPORTS Account Fun88.
  • Finally, enter the amount you want to transfer and select Submit.

Step 3: Go to the rafter table and place a bet

In the menu of Fun88, choose SPORTS => Football. Then choose the tournament you want to join.

The odd table will appear for you to process your bet

After selecting the tournament you click on the Odds corresponding to the bet predictions.

At this time, the bet table will appear on the left for you to enter the bet level.

Finally, you confirm the bet by clicking Place a bet.

You can view your winnings if you win the bet in the expected winnings section

This amount is calculated according to the following formula: Winnings = original payout x payout ratio


In summary, Fun88 has almost no grains. Web speed, speed of withdrawing money, even the speed of customer counseling of Fun88 is also fast. Add good football odds and full odds. The best thing to mention is that the program offers a free bet without deposit. Admin found that with the aforementioned advantages, it is worth a try to you.

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